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Anubhav Sinha wrote, produced, and directed the legal drama movie Mulk, which was released in 2018 in India. The movie, which was released by Zee Studios, is set in a Muslim family's home. Rishi Kapoor and Taapsee Pannu are the stars of Mulk, which was filmed in Varanasi and Lucknow.

The Muslim family at the centre of the narrative struggles to regain its lost respect after its elder Murad Ali Mohammed joins the terrorist organisation. Rajat Kapoor, Manoj Pahwa, Prateik Babbar, Ashutosh Rana, Neena Gupta, Prachee Shah Paandya, Sumit Kaul, and Shalini Arora all play supporting roles in the movie.

Mulk, which is based on a true tale, follows a Muslim joint family from an Indian hamlet as they try to regain their honour after one of its members turns to terrorism.

Murad Ali Mohammed, a lawyer by trade, coexists peacefully with his family in a Varanasi neighbourhood with a mixed population. He performs Namaz at a local mosque every day, and then he chats with his close Hindu neighbours while sipping tea at a tea shop that is both run and owned by that neighbour. His wife Tabassum, brother Bilaal, who runs a mobile phone store, sister-in-law Chhoti-Tabassum, nephew Shahid, and niece Aayat make up his close-knit family. Aftab, Murad's son, and his lawyer wife Aarti reside abroad. 

The narrative starts when Aarti pays them a visit on Murad's 65th birthday. Together with their friends and neighbours, the family has a beautiful evening. In a separate plot that is being aired concurrently, it is made clear that Shahid has allied himself with a terrorist group lead by the wanted Mehfooz Alam, who tasks Shahid with carrying out a bombing. Shahid and two other acquaintances carry out the attack as planned in Allahabad the morning after the anniversary celebrations have ended. Numerous innocent people are killed, and SSP Danish Javed is tasked with looking into the murders. He finds everyone who was part in the assault, corners Shahid, and then shoots him as he tries to flee.

Police soon arrive at Murad's residence and begin questioning Murad's relatives. To acquire evidence, they turn the place inside out. As word spreads, people begin to gather outside Murad's home. Bilaal is taken into custody by the police for additional questioning. Bilaal is escorted to the police station by Aarti, who assumes the role of his defence attorney. Overnight, Danish interrogates and tortures Bilaal but is unable to get any information from him.

The environment in and around Murad's neighbourhood significantly alters in a couple of hours. Murad suddenly finds that everyone he had known for years now views him as a terrorist. In a single day, his reputation and goodwill are destroyed. When Bilaal appears in court for his hearing, the judge, Harish Madhok (Kumud Mishra), refuses to release him on bail and gives the police custody of him for seven days so they can question him further. Murad is presented with Shahid's body by police after the postmortem, but he rejects it. Even though he loudly condemns Shahid's actions, the situation in Murad's neighbourhood worsens as people label his entire family as terrorists and attempt to discredit them in any way possible. Inside the home, stones are thrown, and the boundary wall is defaced with the words "Go back to Pakistan."

As opposed to this, some extremist Muslims approach Murad and attempt to persuade him that Shahid gave his life in the name of jihad. He is a true martyr, and all Muslims should honour him by resisting the Hindu majority in society, which Murad vehemently opposes. Despite everything, the family remains composed and uses the judicial system to cleanse their reputations.

After seven days, the legal proceedings begin, and prosecutor Santosh Anand seeks to persuade the court that Shahid's crime is not a one-off incident but rather an eye-opening example of how Muslims create terrorists. He contends that every single Murad family member knew about and approved of Shahid's deed, and that Murad's house served as a base for terrorist activities. He offers Shahid's laptop, which contains a detailed description of the process for making bombs, a transmitter installed at Murad's house to allow him to communicate with the terrorists via secret frequencies, CCTV footage of Bilaal giving Mefooz Alam a ride, and him attempting to sell SIM cards to terrorists without requesting any legal documentation as proof.

Based on all of these details, he asks the judge to dismiss Murad as Bilaal's defence attorney and include him as a person of interest in the case. Aarti replaces Murad as the lead attorney in this case after the court orders his resignation.

Bilaal, who is already worn out, embarrassed, bewildered, grieved, pained, and humiliated, has a severe heart attack and dies on the way to the hospital as things turn against him in court. Aarti must now work tirelessly to clear her father-in-law and his family of any charges that were brought against them out of pure prejudice after yet another setback for Murad's family.

In court, Aarti tries to argue that, with the exception of Shahid, none of the family members have been implicated in acts of terrorism. Since Shahid was the only one who could use a laptop, he installed the transmitter with the justification that it would improve the cable TV signal. He just took the SIM cards without any documentation because he had access to Bilaal's mobile business, and he utilised them to connect with the terrorists. Since Bilaal didn't know who Mehfooz Alam was, he mistook him for a buddy when he ran across Shahid and volunteered to drop him off at the train station because he was going in the same direction.

Aarti contends that people now view all Muslims as terrorists, and that simply adopting Islam or growing a beard makes someone a terrorist in the eyes of the public. Murad and his family are suffering through this terrible agony and humiliation, which even took Bilaal's life, only because of this long-standing taboo regarding Muslims.

Santosh Anand, the public prosecutor, is unable to provide any additional proof, and the court determines that all the evidence against Murad and his family is circumstantial and dismisses all accusations against them. Judge Harish Madhok dismisses the lawsuit, adding that everyone, regardless of religion, should struggle against people's mentalities to bring about change.

The lesson of the film is that instead of thinking in terms of "Us versus Them," we should think in terms of "We."

Director Anubhav Sinha
Music By Prashad Shaste
Production Company Benaras media Works, Soham Rockstar Enterainment
Awards Screen Awards - Best film critics 2018
Content Location Varanasi and Lucknow
Country of Origin India
Genre Legal drama
In Language Hindi
Producer Anubhav Sinha, Deepak Mukut
Name Mulk

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Frequently Asked Questions

Mulk is a very popular Hindi movie.
Mulk Shoot location is Varanasi and Lucknow
Mulk casts include Rishi Kapoor, Taapsee Pannu, Prateik Babbar , Manoj Pahwa, and Neena Gupta.
The release date of the movie Mulk is 3 August 2018
Mulk was directed by Anubhav Sinha.
Yes. You can watch Mulk online on Zee 5.
The character name of Rishi Kapoor in Mulk is Murad Ali Mohammed.
The character name of Taapsee Pannu in Mulk is Aarti Malhotra Mohammed.
The character name of Prateik Babbar in Mulk is Shahid Ali Mohammed.
The character name of Neena Gupta in Mulk is Tabassum Ali Mohammed.
Mulk.is 140 minutes long.
Mulk released in the year 2018
The real name of Murad Ali Mohammed in Mulk is Rishi Kapoor.
Mulk Aarti Malhotra real name is Taapsee Pannu.
No. Mulk is not a new movie. It was released in the year 2018.
Other Movies like Mulk are Pink and Oh My God.
There is no official Instagram ID of Mulk.

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