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SAB TV carried the Indian television programme Left Right Left. Anshuman Kishore Singh served as the show's director, and Tony and Deeya Singh served as its producers under the umbrella of DJ's a Creative Unit. The second season of the show ended on September 26, 2008.

The setting for the programme is Kanchanjunga Military Academy, where troops are trained for national service. The show's narrator, Naveen Singh Ahluwalia, shares his narrative about how he was accused of being a traitor and put behind bars. Brigadier Chandok and his staff of army officers are in charge of the academy. The story follows the journey of six young people from diverse origins who apply for admission to the academy. Naina Singh, Amardeep Huda, Ali Baig, Alekh Sharma, Yadhuvansh Sahni, and Pooja Ghai are among these young people. To serve the country, they enlist as cadets and join the army. Captain Rajveer and Dr. Ritu Mishra assist them.

Naina Singh Ahluwalia allegedly attended the academy with the intention of conquering. She is discovered to be Naveen Singh Ahluwalia's younger sister, who was accused of being a traitor. Naina disagrees with the notion that her brother was a traitor, so she joins KMA in order to demonstrate his innocence and get revenge on those who injured him. She also promises that, like her brother, she will be the top cadet in the institution. But she conceals her true identity in order to accomplish this. Naina has hatred, resentment, and disgust for society, especially for the system in the Indian Army, as a result of having witnessed crimes at a young age by those who had insulted her family.

Consequently, she changed from the joyful youngster she once was to a strong-willed, anti-social, hostile, and furious young woman.

It is stated that Naveen Singh Ahluwalia's closest friend is Captain Rajveer. He initially believes Naina to be a spy, but after learning the truth, he ends up assisting her. Huda, Ali, Aalekh, Pooja, and Yudi are all excellent friends of Naina's, and the group works well together. However, Naina's voyage doesn't appear to be straightforward because Brigadier, Major Nair, and Major Bhargav keep confronting her. Subedaar Suri and Dr. Shalini are her other mentors at the academy. Soon, Naina's secret is out, and the academy begins to despise her. She is surrounded by Captain Rajveer, Yudi, Huda, Pooja Ali, Aalekh, Dr. Shalini, and Suri, while the rest of the academy goes against her.

Eventually, the Brigadier gives Naina the okay and advises her to focus on becoming an Army officer. Dr. Ritu Mishra's identity as a spy and her desire to destroy the Army are made public. Despite continually being ambushed by men brought by the guy who falsely accused Naveen, Rajveer manages to assassinate Dr. Ritu.

It is made clear that Naveen had another friend who was very close to him in addition to Rajveer. To assist Naina in establishing Naveen's innocence, Captain Abhimanyu Singh Chauhan joins KMA. Unexpectedly, Rajveer is falsely accused of being Naveen and is sentenced to a court martial by the Brigadier.

By this point, Rajveer and Naina are beginning to feel attracted to one another and fall in love, but before their romance can truly take off, Rajveer is murdered in an explosion; his body, however, is never discovered. Along with her pals, Naina sets out to track out the person who mistreated Rajveer and Naveen. It is revealed that Lala Gehlot, who was close to both Naveen and Rajveer, is the perpetrator of all the crimes. After many obstacles and challenges, Naina is able to effectively reveal Lala's crimes to the public. Despite being detained, Lala is able to escape from custody, as is revealed in season two. Justice is served and Naveen Singh Ahluwalia's name is cleared.

After graduating from KMA, Naina and the other cadets leave for their posts.

Seven new cadets are introduced to the tale in season two: cadets Sameera Shroff, Vidya Saxena, Rummy Gaur, Peter Subnis (Saurav Chakravarthy), Markand Mala, Akriti Bhat, and Purvi Bisht. They are new to the academy, much like past cadets, and they have a variety of duties to do. Captain Gunraj is now providing them with support while the rest of the academy team members join them. Major General Gaur is appointed to take Brigadier Chandok's place. The new cadets are now faced with a fresh struggle as they battle a brand-new national enemy known as Eagle.

Initially assumed to be Shona Das, Eagle is eventually proven to be an Army special officer. The Eagle ultimately turns out to be Lala Gehlot. Lala is so strong politically that no prison has been able to hold him for an extended period of time. Captain Gunny shoots the adversary in the end after becoming certain that there is no way to defeat him. The remaining cadets are expelled from the academy but are given positions in the Indian Army's special task unit.

Director Anshuman Kishore Singh
Music By Vishal-Shekhar, Kunal Ganjawala
No. of Seasons 2
Production Company DJ’s a Creative Unit.
Start Date 10 Jul 2006
Content Location Kanchanjunga, Mumbai
Country of Origin India
Genre Drama
In Language Hindi
Producer Tony Singh,Diya Singh.
Name Left Right Left

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Frequently Asked Questions

Left Right Left is a very popular hindi TV show.
Left Right Left Shoot location is Kanchanjunga.
The release date of the Tv show Left Right Left is 10 July 2006.
Left Right Left casts include Priyanka Bassi, Rajeev Khandelwal, Harshad Chopda, Kunal Karan Kapoor,Saurav Chakravarthy.
You can watch Left Right Left on Youtube.
Anshuman Kishore Singh directed Left Right Left.
The character name of Cadet Nina SIngh Ahluwalia in Left Right Left is Priyanka Bassi.
The character name of Captain Rajveer Singh in Left Right Left is Rajeev Khandelwal.
The character name of Cadet Ali Baig in Left Right Left is Harshad Chopda.
The character name of Cadet Yadhuvansh Sahni in Left Right Left is Kunal Karan Kapoor.
The character name of Cadet Peter Subnis in Left Right Left is Saurav Chakravarthy.
There are 440 episodes in Left Right Left.
Left Right Left ended in the year 2008.
The real name of Cadet Naina SIngh Ahluwalia Left Right Left is Priyanka Bassi.
Left Right Left Captain Rajveer Singh real name is Rajeev Khandelwal.
No. Left Right Left is not a new show. It was released in the year 2006.
Other TV shows like Left Right Left are Love Story and Palampur express.
There is no official Instagram ID of Left Right Left.

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