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180+ Heartfelt Valentines Day Quotes For Husband

Here are some quotes that have been tailor made for you so that you can express your love and care for your husband on this valentine day. Here are the combination of funny, romantic & cute valentines quotes.

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Valentine's Day is celebrated on 14 January which marks the end of Valentine's Week. This is the perfect opportunity for wives to show love and care for their husbands. This is the perfect day to romanticise all the moments that they have shared over the years. 

On this day you can express your feelings in words through these Valentine Day quotes for your husband and make their day even more special. With these quotes, you can feed them with all the love and care and express what is truly in your heart.

Table Of Content

Valentines Day Quotes For Husband 

Valentine's Day is the day to express your love and care towards your loved one. So here are some quotes that you can say to your husband. Valentines Day Quotes For Husband

  1. With you, every day feels like Valentine's Day; such is the magic of your love.

  2. In the book of our life, every day with You is my favourite chapter. Happy Valentine's Day, my love!

  3. You're my shelter in life's storm, my beacon in the night, my constant. Happy Valentine's Day, darling!

  4. Our love is the secret ingredient that makes every day taste like Valentine's Day.

  5. In the puzzle of life, you're my missing piece that made everything complete. Happy Valentine's Day, my dear husband!

  6. Every day with you is a love letter written in the ink of heartbeats and sealed with a kiss.

  7. In the rhythm of our breaths and the silence of our heartbeats, we found our love song. Happy Valentine's Day, my love!

  8. My darling, your love is the compass that always directs me to happiness.

  9. Your love is the lighthouse that guides me safely through life's turbulent seas.

  10. Even if we unfolded the fabric of time, I'd choose to fold it back just so I could spend every moment with you.

  11. Together, we're an endless love story bound by the strings of time. Happy Valentine's Day, my dear!

  12. Your love is the gentle whisper that calms my stormy days, it's the promise of endless tomorrows together.

  13. In your loving gaze, I found my forever home. Happy Valentine's Day, darling!

  14. My love, our journey isn't always perfect, but it's ours, and that's what makes it precious.

  15. If love were a language, 'us' would be my favourite phrase.

  16. Just like seasons change yet the tree remains, our love has borne all yet remained strong through the years.

  17. Your love envelopes me like the night sky wraps itself around the moon. Happy Valentine’s Day, my moon and stars.

  18. The most beautiful things in life are not seen but felt, just like your love. Happy Valentine's Day, my dearest.

  19. You are my today and all of my tomorrows. Happy Valentine's Day, my forever Valentine.

  20. Let's celebrate this Valentine’s Day as a toast to the lovely symphony we’ve orchestrated together, my love!

Happy Valentines Day Husband

Here are some Valentine's Day quotes for your dear husband.Happy Valentines Day Husband

  1. My dearest husband, you light up my life in a way words can never capture. Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. To my loving husband, your love is the melody of my heart. Celebrating our bond this Valentine's Day and always.

  3. Blessed is the woman whose husband showers her with love, and I am that woman. Happy Valentine's Day sweetheart!

  4. Amidst the ordinary, you bring extraordinary love, my dearest. Here's to us this Valentine's Day.

  5. Love eternally defined by us, my beloved husband. Happy Valentine's Day!

  6. To the rhythm of our shared heartbeats, here's wishing you a Happy Valentine's Day, my love.

  7. With each Valentine's Day spent with you, my love grows deeper and our bond stronger. Happy Valentine's Day!

  8. Every page of our love story is marked by your care and love. Happy Valentine's Day, my dear husband!

  9. Cherishing you is my favourite hobby, my dearest husband. Happy Valentine's Day!

  10. My heart whispers your name with every beat. Happy Valentine's Day, my beloved!

  11. You are my forever and my always. Cheers to us this Valentine's Day, my loving husband!

  12. Here's to endless laughter, shared dreams, and the lifetime we've pledged to each other. Happy Valentine's Day, darling!

  13. Your love paints my world in vibrant colours. Wishing you happiness this Valentine’s Day, my husband!

  14. You fill my days with sunshine and my nights with a constellation of love. Happy Valentine’s Day to you, my dear husband!

  15. Our intertwined hearts beat as one. Wishing you all the love on Valentine's Day, sweetheart!

  16. You've turned ordinary moments into extraordinary memories. I'm grateful for you every day and especially this Valentine's Day.

  17. In the symphony of my life, you are the most beautiful melody. Happy Valentine's Day, my love!

  18. You've graced my life with the sweet surprise of your love. Wishing you a Happy Valentine’s Day, my precious one.

  19. You are the poetry my heart writes, and the song it sings. Here's to celebrating our love this Valentine's Day, my beloved husband!

  20. The best part about Valentine’s Day is not just love, but the man I get to share it with. Happy Valentine's Day, my dear husband!

Valentines Day Message For Husband 

Here are some messages for you to send or say to your husband on this special occasion of Valentine’s Day Valentines Day Message For Husband

  1. To my life partner, Loving you paints my smiles and fills my dreams. Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. Our love is my proudest victory, my sweetest triumph. Celebrate love and more with you this Valentine’s Day.

  3. Thank you for making every day feel like Valentine's Day. Stay blessed, my dear husband.

  4. You're not just my husband; you're the keeper of my heart. Wishing you love this Valentine's Day.

  5. Your love brings warmth to my heart and light to my days. Happy Valentine's Day, my devoted husband!

  6. Loving you is the easiest thing I've ever done. May our bond strengthen this Valentine’s Day.

  7. Our love is the sweetest adventure I’ve ever embarked upon. Happy Valentine's Day, my darling husband!

  8. You have turned the chapters of my life into a beautiful love saga. Celebrate you and us this Valentine’s Day.

  9. To the man who holds my heart, thank you for your unwavering love and care. Happy Valentine's Day!

  10. Your love shines brighter than the stars in my sky. Wishing you all the happiness in the world this Valentine’s Day.

  11. Each day spent with you feels like Valentine's Day. Here’s to a special day dedicated to love, my husband!

  12. My heart still flutters every time I see you, my darling husband. Cherishing our bond this Valentine's Day.

  13. No one else could hold my heart the way you do. Here’s to a lifetime of Valentine's Days spent together.

  14. With every passing Valentine's Day, I fall in love with you all over again. Happy Valentine's Day, my dear husband!

  15. Singing the song of our love, together in perfect harmony. Happy Valentine's Day, my beloved!

  16. Our love story is my favourite. Wishing you a Valentine’s Day as special as you are.

  17. To my wonderful husband, your love fills my life with joy and my heart with endless love. Happy Valentine's Day!

  18. Together with you is my favourite place to be. Wishing you all the love in the universe this Valentine's Day.

  19. Your love is the sanctuary where my heart finds peace. Here’s to us on this Valentine's Day, my beloved husband!

  20. From the bottom of my heart to the depths of my soul, I love you unconditionally. Happy Valentine’s Day, my sweetheart!

Cute Valentines Day Quotes For Husband 

Here are some cute Valentine Day quotes that you will make your husband feel special.Cute Valentines Day Quotes For Husband

  1. You're the peanut butter to my jelly and the macaroni to my cheese. Happy Valentine's Day, my sweet!

  2. Our love is the perfect cuddle: cosy, warm, and oh-so good. Happy Valentine's Day, hubby!

  3. Every heartbeat of mine spells out your name—just a little cuter each time. Happy Valentine's Day!

  4. You're my favourite notification, my dearest husband. Happy Valentine's Day!

  5. Falling in love with you was the cutest fall I ever took. Happy Valentine’s Day, my love!

  6. Every little thing you do is magic, my charming wizard of love. Happy Valentine's Day!

  7. Husband: the man who steals my heart every day with nothing but a smile. Happy Valentine's Day!

  8. Life with you is a fairytale, and I adore every chapter. Happy Valentine’s Day, my knight in shining armour!

  9. Together, we make cute look easy. Happy Valentine's Day to my adorable other half!

  10. Being your wife is my happily ever after. Wishing you the cutest Valentine's Day!

  11. Your love is my favourite comfort, like fuzzy socks on a chilly evening. Happy Valentine’s Day, sweetheart!

  12. You're the sprinkles on the cupcake of my life. Sweetest Valentine’s wishes to you, my hubby!

  13. Stuck on you like a cute sticker on a love letter—Happy Valentine’s Day to my main squeeze!

  14. Holding your hand is my favourite pastime. Happy Valentine’s Day to my wonderful husband!

  15. Us together; it's like hot chocolate and marshmallows—perfectly delightful. Happy Valentine's Day, love!

  16. Love is in the air, and it smells like your cologne. Happy Valentine’s Day to my dashing man!

  17. Waking up next to you is like my favourite coffee: bold, strong, and irresistibly warm. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  18. I'm pretty sure we were cuddles in a past life. Happy Valentine‘s Day to the cosiest husband!

  19. You're the music in my quiet world, and our life together is the cutest dance. Wishing you a Happy Valentine's Day!

  20. Our love is like a wonderful children's book: innocent, full of surprises, and endearingly sweet. Happy Valentine’s Day, my dear husband!

Funny Valentines Day Quotes For Husband 

Why should Valentine’s Day always be celebrated seriously? Valentine’s Day is about sharing the day with your partner and enjoying that day. So here are some funny quotes that will make your husband laughFunny Valentines Day Quotes For Husband

  1. I love you more than chocolate, but please don’t make me prove it. Happy Valentine's Day, hubby!

  2. You have a pizza my heart; let's never split the slice. Happy Valentine's Day, my saucy husband!

  3. This Valentine’s Day, let's celebrate love, laughter, and the fact that you still haven't found where I hide my good chocolate.

  4. I love you even when I’m really, really hungry. Happy Valentine's Day to my snack-stealing sweetheart!

  5. You're the best thing I've ever found on the internet—and that's saying a lot. Happy Valentine's Day, love!

  6. Hubby, you're the only one I want to annoy for the rest of my life. Here's to another lovely year of irritation. Happy Valentine's Day!

  7. If we were on a sinking ship, I’d share my door with you. Happy Valentine's Day, hubby!

  8. Happy Valentine's Day to my husband! We've been through a lot together and most of it was your fault.

  9. Thanks for being the man who I thought I never wanted but always needed. Happy Valentine's!

  10. I love you more than coffee, but please, don’t make me prove it. Happy Valentine's Day to my better-than-caffeine hubby!

  11. There isn’t anyone else I would rather lie in bed and look at my phone next to. Happy Valentine's Day, darling!

  12. I'm so glad you seduced me with your charming awkwardness. Happy Valentine's Day, hubby!

  13. You’re as comforting as an old, worn-out T-shirt that I can't dare throw away. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  14. Cheers to the man who celebrates my quirks and calls them 'endearing eccentricities.' Happy Valentine’s Day!

  15. On Valentine's Day, let’s remember what's important: Sharing the remote control. Happy Valentine's Day, my generous man!

  16. I vow to love all of you. Snoring included. Happy Valentine’s Day, hubby!

  17. You're my favourite workout partner—and by workout, I mean binge-watching our favourite show. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  18. You must be a magician because whenever I look at you, everyone else disappears. Yes, that's meant to be romantic. Happy Valentine's Day!

  19. Happy Valentine's Day to the man who sees me in yoga pants and still feels grateful.

  20. To my husband: My favourite spot in the house is right next to you... unless you're hogging the couch again. Happy Valentine's!

Romantic Valentines Day Quotes For Husband 

Here are some romantic Valentine’s Day wishes that will melt your husband’s heart and overwhelm him with joy and happiness. Romantic Valentines Day Quotes For Husband

  1. To my amazing husband, your love sets my heart on fire. I am forever yours. Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. The most beautiful love story is the one we continue to write each day. Happy Valentine's Day, my darling husband!

  3. I will never let go of the love we share. You're my anchor in this sea of life. Happy Valentine's Day!

  4. Every moment spent with you is like a beautiful dream come true. Happy Valentine’s Day, my love!

  5. Your love is like a soft breeze, whispering sweet nothings and lifting my soul. Happy Valentine's Day, my everything!

  6. You've painted the canvas of my life with colours of love that will last an eternity. Happy Valentine's Day, my dear husband!

  7. Your love sets my heart alight, giving warmth to even the coldest days. I am forever grateful. Happy Valentine's Day!

  8. You're my sun that never sets and my moon that never fades. My love for you grows stronger each day. Happy Valentine's Day!

  9. The stars may shine bright, but nothing compares to the twinkle in your eyes when you look at me. Happy Valentine's Day, my love!

  10. You are the beautiful melody of my heart, forever playing the sweetest tunes of love. Happy Valentine's Day, husband!

  11. The warmth of your embrace is my sanctuary; it’s where our love finds its home. Happy Valentine's Day, my treasure!

  12. You captured my heart and held it tenderly, creating our own romantic symphony. Happy Valentine's Day, sweetheart!

  13. My love for you is like an endless voyage; thrilling, adventurous, and boundless. Happy Valentine's Day, my dear husband!

  14. You make my heart flutter like the wings of a magical butterfly, carrying us away to a world of our own. Happy Valentine's Day, my love!

  15. Your love is my guiding light, shining brighter each day and guiding me through the maze of life. Happy Valentine's Day, my beacon!

  16. Two hearts, one soul, entwined together in the dance of eternal love. Wishing you a joyous Valentine's Day, my darling!

  17. Our love is a garden that blooms more beautifully with each passing moment. Happy Valentine's Day, my beloved husband!

  18. You bring me joy, passion, and tender love—one beautiful heart at a time. Happy Valentine's Day, my wonderful man!

  19. Our romance is like a blossoming flower, spreading the fragrance of love everywhere we go. Happy Valentine's Day, my precious one!

  20. Our love story unfolds like a fairytale, where every twist and turn leads to a more breathtaking chapter. Happy Valentine's Day, my soulmate!

Valentine Day Wishes For Husband On WhatsApp 

Valentine's Day is a day of closeness, love & affection. If your husband or partner lives far from you, you can send him these quotes that will make you feel close to each other and reignite those good old day’s.Valentine Day Wishes For Husband On WhatsApp

  1. Happy Valentine's Day, my handsome king! My heart writes a new love story with you in every beat.

  2. Wishing a wonderful Valentine’s Day to the man who holds my heart. Your love is my biggest gift and treasure.

  3. Your love is like a warm breeze that wraps me in its sweet caress. Forever yours, Happy Valentine's Day, darling.

  4. May our love story, spun with threads of affection and smiles, continue to inspire. Happy Valentine's Day, my love!

  5. Your love fills my heart with colors bright and beautiful. Sending you warm wishes on Valentine’s Day, my sweetheart!

  6. Through every storm of life, your love is my steadfast lighthouse. Happy Valentine's Day, dearest hubby!

  7. With every beat of my heart, I love you more. It's a journey that I want to embark on forever. Happy Valentine’s Day, darling!

  8. You are the confetti to my life's celebration, the spark in my heart. Happy Valentine's Day, my extraordinary husband!

  9. Your love feels like a soothing symphony to my soul. Let's celebrate our eternal love this Valentine’s Day!

  10. To my dearest husband, thank you for painting my sky with the most vibrant shades of love. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  11. In every heartbeat and whisper of the wind, I hear our love song. Happy Valentine's Day, my lovely husband!

  12. Happy Valentine’s Day to the man who turned an ordinary life into an extraordinary fairytale. Sending you all my love!

  13. Like stars lighting up the night sky, your love adds a sparkling charm to my life. Happy Valentine's Day, my star!

  14. Walking beside you is like walking under a sky full of stars. Wishing you a Happy Valentine's Day, my heavenly love!

  15. Your love is the poetry my heart always wanted to recite. To my poetic life, Happy Valentine's day, the love of my life!

  16. Each passing day, our love blossoms even deeper and sweeter. Happy Valentine's Day, my beloved husband!

  17. Through the window of our love, I see nothing but beautiful tomorrows. Here’s to us on Valentine’s Day, darling husband!

  18. Your love is the magic that gives wings to my dreams. Happy Valentine’s Day to the angel of my life!

  19. Flowers bloom and stars twinkle, but nothing shines brighter than our love. Happy Valentine's Day, my husband, my sunshine!

  20. Your love makes my everyday extraordinary. Here's sending oceans of love to you on Valentine’s Day, my sweetheart!

Valentine Day Wishes For Husband On Video From Celebrities

Your husband deserves all the love and affection that he can get, so with Tring, you can book your husband’s favourite celebrity and sned him a video from them on your behalf and make his day even more special and joyful.Valentine Day Wishes For Husband On Video From Celebrities

  1. As I hit record, know that my heart has captured endless moments of love for you—Happy Valentine's Day to my wonderful husband.

  2. Every frame of our love story outshines the last. May this Valentine's message add another beautiful moment.

  3. Just like our favourite movie, our love story is timeless. Here's to us, this Valentine's Day and every day after.

  4. If our love was a film, you'd be the hero who wins my heart in every scene. Happy Valentine's Day, my leading man.

  5. Film reels may end, but my love story with you plays on. Wishing you a Valentine's Day as epic as our own romance.

  6. This video might be brief, but my love for you is a never-ending series. Happy Valentine's Day, my beloved.

  7. Let's press play on our next chapter this Valentine's Day. My love for you is the blockbuster hit of a lifetime.

  8. Each moment with you is worth capturing. Happy Valentine’s Day to the man who deserves his own highlight reel.

  9. I can't wait to pause the world and spend this Valentine's Day lost in our love story with you, my dear husband.

  10. To my husband, as this video rolls, I hope it reflects the depth of my love for you this Valentine's Day.

  11. Here's a snapshot of my affection, a video filled with love—a Valentine's Day gift for my one and only sweetheart.

  12. You're the director of my heart—cut, edit, and replay our moments of love forever. Happy Valentine's Day!

  13. May this video wish wrap around you like our memories, keeping you warm with love. Happy Valentine's Day!

  14. Just as we cherish our favourite films, I cherish every second with you. Sending love this Valentine’s Day.

  15. A special Valentine's Day preview: Coming soon, more laughter, love, and endless cuddles with you, my husband.

  16. This video is but a glimpse into the love I have for you. Happy Valentine’s Day to the man behind my smiles.

  17. Action! Let’s make this Valentine's Day scene our best one yet, filled with romance and love, my dear hubby.

  18. Our love deserves an award, and you, my dear husband, deserve the world. Happy Valentine's Day!

  19. Let's fill this Valentine's Day with moments even a camera can't capture—true love, true joy, just us.

  20. Every love note I send you this Valentine’s Day is a clip in the beautiful highlight reel of our life together.

Digital Greeting Card For Valentines Day

Here are some quotes that you can use on digital greeting cards or handwritten greeting card on this Valentine’s Day Digital Greeting Card For Valentines Day

  1. Roses are red, pixels are many. I love you as much as files of any!

  2. Piece by byte, pixel by pixel, my love for you enhances every digital detail. Happy Valentine's Day!

  3. In a world full of data, my love for you stands out like a bright pixel in the darkness. Sending you a digital hug this Valentine's Day.

  4. Romance may be timeless, but our love is modern. This digital card is a small byte of my big love for you this Valentine's Day.

  5. Like a virus, my love for you spreads through all the corners of my heart. May this e-card make your Valentine's Day extra special!

  6. No virus scanner can detect the love I hold for you. This Valentine’s Day, let's enjoy an unhindered connection between our hearts.

  7. Our love has perfect resolution. This digital greeting card is just a pixel of a vast, beautiful picture. Happy Valentine's Day!

  8. Like a favorite bookmark, you hold a special place in my heart. Celebrating our connection this Valentine’s Day with a digital twist!

  9. Ctrl + Alt + Del could not erase my love for you. Happy Valentine's Day from across the cyber space.

  10. Let's keep updating our software of love. Sending you my heart through this digital greeting card this Valentine’s Day. Press 'Enter' to receive!

  11. From my screen to yours, sending a wave of love this Valentine’s Day. Hope these digital greetings bring a smile to your face.

  12. Our love doesn’t need a strong signal to stay connected. Happy Valentine’s Day, darling!

  13. In the digital world of zeros and ones, my love for you is the infinite '1'. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  14. To my beloved, just like a computer needs software to function, I need your love to live. Hope you decode my love through this digital card.

  15. Bytes, pixels, HTML- my love for you is coded in every digital language. Happy Valentine's Day, sweetheart!

  16. Through this e-card, I'm sending you a wireless connection of my love. I BIOS you, my dear!

  17. Our love story could out-trend any hashtag. Delighted to send digital love your way this Valentine's Day.

  18. Through the firewall, into your heart, this digital greeting is just a start. May you feel loved this Valentine’s Day!

  19. Let's surf the internet together as our love deepens. This digital greeting card is just a pixel of my affection.

  20. E-cards may be ephemeral, but my love for you is eternal. Enjoy this digital token with all my love this Valentine's Day.

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