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Sorath Ni Mrs. Singham - 2022

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Sorath Ni Mrs. Singham is an enthralling Gujarati television series that brings an original plot to the big screen. It gives viewers a new take on the age-old story of an older guy and a younger girl, while also incorporating the charming cliche that opposites attract. Harshvardhan Rathod (portrayed by Yuvraj Gadhvi) and Kesar Jadeja (played by Devanshi Vyas) are the two main characters in this drama, and they couldn't be more different from one another. Their differences emerge as the central theme of their love story as the plot develops, which adds another layer of complication to their relationship on top of the restrictions imposed by their society's traditional values and their age gap.

Harshvardhan is a morally upstanding IPS officer who is deeply committed to the principles and values he upholds throughout his life. Kesar, on the other hand, is a defiant adolescent girl who views manipulating people in a non-harmful way as a means to an end. The audience is taken on a journey as these two individuals cross paths, during which they witness a collision between the yin and the yang aspects of each of their personalities, which ultimately leads to an unexpected love that defies traditional assumptions.

When Harshvardhan and Kesar's relationship starts to develop into a romantic story, the age gap between them quickly becomes a major source of friction. In a community that is traditionally orthodox in India, the show digs into the difficulties that they experience, particularly when they get married. It sheds light on the difficulties of relationships that violate society conventions and brings to light the challenges and biases associated with the age gap.

In addition to having a romance plot, the movie Sorath Ni Mrs. Singham touches on topics such as women's rights and the difficult circumstances that women frequently have to deal with. Kesar is a character with a strong will, and she refuses to surrender to the societal acts that are committed against women. Instead, she takes a position for herself and battles against injustice, not only for her own sake but also to win the love and respect of her husband. Harshvardhan, who plays the male protagonist, has a forward-thinking perspective, and he is determined to combat the unjust taboos that women face in conventional and orthodox civilizations. This progressive mindset complements Kesar's power.

As the audience is drawn deeper into the lives of Harshvardhan and Kesar, they will become witnesses to a riveting love tale that transcends the norms of society as well as the constraints of age.

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Sorath Ni Mrs. Singham



Based On

Raja Ranichi G Jodi

Original network

Colors Gujarati


The story of Sorath Ni Mrs. Singham centres on two characters who couldn't be more different from one another: Harshvardhan Rathod (played by Yuvraj Gadhvi) and Kesar Jadeja (played by Devanshi Vyas). Harshvardhan, an officer in the Indian Police Service, is a man of strong principles who places a high emphasis on his moral convictions and ideals. On the other side, Kesar is a defiant adolescent girl who lives her life in such a way that it leads her to believe that innocent manipulation might lead to positive results.

In spite of the fact that Kesar was still a minor at the time of their wedding, her father was able to convince her to go through with the ceremony. Later on, Harshvardhan learns this information when the police decide he is guilty of the crime and he is removed from his post. Kesar, who has been miserable during the entire episode, ultimately makes the decision to join the IPS so that she may make her husband happy. Despite the obstacles in their path, Harshvardhan and Kesar's relationship develops into a beautiful and heartfelt love.

As the story progresses, it goes deeper into the topic of women's rights and the challenging circumstances that women frequently find themselves in. Kesar, who is portrayed as a character with a strong will, refuses to give up to society's expectations for women or to the injustices that are imposed upon them. Not only does she fight for her own honour and the honour of her husband, but she also fights against the taboos that are forced on women in a traditional society. She does this not only to reclaim her husband's honour, but also to confront the taboos. Harshvardhan, the male lead, is a progressive thinker who is determined to confront unnecessary social standards. 

In spite of the fact that they were forced to be married in the beginning, the show investigates the prospect of the two of them falling in love with one another on their own. The dynamic and ever-changing relationship that develops between Harshvardhan and Kesar serves as the show's driving force. Throughout the course of the episode, the two protagonists confront and work to overcome obstacles related to their ages. 


Viewers can watch the daily episodes of this show on Colors Gujarati from Monday to Saturday at 9 pm. They can also catch up with previous episodes on Voot. 



The Gujarati television show Mrs. Sorath Ni Singham is an engrossing show that features an original plot and a novel approach to the familiar cliche of an older man and a younger woman. The programme accomplishes the difficult task of striking the ideal mix between adorable clichés and intriguing story developments, which is what makes it such an interesting show for people to watch.

The chemistry that exists between the two main characters, Harshvardhan Rathod and Kesar Jadeja, which is brought to life by Yuvraj Gadhvi and Devanshi Vyas, respectively, is one of the most memorable features of the show. A intriguing dynamic is created by the contrast between their personalities as well as the inevitable disputes that come up as a result of the age gap that exists between them. The actors give great performances, adding a sense of complexity and realism to their characters and causing the spectator to get emotionally immersed in the trip that their characters are on.

The show does a good job of tackling the topic of age differences in relationships as well as the difficulties that are experienced by couples that find themselves in unique circumstances. It provides light on the preconceptions held by the conservative members of Indian society as well as the taboos that surround such unions. As the plot progresses in a manner that maintains the audience's interest, they are able to follow the difficulties of the characters and root for their love to prevail despite the obstacles posed by society.

One more important part of Mrs. Sorath Ni Singham is that it delves into the topic of women's rights and the emancipation of women. The character of Kesar stands out as an independent person with a strong will and a lot of determination who defies the expectations of society. Her ability to bounce back from setbacks and her eagerness to stand up for what she believes in make her an admirable and motivating protagonist. She serves as a powerful example of how women can be strong even when confronted with adversity.

The production values of the series are rather good, as evidenced by the visually appealing sets and the skillfully carried out cinematography. The lines are well-written, and they do an excellent job of expressing the feelings and difficulties that the characters are going through. The show also benefits from having a narrative that is expertly paced, which keeps viewers interested and makes them excitedly anticipate the next episode.

Having said that, it is important to point out that there are instances when the series falls back on certain cliches and predictable turns in the plot. Others may perceive this to be lacking in originality and complexity, despite the fact that it may be appealing for some viewers since they enjoy the old clichés. 



Character Analysis

Devanshi Vyas as Kesar Jadeja

In the television series Sorath Ni Mrs. Singham, one of the most important characters is Kesar Jadeja, who is portrayed by Devanshi Vyas. Her role as a character is essential to the progression of the plot, and she lends the programme a sense of gravitas, sturdiness, and fresh insight.

Kesar is shown as a defiant and headstrong adolescent girl who is not afraid to resist the standards and expectations that are placed on her by society. She does not intend to comply in any way to the conventional roles that are expected of women in her traditional Indian community. Because she struggles against the injustices that are encountered by women and attempts to assert her independence, the character of Kesar stands out as a symbol of empowerment and resiliency in the story.

Determination is one of the characteristics that best characterises Kesar. She possesses a powerful will that allows her to triumph over every challenge that stands in her way. Kesar is unwavering in her pursuit of justice and happiness, no matter the obstacles she must face along the way, be they the biases of society or the fight for the honour and approval of her spouse. Her unshakable resolve is an example to viewers of the kind of moral fortitude that is required to confront the established order, and it acts as an inspiration to them.

Despite her rebellious character, Kesar nevertheless displays a tender side. Her undying affection for her husband, who plays the male lead character Harshvardhan Rathod, shines through in every episode of the series. She is prepared to face societal criticism and hurdles in order to reclaim his honour and win his affection, and she is willing to go to considerable lengths to accomplish these goals. This sensitivity lends dimension to her character, illuminating the complexities of her feelings as well as the depth of her affection.

The subtle performance that Devanshi Vyas gives as Kesar is one of the reasons why her portrayal of the character is so impressive; she really brings her to life. She portrays Kesar's burning resolve while also capturing her moments of fragility with honesty and grace, which allows viewers to connect with her character on an emotional level.

Yuvraj Gadhvi as Harshvardhan Rathod


Yuvraj Gadhvi, who plays the role of Harshvardhan in Sorath Ni Mrs. Singham, is a central character who adds depth and complexity to the series. Harshvardhan, in his capacity as an IPS officer, represents a set of ideals and deep moral beliefs that serve to define his character and direct his actions during the course of the show.

The character of Harshvardhan is portrayed as one who is honourable and honest. Because he honours his responsibility to serve and protect society, he is regarded as a respected figure in his field of work. His commitment to his profession is unflinching, and he exhibits a robust sense of justice in his persistent search for the truth and the path of morality.

In addition to his success in his career, Harshvardhan is portrayed as being a sympathetic and empathic person. He has a forward-thinking mentality and opposes the traditional values of society that are regressive and limit the rights and liberties of women. His forward-thinking perspective distinguishes him from the conventional way of thinking that is typical of the conservative Indian society.

Despite the fact that he has firm beliefs, Harshvardhan is not perfect in every way. He grapples with his thoughts and fights an uphill battle to find a balance between those feelings and the expectations that society has placed on him. The fact that he is significantly older than Kesar, the main female protagonist who is younger than him, creates a big difficulty for him. However, the development of his character is dependent on him being able to confront his own preferences and prejudices. As he does so, he eventually understands that love has no age restrictions.

The authenticity and depth of Yuvraj Gadhvi's performance as Harshvardhan make it a noteworthy representation. Gadhvi is successful in expressing the character's personal struggles and emotional journey. When confronted with the judgements of society, he portrays Harshvardhan in a way that effectively depicts both his fragility and the inner agony that he experiences as a result.


In a nutshell, the Gujarati television series Sorath Ni Mrs. Singham is a riveting programme because it mixes together a fresh storyline, compelling characters, and important ideas. The way in which the show depicts the relationship between Harshvardhan and Kesar, in addition to the way in which it investigates ageism and the rights of women, provides viewers with an experience that is both captivating and thought-provoking.

The Gujarati television show Sorath Ni Mrs. Singham stands out as a wonderful programme that not only entertains but also motivates and promotes introspection among its viewers. It is a demonstration of the transformative power of love, the significance of personal development, and the imperative of overcoming societal obstacles. There is no doubt that one should look into watching this series if they are interested in having a viewing experience that is both intriguing and significant.

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