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Thank You for Coming - 2023

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Thank You for Coming is a Hindi comedy movie starring Bhumi Pednekar, Shehnaaz Gill, Dolly Singh, Kusha Kapila, and Shibani Bedi. The movie was released in cinemas on 6th October 2023 only in Hindi.

The movie is about a quintet of close-knit friends who convene at a family function, they are set to manoeuvre through the amusing and touching fallout of their untruth, unravelling the profound dimensions of their bond and affection.

The movie is directed by Karan Boolani and produced by Shobha Kapoor, Anil Kapoor, Ekta Kapoor, and Rhea Kapoor. Read the article further to know about the movie's plot, cast, and more.

Table of Contents

Thank you for coming



Thank You for Coming



Directed by

Karan Boolani

Written by

Radhika Anand, Prashasti Singh

Produced by

Anil Kapoor, Ekta Kapoor, Rhea Kapoor, Shobha Kapoor


Bhumi Pednekar, Shehnaaz Gill, Dolly Singh, Kusha Kapila, and Shibani Bedi


Anil Mehta

Edited by

Manan Sagar, Shweta Venkat

Music by

Qaran, Rahul Pais & Nariman Khambata, Hanita Bhambri

Production Company

Balaji Motion Pictures,
Anil Kapoor Films & Communication Network

Distributed by

 Pen Marudhar Entertainment

Release date

6 October 2023





OTT Platform



The movie revolves around five inseparable companions who come together at a familial event, They are required to manoeuvre the amusing and touching repercussions of their falsehood, uncovering the authentic depth of their camaraderie and affection.


Thank You For Coming was released on 6th October 2023 in Hindi.


"Thank You For Coming," directed by Karan Boolani, delivers a refreshingly bold take on female pleasure, a theme rarely explored in mainstream cinema. The story, penned by Radhika Anand and Prashasti Singh, revolves around Kanika Kapoor (Bhumi Pednekar), a woman on a quest to find a man who can satisfy her desires.

Bhumi Pednekar's portrayal of Kanika is compelling, capturing her character's complexities and feministic streak. Her performance, paired with humorous yet powerful dialogues, effectively represents the struggles of independent women grappling with expectations and self-doubt.

The supporting performances are strong as well, particularly the comically poignant deliveries from Dolly Singh and Shibani Bedi as Kanika's best friends, and the brief but memorable appearance of Kusha Kapila as a quintessential mean girl. Anil Kapoor also delights as one of Kanika's older lovers, while Shehnaaz Gill impresses as a self-assured young woman unafraid to seek pleasure.

Although Boolani's direction ably addresses serious issues like peer pressure and female orgasms amidst the humour, there are moments where the narrative may come across as raunchy. The movie’s speed and editing are well-balanced, keeping the audience engaged while subtly delivering its message of self-love.

The soundtrack composed by QARAN and Hanita Bhambri is a hit, particularly the redux of Sunita Rao's "Pari Hoon Main," which is filmed brilliantly.

In conclusion, "Thank You For Coming" is more than a sex comedy; it’s a bold and humorous exploration of female pleasure. The movie offers a distinctive cinematic experience that will resonate with audiences seeking fresh narratives and honest representation of women's desires, making it a worthwhile watch.


Actor Character
Bhumi Pednekar Kanika Kapoor
Shehnaaz Gill Rushi Kalra
Dolly Singh Pallavi Khanna
Kusha Kapila Neha aka Queen
Shibani Bedi Tina Das
Pradhuman Singh -
Natasha Rastogi -
Gautmik -
Sushant Divgikar -
Saloni Daini -
Dolly Ahluwalia -
Karan Kundrra -
Anil Kapoor (special appearance) -


Role Name(s)
Directed by Karan Boolani
Produced by Shobha Kapoor, Anil Kapoor, Ekta Kapoor, Rhea Kapoor
Director of photography Anil Mehta ISC
Story & Screenplay Radhika Anand
Dialogues Radhika Anand, Prashasti Singh
Music QARAN, Rahul Pais & Nariman Khambata (The Jamroom), Hanita Bhambri
Lyrics QARAN, I.P Singh, Siddhant Kaushal, Hanita Bhambri
Editor Shweta Venkat Mathew & Manan Sagar
Associate Director Riya Kulkarni
Super Visiting Producer Udayan Bhat
Executive Producer Lawrence Dsouza
Line Producer Anjalee Aroura
Primary Costume Stylist Manisha Melwani, Devanshi Tuli
Secondary Costume Stylist Karishmah Gulati
Casting Director Abhimanyu Ray
Sound Designer Manas Chaudhary
Background Score Aman Pant
Production Designer Disha Dey
Director of Choreography Farah Khan, Karishma Chavan, Rajitdev Easwardas
Head of Distribution, Licensing & Syndication (BTL) Vimal Doshi
Group CFO (BTL) Sanjay Dwivedi
Balaji Creative Team (BTL) Anirudh Sharma & Gauri Sathe
Marketing Consultants Nidhi Shah & Aparna Desai
Publicity Designer Himanshu & Rahul Nanda
Head of Marketing (BTL) Raveena Deshpande
Licensing and Syndication (BTL) Ankit Chauhan
Media Consultant Parag Desai (Universal Communications)
Digital Agency The Small Big Ideas
DI Redchilles.Color
DI Colourist Tushar Jadhav
VFX Finecurves Media & Labyrinth Cinematic Solutions
Visual Promotions Manan Sagar & Siddharth R Bharti (Studio Vedah)
Post Producer Sachin Bhanushali
Post Producer Promotions Mumbai Post House

Character Analysis

Bhumi Pednekar as Kanika Kapoor

Bhumi Pednekar's Kanika Kapoor is a fiercely independent character navigating her desires against societal expectations. Kanika is a woman constantly on the lookout for romantic companionship that fulfills her physically, but her journey is full of self-doubt. Beneath her searing quest, Kanika also grapples with a surprising lack of self-awareness about her strength and feminism. Bhumi's outstanding performance captures the essence of Kanika's story as she transitions through complex emotions while refusing to compromise on her standards.

Shehnaaz Gill as Rushi Kalra

Rushi Kalra, portrayed by Shehnaaz Gill, comes across as a self-assured young woman who is unapologetically bold about seeking pleasure. Rushi's character stands as an embodiment of unmuted female yearning, offering a sharp contrast to others often plagued by doubt or compliance. Through this role, Shehnaaz Gill gives a strong performance that encourages a more open dialogue around women's desires.

Dolly Singh as Pallavi Khanna

Pallavi Khanna, played by Dolly Singh, is one of Kanika's best friends, providing both comic relief and emotional strength through the narrative. Dolly Singh's effective performance adds authenticity to Pallavi's role, enabling her to navigate the boundaries of light-hearted humor and deep emotional resonance effortlessly. Pallavi stands as a grounding force, bearing witness to Kanika's journey and offering support when needed.

Kusha Kapila as Neha alias 'The Queen'

In a brief but memorable role, Kusha Kapila portrays Neha, also known as "The Queen." Neha's character plays up the archetype of the quintessential mean girl with aplomb, adding an interesting dynamic to the group's interactions. Neha is confident, outspoken, and always the center of attention, and Kusha Kapila flawlessly captures these elements in her performance. Through Neha, she subtly contributes to the film's larger themes of female empowerment and self-expression.





Singer Name




Desi Wine


QARAN, Nikhita Gandhi, The Rish, Arjun




Pari Hoon Main (Jazz Version)

Raajesh Johri

Devashree Manohar

Aman Pant



Nach Nach


Aman Pant, Rashmeet Kaur

Aman Pant




QARAN, Siddhant Kaushal

QARAN, The Rish




Chehra 2.0

Hanita Bhambri

Hanita Bhambri

Hanita Bhambri



Pari Hoon Main

Raajesh Johri

Sunidhi Chauhan, Sushant Divgikr

The Jamroom



Duniya Farzi


Vishal Mishra, Nikhita Gandhi, Hansika Pareek

Vishal Mishra


Box Office Collection

Schedule Collection
Day 1 Rs 2.85 crore

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