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Teen Adkun Sitaram - 2023

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Teen Adkun Sitaram ‘तीन अडकून सीताराम' is an upcoming marathi movie coming on 29th September 2023 in the theaters. Directed by Hrishikesh Joshi who is also acting in the movie, the other star cast consists of Vaibhav Tatwawadi, Sankarshan Karade and Prajakta Mali. The film is also written by Hrishikesh Joshi with Tejas Ranade.

The comedy drama revolves around the lives of Pushkar, Ajinkya and Kautilya who are full of mischief and their life takes a turn when their fathers order them to disappear due to creating fuss as a consequence of their actions. 

‘तीन अडकून सीताराम’ हा आगामी मराठी चित्रपट २९ सप्टेंबर २०२३ रोजी थिएटरमध्ये येत आहे. हृषिकेश जोशी दिग्दर्शित या चित्रपटात अभिनय देखील करत असून, इतर स्टारकास्टमध्ये वैभव ताटवाडी, संकर्षण कराडे आणि प्राजक्ता माळी यांचा समावेश आहे. या चित्रपटाचे लेखनही तेजस रानडेसोबत हृषिकेश जोशी यांनी केले आहे.

विनोदी नाटक पुष्कर, अजिंक्य आणि कौटिल्य यांच्या जीवनाभोवती फिरते जे खोडकरपणाने भरलेले आहेत आणि त्यांच्या कृतीचा परिणाम म्हणून गडबड निर्माण केल्यामुळे त्यांचे वडील त्यांना गायब करण्याचा आदेश देतात तेव्हा त्यांच्या आयुष्यात एक वळण घेते.


Table of Content


Movie name

Teen Adkun Sitaram


Comedy, Drama

Directed by

Hrishikesh Joshi

Written by

Hrishikesh Joshi


Lalasaheb Shinde, Rajendra Shinde Nitin, Prakash Vaidya

Production Company

Supreme Motion Pictures & Nitin Vaidya Productions


Vaibhav Tatwawadi, Sankarshan Karhade, Alok Rajwade, Prajakta Mali, Anand Ingale , Hrishikesh Joshi, Sameer Patil, Vijay Nikam, Mahesh Patwardhan, Sachin Jape, Gauri Deshpande 


Amol Salunkhe

Edited by

Guru Patil, Mahesh Killekar

Music by

Agnel Roman, Kaushal Inamdar

Distributed by


Release date

29th September 2023

Running Time






OTT Platform



The plot of Teen Adkund Sitaram revolves around 3 friends named Pushkar, Ajinkya and Kautilya who are full of mischief and their life takes a turn when their fathers order them to disappear due to creating fuss as a consequence of their actions.

The trailer of the movie has been released, which gives more clarification on the plot. In the trailer there's a lot of chaos going on among the 3 mischievious friends, humourous and witty banter is guranteed throughout the film,

We can see 3 friends Pushkar, Ajinkya and Kautilya who always end up in fuss due to their mischievious nature, being on an international trip, the international police arrests them and they end up in jail. The rest of the movie unfolds starting from humourous family banter to going on an international trip to ending up in jail and then all of thr hardships they face to get out of there. The film also offers romatic situation between Puskar and Reva played by Vaibhav Tatwawadi and Prajakta Mali.


The movie had a theatrical release on 29th September in 2023. Prajakta took to her Instagram handle to share a new poster of the movie to announce the release date of the movie. Prajakta wrote, 'मासे असो वा माणसे, व्यवस्थित जाळं टाकल्यावर अडकणारच! आता हे कसे अडकलेत? ते बघायला तुम्हाला यावं लागेल २९ सप्टेंबरपासून तुमच्या जवळच्या चित्रपटगृहात.


'Teen Adkun Sitaram', a film presented by Supreme Motion Pictures Pvt. Ltd. and Nitin Vaidya Productions, is an interesting take on the concept of friendship. However, despite the film having potential, it seems to stagger in terms of its execution, particularly in the storyline.

The film tells the story of three friends - Pushkar (Vaibhav Tatwawadi), Ajinkya (Sankarshan Karhade), and Koutilya (Alok Rajwade), who are offspring of politicians. All three leads have put forth commendable performances, particularly Vaibhav Tatwawadi, who shines as Pushkar. However, the support rendered by Anand Ingale and Vijay Nikam as the fathers feels merely average, leaving audiences wanting for more depth and dynamism in their characters.

The plot crafted by Hrishikesh Joshi and Tejas Ranade does not entirely rationalize the actions of the characters, leading to some confusion. The attempt to infuse comedy into the narrative renders a few amusing moments, yet the shift from comedy to drama in the latter half feels abrupt and not entirely successful.

Hrishikesh Joshi's direction is average, adhering to conventional tropes and lacking a distinct touch of creativity. As for the technical aspects, Amol Salunke's camerawork stands out, adding a visually pleasing element to the film. On the flip side, the editing by Guru Patil could have been crisper, particularly in the second half, to ensure a smoother narrative progression.

The music scores by Kaushal Inamdar and Agnel Roman fail to leave a remarkable impression, and the song picturisations by Phulawa Khamkar are also subpar, adding little value to the viewing experience.

In terms of audience appeal, 'Teen Adkun Sitaram' may please viewers seeking easy-going entertainment and light comedy. However, for those seeking robust storytelling and captivating screenplay, it might fail to strike a chord.

In conclusion, 'Teen Adkun Sitaram' is an average package with its fair share of entertaining moments, but a lack of solid narrative foundation and inconsistent pacing may limit its success at the box-office.

Character Analysis:

Hrishikesh Joshi as Picasso

hrishikesh joshi
Hrishikesh Joshi stands out as Picasso, a character that adds an eccentric flair to the narrative. Despite the story's somewhat puzzling nature, Joshi imbues Picasso with a lively spirit that brings dynamism and a touch of unpredictability to the film's overall narrative, making his presence keenly felt throughout.

Sankarshan Karhade as Ajinkya

Sankarshan Karhade
Sankarshan Karhade's Ajinkya serves as one of the three central friends, displaying a fair performance. As the child of a politician, his character navigates the tension between societal expectations and personal desires, further complicated by the antics he and his friends partake in. Although not particularly standout, his character forms an integral part of the narrative’s trinity of friends.

Prajakta Mali as Reva

prajakta mali
Prajakta Mali’s portrayal of Reva, Pushkar’s girlfriend, brings a stroke of femininity to the predominantly male narrative, providing balance and novelty of interaction. Her corporate character, though not thoroughly fleshed out, acts as an anchor when the three friends arrive in London, adding a significant character dynamic in the story.

Alok Rajwade as Koutilya

alok rajwade
Alok Rajwade's Koutilya is an essential piece in the friend trio, albeit displaying an average performance. His character reflects an everyday individual caught in extraordinary circumstances—having been sent off by his father for improving responsibility, he eventually joins his friends in London, engaging in the narrative’s central troubles.

Vaibhav Tatwawadi as Pushkar

vaibhav tatvawadi
One of the highlights of the film is Vaibhav Tatwawadi’s in-depth performance as Pushkar. His character as the child of a politician and the instigating force behind the London adventure forms the narrative’s focal point. Tatwawadi effectively captures Pushkar’s rebellious spirit, determination, and resilience, thereby driving the story forward.

In conclusion, the characters in 'Teen Adkun Sitaram', while vibrant and colourful, could have been enhanced with more clear-cut motivations and character arcs. With a particular commendation for Vaibhav Tatwawadi’s portrayal of Pushkar, the broad canvas of characters adds an engaging mix to the film's narrative, even if some fall short of exhibiting their potential.





Vaibhav Tatwawadi


Vaibhav Tatwawadi is a notable actor in the Marathi and Hindi film industry. Known for his versatile acting skills and charismatic presence, he began his acting journey with the Marathi television serial 'Agni Shikha'. He rose to fame with 'Coffee Ani Barach Kahi' and got national recognition for his role in the Bollywood movie 'Bajirao Mastani'.

Sankarshan Karade


Sankarshan Karade is a budding actor in the Marathi cinema who first grabbed audiences' attention with the Marathi television show 'Lagira Zhala Ji'. This debut work established him as a promising actor in the Marathi television industry, and he continues to cultivate his craft and gain fame

Prajakta Mali


Prajakta Mali is a highly popular figure in the Marathi entertainment industry, known for her acting, dancing, and hosting talents. She has had an illustrious career but it all began with her role in the Marathi daily soap opera 'Suvasini'. She's best known for her lead roles in 'Kho- Kho' and the Marathi sitcom 'Julun Yeti Reshimgathi'.

Hrishikesh Joshi


Hrishikesh Joshi, a renowned Marathi actor and playwright, is admired widely for his comic and serious roles. With his debut in a Marathi play named 'Raste', he gained recognition and fame. He is particularly known for his memorable roles in Marathi films like 'Harishchandrachi Factory', 'Balgandharva', and 'Deool'.





Hrishikesh Joshi


Hrishikesh Joshi


Lalasaheb Shinde, Rajendra Shinde Nitin, Prakash Vaidya


Agnel Roman, Kaushal Inamdar


Amol Salunkhe

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