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Jaane Jaan - 2023

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Jaane Jaan is a crime-based movie starring Kareena Kapoor, Jaideep Ahlawat and Vijay Verma. The movies will be directed and written by Sujoy Ghosh. It is a Netflix original movie and will be released on 21st September 2023 in Hindi.

The movie is about a solo parent and her offspring, who become entangled in illegal activity and are aided in concealing their deeds by a nearby resident amidst a probe by law enforcement. Read the article further to know the movie's plot, cast, and more.

Table of Content


Movie name

Jaane Jaan


Drama, Crime, Mystery

Directed by

Sujoy Ghosh

Written by

Sujoy Ghosh, Keigo Higashino, Raj Vasant


Gaurav Bose, Sujoy Ghosh, Hyunwoo Thomas Kim, Akshai Puri, Jay Shewakramani


Kareena Kapoor, Jaideep Ahlawat, Vijay Varma


Avik Mukhopadhyay

Edited by


Music by


Production Company

Balaji Motion Pictures, 12th Street Entertainment, Kross Pictures, Boundscript, Northern Lights Films

Distributed by


Release date

21st September 2023

Running Time

2 hours 19 minutes





OTT Platform



A mother, raising her child alone, collaborates with her daughter to engage in illicit activities. A neighbour assists them in their cover-up efforts while a police investigation is underway.


It is a Netflix original movie released on the platform on 21st September 2023 in Hindi language which will be 2 hours 19 minutes.


'Jaane Jaan,' directed by Sujoy Ghosh, is a crime drama that lives up to its promise of being a captivating 'howdunit.' Adapted from Keigo Higashino's bestselling novel 'The Devotion of Suspect X,' the story revolves around Maya D'Souza, a single mother and a murder suspect, played convincingly by Kareena Kapoor Khan.

The film boasts stellar performances from the lead actors. Jaideep Ahlawat as the mathematics genius and lovesick neighbor Naren excels in his character's depth and emotions, while Kareena Kapoor delivers an excellent portrayal of the complex emotional range experienced by her character. Vijay Varma shines as the persistent and charming Inspector Karan Anand, creating natural chemistry with his co-actors.

While the direction by Sujoy Ghosh is commendable, the film's pacing may not be everyone's cup of tea. It takes its time to unravel the mystery, straying from the unputdownable nature of the source material. The storytelling, however, is engaging and filled with suspense, aided by Avik Mukhopadhyay's atmospheric cinematography that captures the gloomy ambiance of Kalimpong.

The movie's screenplay, co-written by Ghosh and Raj Vasant, succeeds in building tension and suspense regarding how the culprit outsmarts the cops, despite some flaws and unanswered questions in the narrative. Additionally, the film explores themes such as love, sacrifice, and the blurred line between devotion and obsession.

The animation, graphics, and editing of 'Jaane Jaan,' while not the film's central focus, provide a seamless experience and contribute to the overall aesthetic. However, those expecting an adrenaline-fueled, fast-paced thriller may find the movie's pacing a bit sluggish at times.

In conclusion, 'Jaane Jaan' is a gripping mystery drama that will appeal to audiences who appreciate slow-burning stories, enigmatic atmospheres, and strong acting performances. Despite its occasional lapses in pacing and narrative flaws, the film delivers as a compelling adaptation of the bestselling novel.


Actor Character About
Kareena Kapoor Maya D'Souza Kareena Kapoor, also known as Kareena Kapoor Khan, is an acclaimed Indian actress recognized predominantly for her contributions to the Bollywood industry. She made her acting debut in the 2000 film Refugee and is known for her performances in noteworthy films such as Jab We Met, K3G, Omkara, and Talaash.
Jaideep Ahlawat Naren Vyas Jaideep Ahlawat is an Indian film and television actor lauded for his roles in Hindi cinema. Ahlawat made his debut in Bollywood with the film Aakrosh in 2010, and he has since made his mark with performances in films such as Gangs of Wasseypur, Raazi, and the web series Paatal Lok.
Vijay Varma Karan Anand Vijay Varma is an Indian film actor known for his distinctive roles in the Hindi and Telugu film industries. His acting career took off with his debut in the 2012 film Chittagong, and he later gained recognition for his performances in the film Gully Boy and the crime drama series Mirzapur.
 Lin Laishram - Lin Laishram, hailing from Manipur, is an emerging talent in Indian cinema commonly known for her work in Bollywood and Manipuri films. She entered the film industry in 2012 with the movie Mary Kom and has been appreciated for her performances in films such as Rangoon and Axone.
Naisha Khanna  Tara Naisha Khanna, one of the youngest faces in the Indian film industry, made her debut in the film Brothers in 2015. Despite her young age, she has captured the hearts of audiences with her charm and innocence.
Karma Takapa Sundar Karma Takapa, an Indian director, writer, and actor, produced his debut piece A Silent Way in 2012. He gained recognition with the critically acclaimed series The Last Hour.
Shyam Gopal Senior Judge Shyam Gopal has crafted a niche in the Telugu film and television industry. His early notable role was in the film Anthuleni Katha, and he has since contributed to numerous Telugu dramas and soap operas.
Uditi Singh Soniya Uditi Singh is an emerging actress in the Indian television industry who made her debut in 2019 with the television series, Teri Meri Jodi, while her breakthrough role came in the hit series Pyaar Ki Luka Chuppi.
Saurabh Sachdev Ajit Mhatre Saurabh Sachdev, an Indian film actor, started his journey in the entertainment industry with the film PK in 2014 and has since delivered commendable performances in films like Ludo and Geeta Govindam. In 2019, he stepped into the digital space with the series Love, Sleep, Repeat.


Role Name
Director Sujoy Ghosh
Writer Sujoy Ghosh, Keigo Higashino, Raj Vasant
Producer Gaurav Bose, Sujoy Ghosh, Hyunwoo Thomas Kim, Akshai Puri, Jay Shewakramani
Music Sachin-Jigar
Cinematography Avik Mukhopadhyay

Character Analysis

Kareena Kapoor as Maya D'Souza

Kareena Kapoor breathes life into the complex character of Maya D'Souza, a single mother thrown into the tumultuous world of murder investigation when her abusive ex-husband dies. Her character is revealed in layers: we see her as a scared and tormented woman suspected of her ex's murder, and yet, she is also a loving and protective mother to her daughter. Throughout the film, Kapoor portrays a wide range of emotions from fear and annoyance to momentary sass with a great sense of authenticity. Her biggest test lies in concealing her deep-seated anxiety while displaying a façade of calm, especially when interacting with Inspector Karan Anand. Her character offers a firsthand view of a woman coerced into the dark world due to unexpected and uncontrollable circumstances.

Jaideep Ahlawat as Naren Vyas

Jaideep Ahlawat displays his acting prowess as the socially awkward mathematics genius, Naren Vyas. Despite his meek and reserved demeanor, he exhibits immense courage in aiding Maya in these troubling times. His love for Maya is palpable, portrayed with a certain endearing vulnerability. His dogged determination and commitment to protect Maya, combined with a brilliant mind that consistently remains one step ahead of the authorities, makes his character truly intriguing. Ahlawat's portrayal of the transition from the shy Naren to the assertive protector is laudable and arguably the highlight of the film.

Vijay Varma as Karan Anand

Vijay Varma impressively embodies Karan Anand, the competent and steadfastly committed cop. His single-minded determination to solve the murder mystery propels the narrative forward. His unwavering belief in Maya's guilt, coupled with his relentless quest for justice, creates a compelling dynamic with Maya's and Naren's characters. Despite his rigorous pursuit, he exudes a charming demeanor that brings a distinct balance to the character. His intelligence, conviction, and tenacity give the film its much-needed antagonist who keeps the audience on their toes.


Sr. No. Song Singer Length
1. Jaane Jaan - Title Track Neha Kakkar 2:20

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