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Shala is a Marathi film that was released in 2011 and is a drama/romantic film. The novel by Milind Bokil with the same name served as the basis for the film's screenplay, which was adapted from the novel. Anshuman Joshi and Ketaki Mategaonkar play the key parts in this film, which was directed by Sujay Dahake and produced by Vivek Wagh and Nilesh Navalakha under the banners of Great Maratha Entertainment, Nishad Audio Visuals, and Navalakha Arts.

Both the National Film Award for Best Screenplay and the Silver Lotus Award for Best Feature Film in Marathi were bestowed upon the movie when it was presented at the 59th Annual National Film Awards.


Table of Content



Directed by

Sujay Dahake

Written by

Milind Bokil

Produced by

Vivek Wagh, Nilesh Navalakha


Anshuman Joshi, Ketaki Mategaonkar


Diego Romero

Edited by

Sujay Dahake

Music by

Alokananda Dasgupta

Distributed by

Great Maratha Entertainment, Nishad Audio Visuals, Navalakha Arts

Release dates

7 May 2011 (New York Indian Film Festival) 20 January 2012 (India)






₹3 crore (US$380,000)

Box office

₹9 crore (US$1.1 million)



Four ninth-grade students were deciding their futures in a 1970s rural Indian setting. Joshi, a handsome boy, has a crush on Shirodkar. They both attend the same school and are enrolled in the same class. In order to express his feelings for the girl and answer the age-old question What is love anyway? Joshi goes through a series of incidents. On the other side, Joshi's pals experience the same stage of life. The distinction is that each of the four of them is from a distinct cultural and familial background.

Surya is a typical life-lover who perfectly combines hippy and mainstream culture. Chitrya, is a genius by nature who aspires to become a scientist. He is the smartest member of the group and hails from a contemporary household. The youngest and poorest of the four, Favdya, is the dullest. Joshi, who comes from a typical middle-class home and has an uncertain future.

Joshi wishes to express his affection to the girl. He has made a lot of effort. To catch a glimpse of her, he enrolls in the same private classes as her. Without her knowledge, he follows her to her residence every day. With a dash of loneliness, the story is one of struggle, freedom, and liberation.



Character Analysis 


In the Marathi movie Shala, directed by Sujay Dahake, the characters are well-developed and relatable, making the film an engaging and heartwarming coming-of-age story. Here is an analysis of the main characters in the movie:

  1. Mukund Joshi (Anshuman Joshi) - Mukund is the protagonist of the film and a young boy in his early teens. He is intelligent, sensitive, and curious about the world around him. Mukund is a dreamer who aspires to become a writer and is deeply in love with his classmate, Shirodkar. Throughout the film, Mukund struggles with the complexities of adolescence, first love, and the pressures of school. His character represents the innocence and vulnerability of youth, as well as the dreams and aspirations that come with it.

  2. Shirodkar (Ketaki Mategaonkar) - Shirodkar is a smart and beautiful girl in Mukund's class who becomes the object of his affection. She is kind, compassionate, and understanding, which makes her a likable character. Her character symbolises the innocence of first love and the challenges faced by young girls in a patriarchal society.

  3. Mukund's Father (Nandu Madhav) - Mukund's father is a loving and supportive parent who encourages his son's dreams of becoming a writer. However, he is also a product of his time and struggles with the changing socio-political environment. His character represents the older generation's attempt to understand and support the aspirations of the youth.

The characters in Shala are well-developed, and relatable, and contribute significantly to the film's narrative. Each character represents different aspects of adolescence, love, friendship, and the challenges faced by young individuals during a politically turbulent period. The character-driven narrative is one of the key strengths of the movie, making Shala a memorable and engaging coming-of-age drama.





59th National Film Awards

Best Feature Film in Marathi


59th National Film Awards

Best Screenplay for Avinash Deshpande Nigdi


Shala is a heartwarming and engaging coming-of-age Marathi film that beautifully captures the essence of adolescence, friendship, love, and the challenges faced by young students during a politically turbulent period in India. With its well-developed characters, picturesque cinematography, and evocative storytelling, the movie takes the audience on a nostalgic journey through the lives of a group of teenagers in rural Maharashtra. Shala is not only a celebration of the innocence and dreams of youth but also a poignant reminder of the importance of understanding and supporting the aspirations of the younger generation. It is a must-watch for those who appreciate character-driven narratives that resonate with the audience and leave a lasting impact.

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