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Rakshak India's Braves - 2023

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Rakshak is a biographical action short film starring Varun Mitra, Kanika Mann, and Mohit Chauhan. The film was released on Amazon Mini TV on 11 August 2023.

Based on true events, Rakshak - India's Braves follows the story of Lieutenant Triveni Singh, an Indian Army officer dedicated to his family. His passion for protecting others from threats becomes vital when he faces not just a militant attack, but a more significant danger. Read the article further to know more about the movie's cast, plot, review, etc.

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Movie name

Rakshak Indias Braves


Drama, Military and War, Action

Directed by

Akshay Choubey 

Written by

Bijesh Jayarajan, Aparna Nadig 


Varun Mitra, Kanika Mann, Mohit Chauhan


Ajaya Behl, Shanu Singh Rajput 


Samar Khan, Aditya Pittie

Production Company

Juggernaut Productions

Distributed by

Amazon Prime Video, Amazon miniTV

Release date

11 August 2023

Running Time

1 hour 15 minutes





OTT Platform

Amazon Mini TV


Drawing from real-life events, Rakshak - Indias Braves tells the story of Triveni Singh, a devoted Indian Army Lieutenant, whose dedication to safeguarding those around him from threats proves to be even more noble and significant. As the story unfolds, an initial militant attack threat escalates into a far more dangerous situation.


The movie was released on 11 August 2023 on Amazon Mini TV.


rakshak indias braves scene

Rakshak - Indias Braves is an exceptionally well-crafted film that tells the engaging story of Lieutenant Triveni Singhs heroism in thwarting a terrorist attack. The skillful direction by Akshay Chaobey coupled with an impressive screenplay by Animitra Chakravarti ensures that the audience remains invested in this 75-minute gripping drama.

The effective use of flashbacks provides a brilliant juxtaposition of Lt Trivenis personal life and his responsibilities as a dedicated soldier. The scene where terrorists plant explosives at the station, in particular, showcases the filmmakers commendable storytelling prowess. Worth mentioning is the films central combat sequence at the Jammu station which blends adrenaline-pumping action with stunning graphics to create an edge-of-seat experience.

Varun Mitra, delivering a stellar performance, imbues Lt Triveni with both bravery and diligence, shining especially in the hand-to-hand combat scenes. Mourna Kulkarni and Mohit Chauhan provide strong support as his parents, displaying the toll such a career can take on personal lives.

The film concludes with a touching tribute to Lt. Triveni Singh, leaving one with a profound sense of admiration and respect. It showcases the martyrs commitment and heroism in ensuring civilian safety, making it a must-watch for audiences who appreciate impactful narratives and emotional drama.

The quality of the animation, graphics, and editing also contribute to the thrilling pace of the movie and enhance the overall visual experience. With a balance of realistic action sequences, family drama, and a heart-rending conclusion, Rakshak - Indias Braves is bound to appeal to audiences appreciative of immersive storytelling and thought-provoking cinema.


Actor About
Varun Mitra Varun Mitra, a talented Indian actor and model, is known for his memorable roles in Jalebi (2018) and Rakshak - Indias Braves. Bursting onto the scene with his debut in Kaash (2015), he has since continued to captivate audiences with his captivating performances.
Kanika Mann Kanika Mann, a popular Indian television actress, rose to prominence with the TV series Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega. Her acting debut in the Punjabi film Daana Paani (2018) paved the way for a flourishing career.
Mohit Chauhan Mohit Chauhan, a seasoned Indian actor, has garnered much appreciation with his diverse roles across television, film, and theater. He made his debut with the TV series Neem Neem Shahad Shahad (2011). Mohit is best known for his work in hit Hindi serials like Diya Aur Baati Hum and Kkusum
Mrinal Kulkarni Mrinal Kulkarni, a renowned Indian film and television actress, director, and producer, entered the industry with her debut in the 1990 Marathi TV series Swami. She gained fame for her roles in TV shows like Sonpari and movies like Uttarayan (2004), Rama Madhav (2014), and Ti Ani Itar (2017).
Mrinal Chandra Mrinal Chandra, an intriguing Indian actor, has had a notable presence in films such as Rakshak - Indias Braves (2022) and the short film Khushbu (2020)
Akshay Bindra Akshay Bindra, a promising Indian television actor, made his debut with P.O.W. Bandi Yuddh Ke (2016). He is popular for his performances in Kasautii Zindagii Kay and Yeh Hai Chahatein.
Rama Krishna Dixit Rama Krishna Dixit, an experienced Indian TV writer, launched his career with Yeh Teri Galiyan (2018) and is also known for his work in Qurbaan Hua (2020) and Kundali Bhagya (2017).
Umar Sharif Umar Sharif, hailing from Pakistan, is a versatile actor and comedian known for his stand-up, witty humor, and memorable roles on both stage and screen. His first film appearance was in the Pakistani comedy Mr. 420 (1987), and he is best known for his work in Bakra Qistoon Pay (1989) and Dulhan Mein Lainja (1998).


Role Name
Director Akshay Choubey
Story Bijesh Jayarajan
Dialogues Aparna Nadig
Producer Samar Khan, Aditya Pittie
Cinematography Ajaya Behl, Shanu Singh Rajput

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