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Naadi Dosh - 2022

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We are pleased to have you join us on this enthralling journey into the world of Gujarati cinema, where we will dissect the endearing story of "Naadi Dosh." This fascinating film takes us on an exhilarating ride as we watch the young lovebirds of a new generation, Riddhi and Kevin, fearlessly tackle the age-old and rigid notion of 'Naadi Dosh.' In this article, we explore the depths of this cinematic gem, exploring how it deals with the topic of 'Naadi Dosh' and the impact that it has on the lives of our lovable protagonists.

This blog post serves as an introduction to the charismatic protagonists, Riddhi and Kevin, who exemplify the culture of today's younger generation. We delve into their budding love story, their dynamic personalities, and the challenges they confront as a result of the existence of 'Naadi Dosh' in their respective astrological charts. Their voyage provides a remarkable window through which we may investigate the tension that exists between individual aspirations and cultural norms.

Table Of Contents




Naadi Dosh

Directed by

Krishnadev Yagnik

Story by

Krishnadev Yagnik

Produced by

Nilay Chotai, Munna Shukul, Harshad Shah, Bhaumik Gondaliya

Production Companies

Ananta Businesscorp, Shukul Studios, Big box series


Yash Soni, Janki Bodiwala, Raunaq Kamdar


Prashant Gohel, Haresh Bhanushali

Music by


Distributed by

Panorama Studios

Release date

17 June 2022






Rs. 4.15 Crore


In the opening sequence of the film, we observe that a woman named Riddhi (played by Janki Bodiwala) has feelings for a coworker named Kevin (played by Yash Soni). At first glance, it appears as though the second party does not pay attention to the first party.

After a while, it took him a while to notice her, but once he did, the two of them started dating. They discover there is an issue after they have already met each other's parents and come to an agreement to take the relationship to the next level, which is known as Naadi dosh. The problem arises when both the bride and the husband have the same naadi, which is interpreted as an indication of faults and is believed to produce problems.

Riddhi and Kevin are forward-thinking individuals, thus they refuse to give in to the demands that this orthodox faith places on them. They set out on a courageous voyage with the intention of challenging the time-honored customs that would determine their future. They are using their wits and their relentless determination to figure out the secrets of 'Naadi Dosh' and locate a means to keep their love alive in spite of everything that stands in their way.

Riddhi and Kevin face opposition from their family, who are steadfast in their adherence to the astrological beliefs, as they delve further and further into their search. Unfazed, the couple decides to seek help from contemporary science in the hopes of discovering scientific answers that will disprove the superstitions that stand in the way of their happiness.

Riddhi and Kevin defy the expectations of society and test the boundaries that are set by 'Naadi Dosh' with the help of their close circle of friends and the undying love they have for one another. Their travels become a striking demonstration of the power of individual liberty over unquestioning faith in the end.


On May 17, 2022, the official trailer for the film was uploaded to YouTube Channel for the first time. On June 17, 2022, the movie was made available in theatres across the country, and the reception it received from viewers was positive. 


Given that no scene is drawn out for an unnecessary amount of time, the film "Naadi Dosh" manages to be both straightforward and entertaining. The script is solid, and the overall production value is good. Both of these aspects bode well for the movie. The director Krishnadev Yagnik, is receiving praise for the outstanding abilities he displays in his work.

The album 'Naadi Dosh' features a varied and enjoyable variety of musical pieces, some of which are titled 'Chandaliyo Ugyo Re' and 'Lavva Lavvi.' Both Yash Soni and Janki Bodiwala, who play the leading roles, turn up impressive performances. They seem to be the 'ideal couple' thanks to the strong chemistry that exists between them.

However, if we take a closer look, we can see that Kevin keeps Riddhi hostage for the entirety of the night and then releases her the following morning in order to create the illusion that he and Riddhi were sexual partners before they got married.

This is where the issue starts to become a concern. Kevin creates a false pregnancy report with the intention of fooling Prashant.  Kevin does not take into account the amount of pain that Riddhi would feel if she found out about the conversation he had with her father. When she finds out, she is astonished not only at Kevin but also at Prashant for their behaviour. She can't understand how her father could have put his faith in the word of an unknown person and skipped waiting to consult Riddhi.

Even though Kevin and Riddhi do end up together in the end, the movie never challenges the social taboo around sexual activity before marriage or the pressures that it puts on women.




Character Analysis

Yash Soni as Kevin


Kevin is described as an individual who is forward-thinking and has an open mind. He is not constrained by conventional views and is ready to look deeper and test the hypothesis of 'Naadi Dosh.' He is forward-thinking in nature, as evidenced by the fact that he accepts rationality and looks for logical explanations.

When it comes to taking on the challenge of 'Naadi Dosh,' Kevin demonstrates both determination and bravery. In spite of the fact that he is met with opposition from both his family and society, he continues to be unwavering in his pursuit of love and happiness. He is not readily swayed by social or cultural pressure, which contributes to his character traits of resiliency and strong will.

The passion that Kevin feels for Janki Bodiwala's character, Riddhi, keeps him going throughout the entirety of the film. His unwavering commitment to the well-being of their partnership serves as the driving force for his resoluteness to triumph over the challenges given by 'Naadi Dosh.' The unshakable dedication that Kevin has shown to their relationship demonstrates the breadth and depth of his feelings.

Janki Bodiwala as Riddhi


Riddhi is shown as a forward-thinking individual who questions the validity of established conventions. She takes a stand against the superstitious belief known as 'Naadi Dosh' since she does not wish to adhere to it in any way. Riddhi exemplifies the mentality of the upcoming generation, which places a higher value on free will and reason than unquestioning religion.

In her efforts to prevail over the challenges presented by 'Naadi Dosh,' Riddhi exhibits a great deal of bravery and resolve. She encounters opposition from both her family and society, but she perseveres in her conviction that love and compatibility can exist independently of astrological charts.

In addition to being exceedingly polite, she has a great respect for her father and the rest of her family. She demonstrates that she respects her father by acting in accordance with his wishes and by apologizing to Kevin for the fact that she yelled at him when he told her father that she and Kevin had slept together.

Raunaq Kamdar as Kunal


The old ideas that are presented as being associated with 'Naadi Dosh' in the movie are contrasted with the character of Kunal's character, who is shown to be a sensible and contemporary thinker. He is the voice of reason, and he encourages Kevin to question the orthodoxy that puts their relationship with Riddhi in jeopardy.

As the story develops, Kunal emerges as an important support system for Riddhi and Kevin as they navigate the treacherous waters of their complicated romantic relationship. He provides them with workable solutions and assists them in locating other points of view, reiterating the concept that love should be founded on an individual's capacity for comprehension and harmony with another rather than on superstitious beliefs.

The inclusion of Kunal lends a sense of equilibrium to the story while simultaneously highlighting the significance of friendship and support in challenging circumstances. Because of his persistent faith in the transformative power of love and his willingness to defy the expectations of society, he stands out as a significant and unforgettable character.






"Lavva Lavvi"

Jigardan Gadhavi & Vrattini Ghadge



Aishwarya Majumdar



Kedar Upadhyay

Behind The Scenes

The cast of the film talked about their experiences working with each other and about the film. Yash Soni added that the script was fresh and relevant to current times. Janki in an interview said that although Yash and her were working after 4 years they still had a bond and could act together well. 

Box Office Collection

The worldwide box office collection of the movie was approximately 11.16 Crore.


The movie "Naadi Dosh" is meant to serve as a gentle reminder that love has no bounds and that people should be allowed to pick their spouses on the basis of how well they understand each other and how well they get along, rather than on the basis of any superstitious beliefs they may have.

In general, the movie pushes us to challenge the standards of society and to adopt a love and relationship philosophy that is more progressive and open to a wider range of perspectives. Watching "Naadi Dosh" is a must for anyone looking for a cinematic experience that is both enjoyable and thought-provoking. The film questions deeply ingrained customs while also praising the transformative power of love.

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