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Mein Mehmood - 2023

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Mein Mehmood is a 2023 short drama film starring Ozair Abdul Aleem. The short film is a part of Jio Cinema's Film Fest releasing on 3 October 2023 on the app.

The movie is about Mehmood, a middle-aged immigrant in Dubai, who risks his job due to limited English skills. The focus is on his efforts to conquer this language barrier.

The movie is directed and written by Prataya Saha. Read the article further to know about the movie's plot, cast, and more.

Table of Content


Movie name

Mein Mehmood



Directed by

Prataya Saha

Written by

Prataya Saha


Ozair Abdul Aleem

Production Company

Black Book Media Globa, Red Polka Productions

Release date

3 October 2023

Running Time

11 minutes 13 Seconds





OTT Platform

Jio Cinema


Mein Mehmood was released on 3 October 2023 on Jio Cinema in Hindi.


A telecaller with a tourism company that is badly hit by the pandemic, Mehmood, struggles to meet monthly sales targets of converting random strangers into potential customers. His inability to converse fluently in English severely limits his ability to converse with potential clients, thus putting his job in jeopardy. Meanwhile, thousands of km away, back home, Mehmood's wife waits for him to send some money home for their daughter's education.


Mein Mehmood is a brilliantly crafted film that will trigger a gush of emotions. It explores the trials and tribulations of an immigrant worker in a manner that is as profound as it is poignant. The protagonist, Mehmood, encapsulates the struggles of countless people leading fraught lives far from their homelands. The actor portraying Mehmood remarkably brings to life the character's silent resilience and the simmering undercurrents of his suppressed emotions.

The storyline of the film strikes chords of empathy, with the plot springing one setback after another onto Mehmood. A deft combination of direction and editing maintains a steady, compelling pace for the narrative. The embedded commentary on language-proficiency norms as a problematic employment criterion warrants proactive contemplation. Despite its sobering theme, the film effectively imparts a valuable message about the 65,000 languages of the world, highlighting the undue significance often placed on English.

The film's visual elements are modest yet impactful, capturing the essence of Mehmood's life in restraint. The animation and graphics might not be a significant part of the film, but the restrained use of these elements adds to the story's overall realism.

The portrayal of Mehmood's inert responses to personal and professional blows gives viewers a sobering glimpse into the harsh realities of immigration and long-distance relationships. His silent acceptance of his wife's affair reveals depths of self-denial and sacrifice that are heart-wrenching.

Mein Mehmood is a film for an audience appreciative of slow, introspective narratives. It's a great watch for anyone willing to contemplate the societal pressure to conform and the myriad ways it shapes individual lives. The relatability and universality of the narrative make it a must-watch, especially for viewers interested in understanding the intricate dynamics of immigration, language barriers, and the trials of everyday life.


Actor Name Character Name

Ozair Abdul Aleem

Mehmood Rizvi

anshulika kapoor

Anshulika Kapoor

Mehmood's Wife

prathaya saha

Prataya Saha

The office employee

Mahammed Sabith Abbas

Mehmood's roommate

Ishita Parthiban

Mehmood's Child

Ali Baba



Role Name
Direction, Story, and Screenplay Prataya Saha
Cinematography/Edit/Colour Abhishekh Saravanan
Sound Design Apurv Prasanna
Sound Engineer Adrian Rodrigues
Original Score Karthik Bhandare
VFX Ishir N Mehta
PR Neena Biswal
Production Assistant Aparna Elizabeth Joseph

Character Analysis

Ozair Abdul Aleem as Mehmood Rizvi

The character of Mehmood Rizvi, brilliantly played by Ozair Abdul Aleem, is an embodiment of silent perseverance and diluted aspirations. He is an emblem of the immigrant experience, their struggles, sacrifices, and restrained desires — a testament to the saying that silence sometimes speaks louder than words.

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