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Fuleku - 2023

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Fuleku which was directed by Irshad Dalal was released on June 9th, 2023. Fuleku includes a number of well-known actors, including Anang Desai, Jignesh Modi, Amit Das, Chandrika Soni, and Manjari Mishra. The actors contribute their considerable acting skills to the successful making of the movie.

Fuleku digs into the hurdles experienced by the main character as they negotiate the unforeseen implications of their financial dilemma by way of its engrossing tale, which explores these difficulties in depth. It will explore the consequences of the raid and the revelations uncovered throughout the inquiry, which will ultimately affect the family's existence in profound and unexpected ways. It promises to take viewers on an emotional journey.

The audience is captivated by Fuleku's distinct combination of drama, suspense, and thought-provoking ideas thanks to the combination of a compelling plot, brilliant director, and a stellar ensemble cast.

Table Of Contents





Directed by

Irshad Dalal

Story by

Irshad Dalal

Produced by

Vijay Shah, Alok Sheth


Anang Desai, Jignesh Modi, Amit Das, Chandrika Soni, Manjari Mishra

Cinematography by

Vimal S. Mishra

Screenplay by

Irshad Dalal

Music by

Kaushal Mahavir

Release date

9th June 2023






Approximately Rs. 5 Crores


The compelling narrative of Fuleku focuses on the difficulties that a prominent toy seller in Gujarat encounters throughout the course of the film's events.

During the chaotic time period of the pandemic, the movie dives into the life of this wealthy family. Unanticipatedly, the toy dealer discovered that he has ended up with an overwhelming quantity of debt, which caused enormous strain on his financial situation. The income tax agency issued a search warrant at their home, adding insult to injury in a situation that was already loaded with difficulty.

During the course of the search, the officials make a discovery that will forever change the course of the family's lives. The finding sets in motion a chain of occurrences that puts their survival, their relationships, and their values to the test. The emotional odyssey that the family goes on as they adjust to their new surroundings, confront the repercussions of the decisions they make, and traverse the challenges presented by Fuleku is well shown in the film.


The movie, belonging to the genre of comedy, drama and family, was first announced through the trailer which was released by T-Series Gujarati on YouTube on 19th May 2023. The movie was released on 9th June 2023. 



An in-depth look into the strength of the human spirit in the face of difficult situations is presented in Fuleku. The film weaves a fascinating tale that engrosses viewers in a realm of resiliency and atonement and captivates their attention throughout the experience. The compelling storyline in Fuleku encourages viewers to consider the significance of perseverance and the extent to which it is possible for individuals to mature and improve themselves even in the face of adversity.

Irshad Dalal's brilliant direction is one of the many things that set Fuleku apart from other works in its genre. Dalal skillfully directs the movie, making certain that the narrative stays clear and concise by paying close attention to the littlest details and having a solid understanding of the core of the story. The choices he makes as a director contribute to the overall impact of the narrative, which enables the viewer to remain interested and emotionally committed for the entirety of the movie.

One further important factor that contributes to keeping viewers interested in Fuleku is the exceptional work done by the show's ensemble cast. The actors Anang Desai, Jignesh Modi, Amit Das, Chandrika Soni, and Manjari Mishra bring their various characters to life through their brilliant portrayal of the complexities and depths of their characters. Their believable performances build a profound connection between the audience and the characters, which amplifies the story's effect on the audience's emotions.

In addition to this, listeners have expressed their appreciation for the music of Fuleku. A film music that has been well composed can improve the viewing experience by provoking the feelings the viewer is looking for and enhancing the story. The score for the film Fuleku is successful in accomplishing this goal, as it successfully amplifies the intensity of the dramatic moments, captures the spirit of the characters, and creates an unforgettable sonic backdrop for the film.

In summary, Fuleku stands out as an outstanding example of a cinematic experience because it mixes a compelling story with outstanding direction, intriguing performers, and enticing music. The spectator is left with a lasting impression of the power of the human spirit and the possibility of developing personally even in the face of hardship as a result of the film's examination of both resiliency and redemption, both of which are themes that are explored in the movie.




Character Analysis

Anang Desai as Jayantilal


In the film Fuleku, Jayantilal is an essential figure who makes substantial contributions to both the plot and the interpersonal dynamics of the other characters. Jayantilal is a successful businessman in Gujarat who runs a major toy trade company. He is an elderly man. He is portrayed as a successful businessman who puts in a lot of effort and has created a good life for his family as a result of his efforts. Jayantilal emanates assurance and authority because to his commanding presence and demeanour. He has a powerful presence and a dominating personality.

The story centres on Jayantilal, a pivotal person whose life takes a drastic change when, in the midst of the pandemic, he discovers that he has racked up significant debt. Because of their current financial situation, his family's well-being and social standing are in danger. The subsequent raid on his property by the income tax agency compounds the difficulties he already faces, driving him closer and closer to the edge.

Throughout the course of the film, Jayantilal is seen to go through a tremendous change. His voyage reveals his frailties and puts his resiliency to the test, despite the fact that he was first portrayed as an assured and self-assured businessman. As he is forced to deal with the repercussions of his actions, Jayantilal is forced to reevaluate his values and make challenging decisions that test the boundaries of his moral compass.

The movie delves into a lot of different topics, and one of the ways that the character of Jayantilal helps to this is by shedding light on things like the dangers of greed, the consequences of poor financial management, and the possibility of being redeemed. His journey dives into the complexity of human nature as well as the influence that external circumstances have on one's own personal development.

Amit Das as Bamkin Barot


Bamkin Barot is an income tax officer who has been given the task of investigating Jayantilal, the main character of the film, over his financial dealings. He is characterised as a dedicated and observant officer, with a bright mind and a keen attention to detail. The attitude that Bamkin Barot exudes is one that does not tolerate foolishness, and it is frequently accompanied by an authoritative presence.

Bamkin Barot is distinguished by the level of professionalism, attention to detail, and steadfast dedication he brings to his work. Bamkin Barot keeps a professional demeanour, but he also demonstrates a sense of empathy and compassion, which allows him to see the human side of the people he examines. This allows him to conduct more thorough and accurate investigations.

The role that Bamkin Barot plays is essential to the development of the conflict and tension in the film. Because of his position as an income tax officer, he plays a pivotal role in the chain of events that take place in Jayantilal's life. The search that Bamkin Barot carried out at Jayantilal's home uncovered vital information, which ultimately resulted in a number of adverse repercussions for the family.

Throughout the course of the film, Bamkin Barot's character goes through some progression, despite the fact that he is primarily portrayed in a professional position. As he looks further into Jayantilal's business dealings, he starts to speculate about the reasons and events that led to the family's current situation, which causes him to raise some ethical concerns. The moral compass that Bamkin Barot possesses and his capacity for empathy are both on display in this internal battle.






Kona Kona Naam Lewa

Javed Ali

Box Office Collection

The movie did a business of Rs. 0.53 Crore at the box office and was appreciated by the audience.


In a nutshell, the Gujarati film Fuleku is a gripping piece of work that features both a compelling story and great performances from its cast. The film is an examination of the resiliency of the human spirit despite the presence of adversity, and it was directed by Irshad Dalal. The tale is kept concise and interesting by the competent direction that was employed, which keeps the audience interested from the beginning to the end. The film's ensemble cast, brings the characters they play to life with conviction, which contributes to the movie's increased emotional depth. Fuleku, which is accompanied by a musical score that has received recognition for its quality, makes an impression that lingers.

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