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Aum Mangalam Singlem - 2022

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Siddharth (played by Malhar Thakar) and Vaani (played by Aarohi Patel) have been close friends and sweethearts since they were children, and they are about to get married. However, they also want to test the waters of the single life before committing to a relationship. They come to the conclusion that the best course of action is to separate for a while and carry on with their lives as two individuals. The plot centers around their bucket list, which they refer to as Singlenaamu and which details all of the activities they want to engage in once they are no longer tied down to a significant other.

Table Of Contents




Aum Mangalam Singlem

Directed by

Saandeep Patel

Story by

Nehal Bakshi, Mitai Shukla

Produced by

Aarti Patel

Production Company

Rupam Entertainment


Malhar Thakar, Aarohi Patel, Tatsat Munshi, Bhamini Oza, Darshan Jariwala


Tapan Vyas

Edited by

Prateek Gupta

Music by


Distributed by

Rupam Entertainment

Release date

18 November 2022 (India)






Approximately Rs. 10 Crores


Aum Mangalam Singlem is an enlightening and entertaining film directed by Saandeep Patel about two young lovers in the modern world who wish to try out their lives as single people before committing to a relationship. The problem is that although they are content with each other and have been friends since fifth grade, they have never experienced what it is like to be single. As a result, they are interested in discovering what it is like to be single and crossing experiences off a list that they call singlenaamu.

Aarohi, posing as Vaani, and Malhar Thakar, playing the role of Siddhu (Siddharth), went out to experience the liberties available to a young person living alone. Siddhu wants to live in a PG, work as a young professional, and a variety of other things, whereas Vaani's goal is to create a dancing studio. They decide to take a break from their relationship so that they can enjoy the freedom that comes with being single. They used to always play a game where they skipped ahead in their lives when they were children, but now that they are adults, they want to pause the game. Vaani is a goal-oriented person who is clear about what she wants out of life, whether it be in her personal or professional life. Despite this, Siddhu is never satisfied, as seen by his constant job hopping and need for greater autonomy. 


On October 13 and October 14, 2022, respectively, the movie's poster and trailer were made available to the public. On November 18, 2022, the movie was finally made available to the public. 



Every time she appears, Aarohi's character, the cheerful Vaani, brings a ray of sunshine to the screen. Throughout the entirety of the movie, Malhar's comedic timing is spot on. As Aarohi's father, Darshan Jariwala plays the role of professor Vyas, who represents everything a parent should be to his daughter. His sole objective is to ensure that Vaani is content, despite the fact that he is unhappy with her decision to date Siddhu, a graduate student. The complexity of Darshan's performance contributes significantly to the wonder that Saandeep Patel brings to the screen.

It is noteworthy that every character exhibits the appropriate feelings, and that not a single person has done in a careless manner.

The audience's attention will not be lost even though the second half is somewhat drawn out. The combination of Niren Bhatt's lyrics and Shachin-Jigar's music is a winning one that will have you singing the songs long after you've left the theatre where they were performed. There are numerous stunning scenes taken throughout the movie, but the ones that take place in Polo Forest during the second part of the movie will make you wish you could have 'An Enchanted Forest Wedding' for your own wedding.

There are moments in the movie that have a feel quite reminiscent of Bollywood, such as the dance that Max and Vaani do together. Apart from, of course, the fantastic work done by the film's star cast, the multi-starrer's film's background score is what makes the film worth watching. The narrative will strike a chord with a great number of children. Aum Mangalam Singlem is an entirely entertaining film written by Mitai Shukla and Nehal Bakshi. One that is required to be viewed together with one's family. 




Character Analysis

 Aarohi Patel - Vaani


In both her personal and professional life, Vaani is portrayed as a centred and motivated individual who is aware of her goals and strives to achieve them. By pursuing her dream of opening a dancing studio, she hopes to experience the many liberties that come with being a young person without a partner. Every time she appears on screen, Vaani's persona injects the scene with a vivacious and buoyant burst of energy. In spite of the fact that she is looking forward to the freedom that comes with being single, she has a close relationship with Siddhu, a character that is portrayed by Malhar Thakar and with whom she has been friends since they were children.

In the movie Aum Mangalam Singlem, Vaani is presented as a young woman with a lot of enthusiasm and determination. She is interested in living her life as a single person while yet keeping a close relationship with Siddhu. The performance given by Aarohi endows the character with charisma and buoyancy, which contributes to the overall sense of depth.

Malhar Thakar - Siddhu (Siddharth)


Malhar Thakar plays the role of Siddharth, one of the two young characters who fall in love in the present day in the movie Aum Mangalam Singlem. He is shown as someone who has a strong motivation to take advantage of the opportunities and adventures that come with being a young adult on their own. Siddhu's ideal existence would include him residing in a paying guest accommodation (PG), working as a young professional, and experiencing a consistent increase in the amount of freedom and variety in his daily routine. He is shown as someone who is not completely content with his present situation and is looking forward to engaging in new activities.

It would appear that the arc of Siddhu's character is centred on his pursuit of personal development, freedom, and new experiences. His performance demonstrates Malhar Thakar's comedic timing and provides the movie with an additional source of energy. The character of Siddhu provides a contrast to Vaani's temperament, which is focused and determined, due to the fact that he is always looking for change and wants more in a variety of elements of his life.







Varun Jain



Jigardan Gadhavi, Nayana Sarma


Khune Thi Khune Thi

Ishani Dave, Aamir Mir, Divya Kumar



Bhoomi Trivedi


Aum Mangalam Singlem (Title Track)

Aghori Muzik


Saavariya (Upbeat Version)

Siddharth Amit Bhavsar


Saavariya (Marriage Version)

Jesal Desai


Saavariya (Trust-Fall Version)

Varun Jain


Sahiyar (Male)

Jigardan Gadhavi


Sahiyar (Female)

Nayana Sarma


Khune Thi Khune Thi (Symphony Version)

Ishani Dave, Aamir Mir, Divya Kumar

Behind The Scenes

Director Saandeep Patel is seen directing the movie in this behind the scenes video where he speaks hilarious Hindi making everybody laugh.

Box Office Collection

The worldwide box office collection of the movie was 1.29 Crores. 

Interesting Facts


The movie's creators released a commemorative poster on the occasion of the film's successful completion of 25 weeks in theatres, in which they expressed their gratitude to spectators for the support they had shown the picture throughout its run.


Overall, Aum Mangalam Singlem is a very enjoyable film that hits a chord with its audience due to the relevant story it tells, the impressive performances of its cast members, and the unforgettable moments they create. This film, which was written by Mitai Shukla and Nehal Bakshi, is a pleasure to watch since it examines the complexities of contemporary relationships as well as the quest for self-discovery. It doesn't matter if you're an avid fan of Gujarati cinema or if you're just looking for a film that will warm your heart and keep you entertained; Aum Mangalam Singlem is an absolute must-see that the whole family will love.

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