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Ankush - 2023

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Ankush is a Marathi action drama movie starring Deepraj, Ketaki Mategaonkar, Sayaji Shinde, and Mangesh Desai. The movie was released on theatres 6th of October 2023. 

Ankush tells the story of a benevolent and academically ambitious student who gets entangled in local gang rivalries after falling for a fellow student named Ravi and idolizing a local good samaritan Bhosle. His struggles in balancing his academic dreams amid the growing dangers of his unexpected underworld entanglement form the crux of the plot.

the movie is directed by Nishant Natharam Dhapse and produced by Rajabhau Apparao Ghule. Read the article further to learn about the movie's cast, plot, and more.

Table of Contents

Ankush Movie poter





Action, Drama

Directed by

Nishant Natharam Dhapse


Namdeo Murkute

Screenplay by

Nishant Dhapse


Rajabhau Apparao Ghule


Deepraj, Ketaki Mategaonkar, Sayaji Shinde, and Mangesh Desai


Nagaraj Diwakar

Edited by

Nilesh Navnath Gavand

Music by


Production Company

Omkar Films Creations

Distributed by

Filmastra Studios

Release date

6th October 2023






Ankush narrates the journey of the eponymous hero who, despite hailing from a humble background, is widely loved for his intelligence and benevolent nature. Aspirationally committed to academics, with the dream of uplifting his middle-class family, Ankush finds himself caught up in the complex dynamics of class-based bullying at his college, making his journey tougher.

Ankush's compassionate nature draws Ravi, a fellow college student, to fall in love with him. Simultaneously, Ankush begins to idolize Bhosle bhai, renowned for assisting the underprivileged, and aspires to follow his path.

However, Ankush's life takes a tumultuous turn when he unknowingly finds himself entangled with the local gang run by Sajan Bhai. After a college altercation involving members from Sajan's gang, a vengeful Sajan decides to eliminate Ankush. Caught between the goon factions while trying to secure his life, the plot unfolds Ankush's spiral into a dangerous reality, far from his academic aspirations and a potential life with Ravi. The difficulties and dilemmas he encounters in his attempt to navigate this dangerous terrain forms the gripping climax of the plot.


The trailer of the movie was released on 1st September 2023 and the movie is all set to be released in theatres on 6th October 2023 in Marathi language.


Ankush is a teen romance-action-drama that takes us through the life of Ankush, a diligent student from a humble background with big dreams, whose life unexpectedly entangles with gang rivalries. Despite having a promising premise, the film struggles to make an impact due to its clichéd storytelling, weak execution, and overall unsatisfying cinematic experience.

The acting in the movie is rather average, with the lead actor Deepraj Ghule's poor dub sync particularly detracting from the overall performance. While the film tries to showcase a high-stakes college scenario, it falls victim to moralistic grandstanding and preachy dialogues, which slow down the pace significantly. The tension between the gangs could have provided the fuel for an engaging plot, but the story mostly gets bogged down in slow-motion punch-fighting scenes with subpar action choreography.

Despite Ganesh Acharya's commendable attempt to add vibrancy to the film through an energetic dahi handi dance number, it fails to revive the crumbling storyline.

The editing and graphics in the movie also leave much to be desired, with choppy cuts and unsynchronized sequences that mar the viewing experience.

Overall, Ankush fails to live up to its potential in terms of story, acting, and execution. It might appeal to an audience looking for a light college-based action drama, but it's unlikely to charm viewers who prefer a more well-rounded cinematic experience with a strong plot and more-engaging performances.


Actor Character
Deepraj Ankush Surve
Ketaki Mategaonkar Ravi
Sayaji Shinde Rana Pardeshi
Mangesh Desai  Sajan Bhai
Shashank Shende Father
Chinmay Udgirkar Bhosale
Rutuja Bagwe Nandani Surve
Pooja Nayak Ankush Mother
Gaurav More Mangya
Bharat Ganeshpure Police inspector
Nagesh Bhosle Professor


Role Name
Producer Rajabhau Apparao Ghule
Director Nishant Natharam Dhapse
Dialogue Nishant Dhapse
Writer Namdeo Murkute
Screenplay Nishant Dhapse
Cinematography Nagaraj Diwakar
Editor Nilesh Navnath Gavand
Casting Bhagwan Pachore
Choreographed by Ganesh Acharya
Music label Zee Music Marathi

Character Analysis

Deepraj Ghule as Ankush Surve

Deepraj Ghule's Ankush Surve is the protagonist of the movie Ankush, a diligent student from a humble background with dreams of success. He is an idealist, a steadfast seeker of justice, and a young man striving to overcome the odds stacked against him. However, Ankush's foray into contrasting worlds, those of academics and local gang rivalries, presents a nuanced characterization. Ghule portrays the transformation from an innocent scholar to a disillusioned person enmeshed within the local underworld rather convincingly. Despite a simple beginning, Ankush's character evolves to showcase rare depth and complexity as he navigates the dire straits of violence and power.

Ketaki Mategaonkar as Raavi

Ketaki Mategaonkar essays the character of Raavi, the love interest of Ankush. Raavi is depicted as a loyal partner who stands by Ankush despite his life taking a turn for the worse. She is a strong pillar of support for Ankush. She also serves as his moral compass, loving him despite his flaws, and stands as an admirable and independent individual. Through the layers of Raavi's character, Mategaonkar emphasizes the theme of unwavering love in challenging circumstances.

Sayaji Shinde as Rana Pardeshi

Sayaji Shinde gives life to the character of Rana Pardeshi. He is portrayed as a stern and powerful local don with a seemingly ruthless demeanor. Under his tough exterior lies his moralistic inclination, guiding him to use his authority to uphold justice. As the story unfolds, Pardeshi becomes a mentor to Ankush, symbolizing irony given Pardeshi's underworld connections. Through Pardeshi, Shinde flawlessly displays the grey shades inherent within such complex characters.

Box Office Collection

The movie collection day 1 was approx. 13 lakh.

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