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Uday Pandhi - MTV Hustle 03, Songs, Age, Facts and More

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Profile Summary

Uday Pandhi 





18 years as of 2023

Date Of Birth


Zodiac Sign



Delhi, India

Net Worth







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Uday Pandhi

Uday Pandhi, only 18, originates from Delhi, a city known for its rich cultural and artistic diversity. As he steps into the expansive world of music, he has begun to hone his skills and craft, creating a modest number of tracks during the early stages of his career. Even though his catalogue is currently small, each track serves as a testament to his potential and growing talent, indicating a promising future.

His most significant breakthrough up until now has been his participation in MTV Hustle 3.0. This platform serves as a springboard for aspiring rappers, providing a significant and high-profile stage to showcase their talent. In this competitive environment, each contestant is challenged to bring out their best performances. His presence on this show has added substantial recognition to his budding career in the music industry, making him one to watch for in the coming years.


As of 2023, Uday Pandhi is 18 years old. He was born in the year 2005 in the city of Delhi.


At present, information regarding Uday's personal life and family details is not available.


Information about Uday Pandhi’s Education is currently unavailable. 


As of 2023, no details have been confirmed regarding Uday Pandhi's relationship status, though it is known that he is not married.


Uday Pandhi

In the early stages of his career, Uday has already made compelling strides. He worked on fine-tuning his artistic skills, dedicating his time to create a humble yet intriguing array of tracks. Though his catalogue may currently be small, it is nonetheless mighty, with each track serving as a stepping stone in his rapidly developing artistry. Through his music, Uday showcases both his undeniable potential and a talent that is continuing to grow, cultivating a promising groundwork for an ambitious future in the music industry.

One of the pivotal milestones in Uday's career has been his participation in MTV Hustle 3.0. This platform, renowned for providing a significant spotlight for aspiring rappers, fast-tracks their talents to the front row of the music industry. Immersed in that competitive atmosphere, Uday and his contemporaries are continually urged to elevate their performances, to bring forth their best work amidst intense competition.

Being part of MTV Hustle 3.0 has not only added a substantial feather to Uday's cap but has also advanced his reputation in the music sphere, considerably amplifying his recognition. His presence on the show, paired with his evident talent, has garnered him a level of acclaim that often precedes musicians of his age, making Uday Pandhi a promising name to look out for in the upcoming years.

At the tender age of 18, Uday Pandhi calls Delhi his home - a city revered for its rich artistic heritage and profound cultural diversity. This thriving environment has shaped Uday, inspiring him as he embarks on a musical journey that is as expansive as it is exciting.

Known Work

MTV Hustle 03 (2023)

MTV Hustle is a well-known reality show in India that focuses on rap and hip-hop. The show, which airs on MTV India, serves as a launchpad for potential rappers aiming to become the country's next big stars in the hip-hop scene.

Leading artists from the Indian music industry, including rap virtuoso Badshah and acclaimed squad leaders EPR, Dino James, and Dee MC, make a comeback to judge the contest. In the current Season 3, Ikka Singh joins the judges' panel as the freshest squad boss.

The dynamic duo Super Manikk and Wicked Sunny helm the show as hosts for this electrifying season, navigating audiences through the intense competition. Among the participants is Uday Pandhi, an emerging hip-hop artist quickly rising in reputation. He is a proud representative of the Dee MC Dynamites squad.

MTV Hustle offers a remarkable stage for emerging talents to exhibit their distinct rap techniques, giving audiences a front-row view of the evolving diversity and expansion within the hip-hop scene in India.

Music Career

Uday Pandhi, despite being only 18 years old, is demonstrating remarkable potential as a rising rapper. Hailing from Delhi, he is not letting his age limit his ambition or talent. He is currently one of the participants on the widely-watched TV show, MTV Hustle, where he stands shoulder to shoulder with numerous other talented young rappers from across the nation.

Uday also manages his own YouTube channel, which already boasts 1.64K subscribers. This platform provides him a great space to showcase his talent and interact directly with his growing fan base. He regularly posts his musical creations here, providing a mix of rhythmic beats and thought-provoking lyrics that reflect his unique style.

Among the MTV Hustle 3.0 contestants, he and GAUSH are recognized for their notable lyricism. Both of them have garnered attention and widespread praise for their lyricism. Their ability to weave compelling stories and emotions through their words sets them apart in the competition, making them standout performers in the show.

Career Timeline 





MTV Hustle 3.0



Year Song Title
2023 2023 INTRO
2022 2022 INTRO
2022 Random Freeverse
2021 Baatein Khudse
2021 Fall Off (REMIX)
2021 Deep Bars
2021 Taboot
2021 Random Talks (feat. Lekh Haq)
2021 2021 INTRO

Net Worth

At the moment, information on Uday's net worth is not available. 

Interesting Facts

Uday Pandhi

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