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Nimrat Khaira Biography Age Family Career Movies Networth

Know more about Nimrat Khaira Keep reading & get information about Nimrat Khaira’s age, family, biography, relationships, career, interesting facts & more.

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Profile Summary

Nimrat Khaira Details
Nimrat Khaira Profession Singer And Actress
Nimrat Khaira Celebrity Type Singer
Nimrat Khaira Age 30 Years
Nimrat Khaira Date Of Birth 13th Of March 1982
Nimrat Khaira Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Nimrat Khaira City Punjab
Nimrat Khaira Height 5 Feet 3 Inch
Nimrat Khaira Weight 52 Kgs
Nimrat Khaira Notable Work Winner Of Voice Of Punjab Season 3
Nimrat Khaira Total Films Over 13 Films
Nimrat Khaira Net Worth 14 Crores INR
Nimrat Khaira Instagram @Nimratkhairaofficial

Nimrat Khaira’s Biography

Nimrat Khaira’s Biography

Nimrat Khaira is a Punjabi singer and actress who is well-known for her work in Punjabi music and films. She was born in Batala Punjab India where she was born on 22 December 1992. 

She has made a name for herself as a singer in a very short time. Nimrat's real name is Nimratpal Kaur Khaira. The first song from which Nimrat gained popularity was Rab Karke. She is the upcoming star of the Punjabi music industry and has a fantastic voice.

In 2012 Nimrat took home the Voice of Punjab championship. A lot of aspiring singers in Punjab try their luck on the popular reality programme Voice of Punjab. With Panj-aab Records Nimrat Khaira recorded her debut song Rabb karke in 2013. 

Nimrat and Nishawn Bhullar collaborated on her debut song Rab Karke. In 2016 Nimrat Khaira recorded four songs: Sp De Rank Wargi Salute Wajde Ishq Kacheri and Taan Vi Change Lagda. All of these songs were recorded with Panj-aab Records. She is grateful to Panj-aab Records for giving her this opportunity to succeed.

The newest Punjabi music sensation is Nimrat Khaira. In Punjabi music it is unusual for a female voice to reach the top of the charts. Nimrat however appears to have shattered that glass ceiling. In Northern India she has millions of young followers.

Nimrat Khaira’s Age

Nimrat Khaira's age is 30 years old as of 2022. Nimrat Khaira was born on 22 December 1992. Nimrat Khaira’s zodiac sign is Capricorn. Nimrat Khaira is from Mustafapur Punjab India.

Nimrat Khaira’s Childhood

Nimrat Khaira excelled as an actor while still in school. She had the chance to perform a song in a drama on stage at her school. After receiving praise from the judges for her singing she began studying music. When she was a student she was a smart young lady.

Nimrat Khaira’s Education

Nimrat Khaira's school name is D.A.V. School Batala Punjab. Nimrat Khaira’s college name is HMV College Jalandhar and Guru Nanak Dev University Amritsar. Nimrat Khaira did her  Post Graduate in Music Vocal from Guru Nanak Dev University Amritsar.

Nimrat Khaira’s Family

Nimrat Khaira’s father’s name is not known. Nimrat Khaira’s mother’s name is not known. Nimrat Khaira’s sibling's details are not known.

Nimrat Khaira’s Boyfriend

There are no details about Nimrat Khaira’s relationship or boyfriend

Nimrat Khaira Struggles

The artist who developed an early love of singing began performing when she was in third grade. From there she began to perform and it appears that the self-assurance she developed at a young age has helped her and is continuing to help her pursue her passion for singing.

Nimrat Khaira’s Career

Nimrat Khaira won the third season of Voice of Punjab. After her single 'Ishq Kacheri' was released she became well-known. She gave a performance at the Bathinda-based Saras Mela. The third Radio Mirchi Music Awards were hosted by her. 

Her singing career began with the duet song 'Rab Karke' with Nishawn Bhullar which was released on September 24 2015 by record label Punj-aab Records.

The song was well received by the audience but she rose to prominence with her next two songs 'Ishq Kacheri' and 'SP De Rank Wargi ' both of which were released in 2016. She continued her success with songs like 'Salute Wajde' in 2016. In 2017 she launched many singles many of which overcame massive hits like 'Rohab Rakhdi' 'Dubai Wale Sheikh' 'Suit' and 'Designer'.

She began her film career in 2017 with Lahoriye in which she played Harleen Kaur an Amrinder Gill sister and her performance was praised by the audience. She was also nominated for Best Debut Performance and Best Supporting Actress in various award ceremonies. 

Her second film Afsar was released on October 5 2018 and she made her debut as a lead actress alongside Tarsem Jassar. Harman a teacher at a government school was played by her. 

Nimrat Khaira co-starred with Ammy Virk and Sargun Mehta in Amberdeep Singh's next ambitious project Saunkan Saunkne which was released in 2021. Amberdeep Singh's film Jodi in which she co-starred with Diljit Dosanjh is set to be released in 2023.

Nimrat Khaira’s Movies

Lahoriye (2017)

Kikkar Singh an Indian Sikh and Ameeran a Pakistani Muslim woman fall in love. However tragedy strikes during India's partition forcing them to split up.

Amberdeep Singh wrote and directed the 2017 Indian-Punjabi drama film Lahoriye. Amrinder Gill Sargun Mehta Yuvraj Hans Nimrat Khaira Sardar Sohi and Guggu Gill star in it.

Rabb Da Radio 2 (2019)

Manjinder and Guddi a newlywed couple discover that Manjinder's extended family which consists of four maternal uncles has split up and scattered when they go back to Manjinder's hometown.

The 2019 Indian-Punjabi family drama Rabb Da Radio 2 was written and directed by Sharan Art produced by Manpreet Johal & Ashu Munish Sahni and released by Omjee Star. The immediate follow-up to Rabb Da Radio (2017).

Saunkan Saunkne (2022)

Nirmal and Naseeb have been married for many years and have given up hope of ever having a child. Nirmal agrees to marry her younger sister after Naseeb persuades her but sharing her husband proves more difficult than she anticipated.

Nimrat Khaira’s Upcoming Movies

Jodi (2023)

The highly anticipated film starring Diljit Dosanjh and Nimrat Khaira has a release date. Amberdeep Singh wrote and directed the film which Amrinder and Karaj Gill are producing. The pandemic compelled a change to the original release date of 2020. It is also said to be a period drama with the perfect balance of romance humor and subject matter depth. Jodi is set to be released in theatres on May 5 2023.

Nimrat Khaira’s Career Timeline

Nimrat Khaira’s Songs

Title Year Music Lyrisist
'Rab Karke' (with Nishawn Bhullar) 2015 Rupin Kahlon Jass Chahal
'SP De Rank Wargi' 2016 Desi Crew Narinder Baath
'Ishq Kacheri' 2016 Preet Hundal Preet Hundal
'Salute Wajde' 2016 Deep Jandu Harf Cheema
'Taanvi Changa Lagda' 2016 Gold Boy Babbu
'Rohab Rakhdi' 2017 Preet Hundal Bittu Cheema
'Jhumke' (with Jassi Gill & Babbal Rai) 2017 Jay K Veet Baljeet
'Dubai Wale Sheikh' (with Gippy Grewal) 2017 Jay K Happy Raikoti
'DJ Waaleya' 2017 Jay K Dalvir Sarobad
'Akhar' (with Amrinder Gill) 2017 Jatinder Shah Surinder Saadhpuri
'Bhangra Gidha' 2017 Desi Crew Babbu
'Suit' (featuring Mankirt Aulakh) 2017 Preet Hundal Arjan Dhillon
'Designer' 2017 Deep Jandu Happy Raikoti
'Brober Boli' 2018 DesiRoutz Maninder Kailey
'Ranihaar' 2018 Preet Hundal Arjan Dhillon Prince Bhullar
'Sun Sohniye' (with Ranjit Bawa) 2018 Jaidev Kumar Arjan Dhillon
'Udhaar Chalda' (with Gurnam Bhullar) 2018 Preet Hundal Arjan Dhillon
'Khat' 2018 Preet Hundal Arjan Dhillon
'Ravaya Na Kar' 2018 Preet Hundal Arjan Dhillon
'Sacha Jhootha' 2018 Preet Hundal Shah Ali
'Tohar' 2019 Preet Hundal Arjan Dhillon
'Jattan De Munde' (with Tarsem Jassar) 2019 Desi Crew Tarseem Jassar
'Channan' 2019 Desi Crew Taseem Jassar
'Baddlan De Kaalje' (with Amrinder Gill) 2019 Dr Zeus Bunty Bains
'Supna Laavan Da' 2019 Preet Hundal Gifty
'Lehnga' 2020 The Kidd Arjan Dhillon
'Majhe Wal Da' (with Amrinder Gill) 2020 Desi Crew Laddi Chahal
'Ajj Kal Ajj Kal' 2020 Desi Crew Bunty Bains
'Vail' (with Mankirt Aulakh) 2020 Avvy Sra Shree Brar
'Sohne Sohne Suit' 2020 Rox- A Farmaan
'Track Suit' (with Diljit Dosanjh) 2020 Desi Crew Laddi Chahal
'Lemme Check' 2020 Rox A Babbu
'Sangdi Sangdi' (with Tarsem Jassar) 2020 MixSingh Tarseem Jassar
'Busy Busy' 2020 Pendu Boyz D Harp
'Blink' 2020 Desi Crew Bunty Bains
'Time Chakda' 2020 Desi Crew Rony Ajnali Gill Machrai
Gulabi Rang 2020 Desi Crew Mandeep Maavi
'Sira E Hou' (with Amrit Maan) 2021 Desi Crew Amrit Maan
'Jaan' 2021 Arsh Heer Gifty
'What Ve' (with Diljit Dosanjh) 2021 Desi Crew Arjan Dhillon
'Challa' 2022 Desi Crew Arjan Dhillon
'Ki Karde Je' (with Arjan Dhillon) 2022 Desi Crew Arjan Dhillon

Nimrat Khaira Movies

Film Year Role
Afsar 2018 Harman
Jodi 2023 TBA
Lahoriye 2017 Harleen Kaur
Saunkan Saunkne 2022 Kirna
Teeja Punjab 2021 Mohni

Nimrat Khaira's Networth and Income

Nimrat Khaira's Networth and Income

Nimrat Khaira's net worth is estimated to be $1 to $2 million in 2022 which is equivalent to 7 to 14 crore Indian rupees and Nimrat Khaira's monthly salary is approximately 10 lakh + in Indian rupees.

Nimrat Khaira is well-known not only for her singing abilities but also for her acting abilities and versatility. She is an extremely compatible and energetic actress who can make any role her own.

Nimrat Khaira’s Awards

PTC Punjabi Film Awards

7 Interesting Facts about Nimrat Khaira


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