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Date : 27-10-2022
carryminati carryminati youtube videos

Carryminati is an Indian Youtuber. Carryminati was a member of Forbes' 30 Under 30 Asia list in April 2020. Carryminati has 3.68 crores subscriber on his channel on youtube as of August 2022.

Carryminati’s Biography

Carryminati is an Indian Youtuber. Carryminati's birth date is 12 June 1999. Carryminati’s birth year is 1999. Carryminati’s age is 23 years as of 2022. Carryminati’s birthplace is Faridabad. Carryminati’s zodiac sign is Gemini. Carryminati’s father is Vivek Nagar. Carryminati’s brother is Yash Nagar. Carryminati's height is 5.5 feet. 

Ajey Nagar, also known as CarryMinati, is an Indian YouTuber and streamer from Faridabad, India. Carryminati was born on June 12, 1999. On his YouTube account CarryMinati, he is well known for his roasting videos, comedy sketches, and responses to numerous online topics. CarryisLive, his second channel, is devoted to games and live streams.

Carryminati’s parody video, YouTube vs TikTok - The End, which he posted in May 2020, sparked debate on YouTube India. YouTube took the video down for breaking the terms of service of the website, claiming things like cyberbullying and harassment.

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Carryminati's Family and Education

carryminati family

Carryminati’s birth year is 1999. Carryminati’s age is 23 years as of 2022. Carryminati’s birthplace is Faridabad. Carryminati’s zodiac sign is Gemini. Carryminati’s father is Vivek Nagar. Carryminati’s brother is Yash Nagar. Carryminati's height is 5.5 feet. 

Carryminati follows Hinduism and has a tattoo of Om Nama Shivai on his right arm. 

Carryminati school is DPS, Faridabad, Haryana. Carryminati has completed education up to 12th standard. 


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Carryminati's girlfriend Avneet Kaur

carryminati avneet kaur

While CarryMinati occasionally gets headlines for his roasts, the YouTuber is in the spotlight because of a link-up rumor. According to the most recent allegation, Avneet Kaur, a popular TikTok user, and the YouTube phenomenon are allegedly having a disagreement. Avneet's Instagram photo is what started the rumors.

Avneet, who works as an actor, is regarded as the TikTok queen. On the other hand, Carry whose original name is Ajey Nagar maintains an audience as big as 30 Million subscribers on YouTube. The two coming together in that situation is a major event.

Avneet Kaur posted a photo of herself online along with a remark that made reference to CarryMinati, which started the rumors. Avneet commented on the image, Carryminati ke roast jaisi hit hai. #chocolate Gym daily jaaye billo fit fit fit hai.

Although none of the celebrities has publicly addressed the link-up rumors.


Carryminati's Career

The home of Carryminati is in Faridabad, which is close to New Delhi, the capital of India. Popularly known as CarryMinati, Ajey Nagar specializes in live gaming as well as Hindi-language roasting and comedy videos, diss songs, and sarcastic parodies. Ajey Nagar works with his team to create videos from their Faridabad house. 

Carryminati started uploading videos to YouTube when he was ten years old. Since 2014, his primary YouTube channel has been operational. In 2014, Carryminati’s channel was called AddictedA1, and he uploaded video gaming footage as well as his responses to the action. He renamed the channel CarryDeol in 2015 and started uploading gameplay videos of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive while imitating Sunny Deol.

Carryminati started a second YouTube channel in 2017 called CarryIsLive where he streams himself playing video games live. In order to help those affected by the flooding in Assam and Bihar in 2020 and the cyclone Fani in Odisha in 2019, he has hosted live streams on this channel.

Carryminati was named in the top ten of Time magazine's annual list of ten young individuals who build creative careers in 2019, the Next Generation Leaders, at position 10 in 2019.

Carryminati was a member of Forbes' 30 Under 30 Asia list in April 2020.

Carryminati made a cameo role in the 2022 film Runway 34 as himself.


Carryminati’s movie Runaway 34

Tanya Alburquerque and Vikrant Khanna, the co-pilot, are flying a plane with 150 passengers and personnel from Dubai to Kochi. The flight travels without incident, but when it gets close to its destination, the weather suddenly deteriorates due to heavy rains and a cyclone, giving Vikrant a hangover from his overnight party and making him a little restless. Vikrant Khanna is instructed to divert the airplane to Bangalore by the aviation department, but Vikrant decides to take a chance and tries landing in Kochi three times without success.

The aviation department fails to warn them that the hurricane has approached Trivandrum and all flights have been diverted, so Vikrant decides to land in Trivandrum with the remaining fuel aboard the aircraft. By the time the plane reaches Trivandrum, the storm has already begun to approach, there is no visibility at all, and the fuel is running low. In this circumstance, Vikrant's primary concern is for everyone's safety, and he successfully lands the plane while narrowly avoiding a collision. As a hero to the passengers, Vikrant soon has a Narayan Vedant-led investigation into him and Tanya, his co-pilot.

Under the Ajay Devgn FFilms imprint, Ajay Devgn will produce and direct the 2022 Indian thriller movie titled Runway 34 in the Hindi language. The 2015 event involving a Jet Airways flight from Doha to Kochi served as the basis for the movie. In addition to Boman Irani, Angira Dhar, and Aakanksha Singh playing significant roles, the movie stars Ajay Devgn, Amitabh Bachchan, and Rakul Preet Singh.

Carryminati made a cameo appearance in this movie.


Carryminati Videos of Youtube


Film The Fare

Everyone is aware of how absurd Indian award ceremonies are. But Carry's perspective on the absurdity that Indian award ceremonies have devolved into is some seriously top-notch stuff. 

Carry demolished the very idea of award ceremonies, and to some extent, even Bollywood itself, by taking a machine gun to the institution that is the Filmfare Awards. 

Carryminati uses punchlines that are biting, humorous, and ultimately genuine.


MSG: A natural disaster

Remember He Who Shall Not Be Named, the prolific godman who was imprisoned in 2017 and whose followers then rioted in the streets like lunatics? 

Carryminati produced a number of videos about him, all of which were obviously rejected. One of those films is still available on his channel, though. 

Imagine how ridiculous CarryMinati's treatment of He Who Shall Not Be Named would be given how comically out of touch with reality he was in himself


Success Story Of A Cringe Pop Artist

Success Story Of A Cringe Pop Artist is Carryminati’s funniest video by a long shot. We also got the Bantai Rapper character from it. 

It's Yo Yo Bantai Rapper, I'm sorry. Naturally, since this is a CarryMinati video, there are some problems, but the way in which those problems are portrayed and handled is amusing as hell. 

The film makes fun of India's Rap and Pop culture's fast rise and how anybody and everyone was referring to themselves as a rapper. The humorous song Charas ganjaa mereko pyaara is also worth mentioning. Simply put, it is amusing.


The ferocious rap song Yalgaar

Carryminati released a new rap song called Yalgaar on YouTube in which he made fun of the trolls. The song is about his love of his job and his will to carry on doing it. Yalgaar also retaliated against the trolls who mocked the entire incident and demanded that CarryMinati change his ways. 

Yalgaar, a song, broke the internet as soon as it was uploaded to YouTube. Fans and detractors of CarryMinati were quick to share and make memes about it. CarryMinati provides his perspective on the YouTube and TikTok dispute in the song.

Carryminati also made fun of individuals who turned on him throughout the incident rather than supporting him. CarryMinati starts his rap with his catchphrase, Toh Kaise Hain Aap Loh, and ends it with Carry Roast Karega. 

WilyFrenzy assisted in the creation of the song. The latter also discussed it on his Instagram page. CarryMinati posted about the YouTube vs. TikTok debate on his Instagram account on May 17. STOP MAKING ASSUMPTION | YouTube vs. Tik Tok: THE END, he wrote in the caption. He discussed the subject in the video as well.


YouTube vs. TikTok: The End

Popular Indian YouTuber Ajey Nagar (also known as CarryMinati), who is well-known for his roasts in India, is at the center of the dispute. He uploaded a video to YouTube titled YouTube vs. TikTok: The End. 

After being uploaded, the video received nearly 2 million views in just two hours. With millions of views, likes, and comments, it went viral in India. The initial video was removed. The same video has been posted on YouTube by some other YouTubers.

Amir Siddiqui, a TikToker, discusses the cringe content on TikTok in this now-deleted video in which CarryMinati insulted him. CarryMinati reportedly refers to Amir as beti, meetha, and Pari when ridiculing him. 

Additionally, it is claimed that Amir Siddique's face was inappropriately inserted into a scenario in the first 30 seconds of the film that makes a derogatory reference to the queer community. The video, which was widely circulated, contained numerous transphobic and homophobic slurs as well as other nasty languages.


Carryminati’s Career Timeline

YearCarryminati's VideosNotes
2021VardaanCarryMinati, Wily Frenzy
2021Me, Boss & LockdownCarryMinati
2020ZindagiCarryMinati, Wily Frenzy
2020WarriorCarryMinati, Wily Frenzy
2020YalgaarCarryMinati, Wily Frenzy
2020Date Kar LeCarryMinati, Romy, Salim–Sulaiman
2019Bye PewdiepieCarryMinati
2019TriggerCarryMinati, Vibgyor
2018Success Story of a Cringe Pop ArtistCarryMinati


Carryminati’s Controversy


Accusations Involving Homophobic Slur

This year, CarryMinati courted one of the greatest controversies in recent memory when his TikToker Amir Siddiqui roast video titled YouTube vs. TikTok- The End went viral for all the wrong reasons, mostly. CarryMinati was accused of cyberbullying and homophobia based on the content of the video.

In the end, YouTube removed the video for breaking its content guidelines. Later, Ajey clarified his remarks and claimed that they had been misinterpreted, but his supporters raised more commotion by uninstalling TikTok and calling for CarryMinati's YouTube to be reinstated. 

For certainly, this one wins the prize for the largest CarryMinati dispute.


The rap song Yalgaar is accused of plagiarism.

CarryMinati released a ferocious rap shortly after the YouTube-TikTok scandal to counter trolls and critics who sought to discredit him over the issue and to celebrate the removal of his popular video. 

The song, titled Yalgaar Ho, discussed his life and how he held that no amount of prejudice or deceit could ever bring him down and invalidate his efforts.

But shortly after the song was released, comedian Kunal Kamra, who had previously mocked CarryMinati for his videos, claimed that the music had been lifted verbatim from rapper-singer Babu Haabi's 2016 single Bobocanta.


YouTube BitCoin Donation

CarryMinati's second gaming YouTube channel, CarryisLive, was compromised in July. The hackers apparently attempted to use the site to execute a cryptocurrency fraud by asking CarryMinati's followers to give Bitcoins to a certain link and even changing the channel's description to do this.

The channel was later restored after Minati contacted YouTube. Fans of CarryMinati weren't particularly angry with him for the charity fraud, but they were turned off by how simple it was to fall for YouTube's security claims.


YouTube is being roasted

CarryMinati made headlines once more after getting involved in a number of issues when he uploaded his profanity-filled film titled The Art Of Bad Words to YouTube. 

In response to the streaming service removing his contentious video, Minati verbally attacked YouTube, Kunal Kamra, Bollywood, and even the Chinese apps that were being blocked.

While the majority of his admirers enjoyed the roast for its comedic punch, many were turned off by the video's frequent use of expletives and wondered why people liked the guy so much.


Carryminati was Rumored to Be Entering Bigg Boss

CarryMinati is currently trending on social media due to rumors that he appeared on the hit reality TV series Bigg Boss. According to recent tabloid sources, the YouTuber will enter the Bigg Boss house after his 14-day quarantine in Mumbai is up.

Because CarryMinati had previously criticized the program, the announcement infuriated his supporters, who thought it was inappropriate for him to be associated with Bigg Boss 14. People even questioned why he broke his word and altered his position on the program.


Carryminati’s Net worth

carryminati networth

An Indian YouTuber named CarryMinati has a $4 million net worth (Rs. 31 Crores). You must have been familiar with CarryMinati if you use YouTube. The previous few days have seen a lot of discussion on CarryMinati, also known as Ajay Nagar, on YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram. Through one of his most recent Tiktok videos, Youtube vs. Tiktok: The End, he has gained public notice. He mocked Aamir Siddiqui, a popular Tiktok user, in this video. The rate at which this video went viral on YouTube shattered all previous records.

CarryMinati is thought to have a net worth of about $4 million (Rs. 31 Crores). His revenue comes from brand sponsorships, tie-in videos, and YouTube videos. It is impossible to estimate his revenue from YouTube because earnings rely on a variety of variables, including the number of views on his videos and the presence of adverts.

In more than 5 days, his video, YouTube vs. TIK TOK, has received more than 65 million views and 10 million likes. He has spoken with several of the celebrities on the list, including adolescent campaigner Greta Thunberg, actor Tessa Thompson, Henry Cavil, and Tom Cruise.

His car collection includes a Toyota Fortuner.

  • 176+ video uploads overall; 35 million subscribers
  • 2.62 billion+ views of videos
  • Earnings Per Month are Projected at Rs. 16  Lakhs
  • The estimated annual income of Rs. 3  crores


Carryminati’s Awards & Nominations

2019: Time's Ten Next-Generation Leaders
2020: Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia 


Carryminati’s Interesting Facts and Trivia.

  • Carryminati attended DPS Faridabad throughout his education. He never showed any interest in academics and spent most of his youth playing computer games, which he eventually converted into a career.
  • Carryminati set out to create tutorial videos for football. Carryminati launched his new gaming YouTube channel at the age of 15. He launched the Addicted A1 channel on October 30, 2014, to be precise.
  • Within a few months, he produced more than 150 movies on the gameplay of Counter-Strike. In India, where the game was less well-liked, some of his admirers just watched the video for his amusing comments. This was used to Carry's advantage, and he gave the channel a new name—Carry Deol.
  • Carryminati started to get hot while playing. He initially chose smaller performers. The American YouTube channel Leafy Is Here served as his channel's inspiration.
  • The first Indian YouTuber to introduce roasting content was Ajey. He later changed the channel's name to CarryMinati.
  • His family encouraged him when he expressed a desire to discontinue his studies, and he eventually finished them through an open school.
  • Additionally, CarryMinati assisted in raising a sizable sum of money for the Pulwama attack survivors. He announced via Twitter that he has raised $1,58,018 for the soldiers' families.


Social Media

Frequently Asked Questions

Carryminati is a Youtuber in India.
Carryminati is unmarried
The value of Carryminati's net worth in Indian rupees is 31 Crores or $4 million in US dollars in 2022.
Carryminati’s best movies are Runway 34
Carryminati's Father’s name is Vivek Nagar.
Carryminati’s birthdate is 12 June 1999
Carryminati’s girlfriend is Avneet Kaur
Carryminati's youtube channel name is Carryminati.
Carryminati’s Instagram is @carryminati
Carryminati’s salary is 16 lakhs per month.
Carryminati's age is 23 years as of 2022.
Carryminati’s first movie is Runway 34
Carryminati's famous videos are The Film Fare and Youtube v/s Tiktok.
Yes. Carryminati has a total net worth of 31 crores rupees.
Carryminati's real name is Ajey Nagar
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