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Anshu Malik | Wrestling, Age, Biography, Height, Net Worth

Know about Anshu Malik’s Age, Family, Biography, Relationships, Career. Keep reading more to get interesting facts about Anshu Malik.

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Anshu Malik’s Biography

Anshu Malik’s Biography Tring

Anshu Malik is a famous Indian freestyle wrestler. At the 2021 World Wrestling Championships in Oslo Norway she took home the silver medal in the women's 57 kg category. She is the first wrestler from India to take home a silver medal in the women's division of the World Championships.

Anshu Malik’s birthday is on 5 August 2001. Anshu Malik’s age is 21 years as of 2022.  Anshu Malik’s birthplace is Nidani Haryana India. Anshu Malik’s zodiac sign is Leo. Anshu Malik’s height is 1.60 m or 5’3 inches. Anshu Malik’s religion is Hinduism. Anshu Malik’s weight is 57 kg.

Anshu Malik made history in the 2021 World Wrestling Championships in Oslo Norway when she defeated Ukrainian Solomiia Vynnyk to get to the women's 57kg final. She beat out legendary names like Geeta Phogat and Vinesh Phogat to become the first Indian woman to compete in the World Wrestling Championships final.

Anshu Malik eventually won the silver medal after falling behind American Helen Maroulis who has won three world championships and two Olympic medals. The silver was made the more remarkable by the fact that she competed while dealing with ongoing elbow pain and a knee injury she suffered in the quarterfinals. Anshu Malik had her hand in a sling following the final.

Anshu Malik’s Family and Education

Anshu Malik’s Father Tring

Anshu Malik’s father’s name is Dharamveer Malik and he was a former international wrestler who worked at CISF. Dharamvir Malik represented India at the World Cadet Wrestling Championships in 1995. And her uncle Pawan Malik was a South Asian Games Gold-Medalist. Anshu Malik’s mother’s name is Manju Malik and she is a schoolteacher. She has also won freestyle wrestling competitions in the past. She comes from a lineage of wrestlers. Anshu Malik’s grandfather Bir Singh was a former Kabaddi Player. Anshu Malik’s brother Shubham Malik is also a freestyle wrestler.

Anshu Malik excelled academically at Chaudhary Bharat Singh Memorial School and was a brilliant student. After witnessing her brother wrestle at the CBSM Sports School and compete she developed a greater interest in the sport . From that point forward she also considered pursuing a career in wrestling. She later convinced her father to sign her up for wrestling. It's interesting to mention that because her father was a former wrestler he wanted a member of his family to excel in the sport. She received her training from Jagdish Sheoren who has worked with more than 20 wrestlers from throughout the world.

Anshu Malik is quick to pick things up. During practice Anshu would mentally recall other moves such as Bhandhaj and Kheech in addition to Gatta Pakad. Additionally she would test out little variations of these assaults. After that she began her journey by taking home medals at the school level before advancing to the national and ultimately international tournaments.

Anshu Malik’s Career

Anshu Malik made her National School Games debut in 2016 and earned her first national gold medal in wrestling. The wrestler had participated and won medals in state-level junior wrestling competitions. Later that year she earned a silver medal in the Asian Junior Wrestling Championships in Taiwan earning her first international medal. She won the Bronze medal at the World Cadet Wrestling Championships held in Tbilisi Georgil in the same year. She’d go on to defend her Cadet National title twice in wrestling championships in the years 2017 & 2018.

Anshu Malik made her professional debut on a global scale in 2017 when she took home the gold medal in the 60kg division of the World Cadet Wrestling Championships in Athens Greece. The following year in Travna Czech Republic for the World Junior Wrestling Championships she took home a silver medal in the 59 kg division and in Zagreb Serbia for the World Cadet Wrestling Championships she took home a bronze medal in the 60 kg division.

Anshu Malik won the 57 kg division at the Junior National Wrestling Championships in 2018 to become the junior national champion. At the Senior National Wrestling Championships in Jalandhar Punjab she won her first senior national gold medal.

At the Asian Wrestling Championships in 2019 Anshu Malik won the title of Asian Junior Champion in the 59kg weight class. At the 2020 Asian Wrestling Championships Anshu was content to take home the bronze medal in the 57kg division. She won the Silver medal at the Individual Wrestling World Cup in Belgrade Serbia in December of that same year.

After winning the women's 57 kg division in the Asian Olympic Qualifiers in Almaty Kazakhstan in April 2021 Anshu Malik made history by becoming the youngest Indian woman wrestler to earn an Olympic spot. With a sweeping 11-0 victory on 6 October the female wrestler beat Ukrainian silver medallist Solomia Vynnyk in the 57 kg category She is the fifth wrestler from India to qualify for the Tokyo Olympics in 2021. Along with Vinesh Phogat and Divya Kakran Anshu Malik won gold at the Asian Wrestling Championships in 2021.  At the 23rd Senior Women's National Wrestling Championships the same year she won the Gold medal in the 57 kg division.

Anshu Malik won a bronze medal in the 57 kg division at the Ulaanbaatar 2022 Asian Wrestling Championships in April 2022. Tsugumi Sakurai whose upper body was entangled with Anshu Malik used all of her might to wrench her opponent's arms and send her to the ground in the Asian Championship final's first quarterfinal. After waiting for ten seconds she grabbed Anshu's right ankle. She applied the armbar after that grabbing Anshu's arm and twisting it violently to put great pressure on her shoulder and elbow. Anshu was pinned before she even realized what was going on. It only took Sakurai 54 seconds to resolve the conflict. After competing in the women's 57 kg freestyle final at the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham in 2022 she was able to bag the Silver Medal. 

Anshu defeated Nethmi Poruthotage of Sri Lanka in the semifinals after defeating Irene Symeonidis of Australia in the quarterfinals via Technical Superiority.  Anshu Malik took home silver after falling to Odunayo Folasade Adekuoroye of Nigeria by 3-7.

Anshu Malik remarked that her mental toughness is the secret to her steady improvement. She claimed that a calm disposition blocks off the world's negative opinion and the possibility of defeat by more powerful adversaries. Despite being exhausted or under stress Anshu Malik would get up at 4.30 am every day for practice and never skip a day. She allegedly traveled 120 miles up and down to take part in school exams that were being held in Rohtak a month before the World Championship.

Anshu Malik’s Achievements


Year Weight Location Competition Rank
2016 60Kg Tbilisi World Cadet Championships 3rd
2017 60Kg Athens World Cadet Championships 1st
2018 60Kg Zagreb World Cadet Championships 3rd
2018 59Kg Trnava World Junior Wrestling Championships 2nd
2019 59Kg Chon Buri Asian Junior Championships 1st
2020 57Kg Belgrade Individual World Cup 2nd
2020 57kg New Delhi Asian Championships 3rd
2021 57Kg Oslo World Championships 2nd
2021 57Kg Almaty Asian Championships 1st
2022 57Kg Birmingham Commonwealth Games 2nd
2022 57kg Ulaanbaatar Asian Championships 2nd

Anshu Malik’s Controversies

Poland Open Withdrawal

After developing a fever Anshu Malik was forced to withdraw from the Poland Open 2021 and was quarantined as a precaution. Anshu the current Asian champion reportedly suffered a fever when she reported for weigh-in for the 57kg division. It was advised that she withdraw from the contest. Anshu however did not want to miss the competition but she was compelled to do so out of caution.

Elbow Surgery

Anshu Malik who had sustained an elbow injury at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics worsened it when competing in the world championships final against Helen Maroulis of the USA. Since then the Indian wrestler has been dealing with the injury. 

Anshu Malik did not compete at the 2022 world championships which were held in Belgrade Serbia from September 10 to 18 according to a statement on the website of United World Wrestling the sport's international governing organisation. She had elbow surgery in Mumbai hence she was unable to compete in the world wrestling championships.

Anshu Malik’s Net Worth

Anshu Malik’s net worth is estimated to approximately $1 million US or 8 crore rupees as of 2022. Anshu is paid an annual salary of around Rs.20 to 25 lakhs. Anshu Malik’s main source of income is wrestling. 

Anshu Malik's other source of income is brand sponsorships. She also has a massive following on social media platforms. Anshu Malik also received a cash reward of 75 lakhs INR from the Haryana Government for her achievement in the Commonwealth Games 2022.

Anshu Malik’s Interesting Facts


Social Media

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