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Sunburn Festival - Unleashing the Soundwaves: Boris Brejcha Live in India

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The Sunburn Festival is a spectacular extravaganza that brings together music lovers from around the world. This grand celebration of sound, rhythm, and energy takes place in a stunning Arena providing an unparalleled experience for attendees. With a lineup of internationally renowned artists, mind-blowing stages, and a vibrant atmosphere, Sunburn Festival promises an adventure you won't want to miss.

It is an annual music event that has taken the world by storm. Combining the best of electronic dance music, cutting-edge production, and a captivating ambiance, this festival has become synonymous with summer fun and unforgettable experiences. From its humble beginnings to its current status as one of the largest music festivals in the world, Sunburn Festival continues to redefine the boundaries of entertainment.

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5th May 2023




Music Event


1.2 Crore


Boris Brejcha, the renowned German DJ, delivered an electrifying performance at Sunburn India. Known for his unique style of music, which blends elements of techno, minimal, and electro, Brejcha took the stage by storm. His set was a sonic journey that captivated the crowd with pulsating beats, intricate melodies, and infectious energy. The audience was left mesmerized as they danced and embraced the infectious rhythm. Boris Brejcha's Sunburn India performance was a testament to his exceptional talent and ability to create an unforgettable experience for Techno Ravers.

Boris Brejcha came to India after 6 years in the sunburn event in India Boris Brecha came in 2017. More than 12,000 people became a part of this exciting techno event. 


India saw a historic occasion last week on 5th of May 2023 with two big sold-out techno events in Mumbai and Bangalore. The event we're referring to is the Boris Brejcha India tour organized by Sunburn Festival. Sunburn Festival, Asia's largest dance music property, has been upping its game year after year. And this year, we saw the father of High Tech Minimal, Boris Brejcha, perform before a crowd of 12000 dance music aficionados at the NSCI Dome in Mumbai, followed by a similarly gigantic event in Bhartiya City, Bangalore. The production for these shows was outstanding, as were all of our homegrown artists' warm-up sets. 

Siddhant Kapoor aka Bullzeye Homeground Artist

Siddhanth Kapoor (born 6 July 1984) is a DJ, Bollywood actor and assistant director from India. He began his career as an assistant director in films such as the 2007 comedy horror Bhool Bhulaiya, the 2006 comedy murder mystery Bhagam Bhag, the 2006 comedy drama Chup Chup Ke, and the 2007 comedy Dhol.

After that, he appeared in Sanjay Gupta's crime film Shootout at Wadala (2013) and Anurag Kashyap's psychological thriller film Ugly (2014).

This multi- faceted DJ is also a bollywood actor, which isn’t surprising, considering his father is the legendary Shakti Kapoor and his sister is the gorgeous and supremely talented Shraddha Kapoor!

Siddhant Kapoor, aka Bullzeye is one of the most well known names on the DJ circuit in India, and plays at clubs and festivals across the country! 

Bullzeye played two sets before Boris Brejcha and sent the dome in a state of trance. One alone and the other with Sequ3l.


Sunburn is a renowned electronic dance music festival that captivates music enthusiasts from around the world. The registration process for Sunburn events is designed to ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience for attendees. To register for Sunburn, interested individuals can visit the official Sunburn website and navigate to the registration page. There, they will find a user-friendly form to fill out with their personal details, including name, email address, contact number, and any other required information.

During the registration process, attendees may also have the option to choose from various ticket packages, such as general admission, VIP, or special access passes, depending on the event's offerings. Additionally, there might be options for add-ons like camping arrangements, merchandise, or exclusive experiences.

After filling out the registration form and selecting the desired ticket package, individuals will proceed to the payment stage. Sunburn typically offers multiple secure payment options, including credit/debit cards, digital wallets, and sometimes even installment plans. Once the payment is successfully processed, attendees will receive a confirmation email containing their unique registration or ticket code, along with any relevant instructions or event updates.

It is important for attendees to keep their registration or ticket code handy as it serves as proof of their purchase and grants them entry to the Sunburn event. Depending on the specific event, there may be further instructions regarding entry protocols, such as age restrictions, ID verification, or any additional documents required for admission.

By completing the registration process, attendees secure their spot at one of the most electrifying music festivals globally, where they can immerse themselves in pulsating beats, impressive performances by world-class DJs, and an unforgettable atmosphere. With its meticulous registration system, Sunburn ensures that music lovers can fully embrace the festival's energy and create cherished memories.

The Techno Revolution: Boris Brejcha Ignites India

There's something enticing about a DJ wearing a mask. It's as if he's not simply performing music, but also taking on the role of a character or persona. Boris Brejcha, the German techno DJ who has been wearing a Venetian mask for over a decade, personifies this idea perfectly. In an industry where DJs are frequently perceived as celebrities, Brejcha has stated that he prefers to put the focus on the music rather than himself.

The mask also has another function. It enables Brejcha to adopt an identity, a character that he portrays on stage. "When I put on the mask, I become someone else," he explained in an interview. It's like flipping a switch. Boris Brejcha, the DJ, is born. You have two concerts in one: one with the mask, which adds mystery, and one with only Boris Brejcha, when I take the mask off in the midst of the show."

Adopting a persona is not a new concept in the music industry. Many artists adopt alter egos or stage names to differentiate their public personalities, but Brejcha goes a step further by practically donning a mask. And it's not just the mask that distinguishes Brejcha. His music is also distinctive in the realm of techno. Brejcha includes melody and harmony into his compositions, whereas many techno DJs focus on the beat and rhythm.


Brejcha's fame has slowly grown over the years, and he now has a worldwide fan base. He's performed at some of Europe's most prestigious music festivals, including Tomorrowland and Cercle, and has produced a slew of albums and EPs on his own label, Fckng Serious. During his April 2023 Coachella performance, he unveiled a number of previously unheard tracks. He has two Sunburn Arena events on 5th of May at the DOME, NSCI in Mumbai and then on 6th of May at the Bhartiya Mall in Bengaluru.

Brejcha has a stronger bond with his audience than most DJs. At the end of each act, he jumps down to have a frank moment with the audience and hand out rubber ducks, which have become a symbol of Boris Brejcha popularity. He also makes it a point to respond to the numerous direct messages he receives on Instagram, where he has 2 million followers. "You give your fans something of your personality, and they give you something of their personality," he stated in a post.

The techno event started at 5:00 PM and ended at 2:00 AM.The crowd went crazy by Boris Brejcha Music. 

Boris Brejcha Mumbai Set Times: 

After PartyAfter Party : Hell on Earth: Hell on Earth

Organizers : Always on point X PsyTech Mumbai X N'Vevibe

Lineup Artists: 


Ana Lilia, originally from Mexico and now based in Mumbai, is a breath of fresh air in the Indian House/Techno scene. Ana is taking India's massively rising underground scene by storm, with a touring itinerary busier than DJs far more senior. 

She has performed for prestigious brands such as Elrow and shared the stage with DJs such as Dubfire, Claptone, Deborah de Luca, Sidney Charles, Trikk, Dusty Kid, SHADED, Coyu, Mark Fanciulli, Juliet Sikora, to mention a few, and shows no signs of slowing down. 

She has performed at clubs such as KYO in Kuala Lumpur, Sing Sing Theatre in Bangkok, Kitty Su in Mumbai, Prism in Hyderabad, Kitty Ko in Bangalore, and Summer House in New Delhi, to name a few. 

Ana Lilia’s music is a seamless blend of bouncy dance floor-oriented Tech House interwoven with tribal overtones and direct, no-nonsense Techno. 

When combined with an attractive stage persona, it's a match made in Techno heaven.


Kashish popularly known as Kollision is one of the most popular DJ artist in Mumbai. Kollision is a Bombay-based DJ and rising producer Kashish- the result of her research of the underground, both as a musical genre and as a cultural phenomenon.


Dhaval Nakhua aka AJNA, formerly known as Third Eye, is a Mumbai-based actor, DJ, and music producer, India. AJNA is a Sanskrit term that signifies "Third Eye Chakra," or the sixth basic Chakra. He is a firm believer in music as a kind of meditation. Always generating new and unique sounds, he offers a different feel to each session and takes the audience on an incredible journey. Expect things ranging from relaxing, melodic, soulful tracks to hard hitting high energy, minimal, dark, acid techno. Every time is different.


She is a producer/dj who released her tune "Pleasure To Cope" on DSRTD Records recently. She stayed faithful to her hard/industrial techno style in this mix. The intensity is consistent but enigmatic, enough to keep your heart pounding and your feet jumping. Tune in for a warehouse-style adventure.

Bhavya Mehta AKA Always On Point (Event Promoter):

Bhavya Mehta is one of the most well known event organizer & promoter of the Techno & Psychedelic Trance events all over India. Being a part of this industry for more than 2 years, he has played a very important role in pulling in the crowd for this and all other enthralling events.

The most happening after party for Boris was Hell On Earth was hosted by Bhavya i.e Always On Point, which expected a crowd of 600 and the way it turned out to be with more than 900 ravers fully selling out the event was a massive success. And creating an

experience which was never seen before at Glocal.

Bhavya says “Glocal Junction & the Boris Brejcha crowd: Thank you so much for making

a memorable night for us. Good footfall and decent people. It was just amazing.

Thank you to the entire team. 🥂”

Bhavya Mehta: AlwaysOnPoint

Link to Whatsapp Group: https://chat.whatsapp.com/E6zTgRcAYDzDht3M4sbG1p

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