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Did you know? You can now book a personalised video message from your favourite  Yoga practitioners! Keep reading to know more about Yoga influencers, Yoga teachers, learn Yoga online, Yoga Instagram, Yoga updates and more. 

Yoga is a collection of physical, mental, and spiritual exercises that have their roots in ancient India. They are meant to calm the mind and recognise a detached witness awareness that is unaffected by the mind and everyday suffering.

The Rigveda is where yoga is first discussed, and other Upanishads also make reference to it. The Katha Upanishad, which was probably written between the fifth and third centuries BCE, is where the word "yoga" first appears with the same meaning as the modern term. During the fifth and sixth centuries BCE, yoga continued to advance as a disciplined study and practice in the ascetic and Ramaa movements of ancient India.

Many influencers like Nisha Dhaundiyal, Reyna Vashishtha, Naina Uttam, Neelakshi, Binita Pal, Riya Bhadauria, Dr. Mandira Adhikari, etc. are very well known for their inclination toward Yoga practices.

Yoga has numerous positive effects on the body and mind, like strengthening muscle strength, improving flexibility, encouraging better breathing, supporting heart health, assisting with addiction treatment, lowering stress, anxiety, depression, and chronic pain, enhancing general well-being, and improving quality of life.

If at all feasible, seek advice from a doctor before beginning a yoga practice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yoga is a very popular practice beneficial for body, mind and soul.
Yoga practitioners include Nisha Dhaundiyal, Reyna Vashishtha, Neelakshi, Binita Pal, Riya Bhadauria, etc.
International Yoga day is celebrated on the 21st of June.
Narendra Modi, the prime minister of India inaugurated Worl Yoga Day in 2015.
Tirumalai Krishnamacharya is known as the father of modern Yoga.
Yoga originated in India.
You can learn Yoga at home but it's admissible to learn yoga in-person first.
For beginners, Hatha Yoga is the best to begin learning.

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