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Did you know? You can now book a personalised video message from your favourite characters of your loved movie Well Done Abba! Keep reading to know more about Well Done Abba cast, Well Done Abba plot, Well Done Abba OTT, watch Well Done Abba online, Well Done Abba Instagram, Well Done Abba updates and more. 

Boman Irani, Minissha Lamba, Ravi Kishan, Sonali Kulkarni and Sameer Dattani play major roles in Shyam Benegal's 2010 Hindi political satire film Well Done Abba. It is a remake of the Marathi movie Jau Tithe Khau from 2007. It was based on three short stories: Still Waters by Jayant Kripalani, Phulwa Ka Pul by Sanjeev, and Narsaiyyan Ki Bavdi by Jeelani Bano.

The movie depicts the tale of Muslim Mumbai driver Armaan Ali, who leaves his job for a month in order to find a husband for his child Muskaan, who dwells in a village close to Hyderabad, India. Armaan's employer makes the painful decision to fire him after three months of non-appearance, but he begs the employer to take the time to hear his explanation. His employer starts to become lenient and lets him take the car to Pune, where he has a meeting. From here, Armaan begins the narrative.

The worsening drought crisis and financial issues brought on by Armaan's twin brother, who has a horrible reputation for stealing and debt addiction, are only two of the issues facing his community. Arif, a character from the beginning, seeks 500 rupees from Armaan. Finally, Muskaan settles the loan with Arif, and Armaan's brother is detained before being freed. He visits a government agency with a friend in order to build a well in order to address the drought issue. He goes through various steps there, such as outlining his goals and even getting his picture taken. On the other hand, Muskaan develops feelings for Arif, which Armaan initially disapproves of but ultimately approves of.

Armaan sits in sadness after not getting the well he desired. He and Muskaan try to explain to the police inspector what happened with the "stolen" well, but the inspector thinks the story is ridiculous and is even impolite enough to ignore them. Armed with a group of villagers, the disturbed Armaan and Muskaan protest the police inspector before taking their case to the justice minister, who censures the inspector for his careless actions. The inspector begins to interact with the populace in a more conventional manner after realising his errors and behaviour. The justice minister then permits the government workers to construct the well for the villagers and then punishes everyone for failing to perform their duties.

After finding a solution to the drought issue, Armaan determines Muskaan should wed an Arab sheikh. Muskaan rejects her father's offer and even engages in conflict about it. When her friend Sakina sends her a letter about being beaten up by her sheikh husband and being evicted, startling Armaan and Sakina's mother, the situation becomes even more tense. Disturbed, Armaan decides, much to Muskaan's joy, that Muskaan should wed Arif. Armaan closes his story at an award show, which in his eyes was a "huge drama," as the stage practically crumbled to the joy of the audience, with the two of his concerns resolved. Once his employer is persuaded, he agrees to let Armaan work for him once more.

Director Shyam Benegal
Music By Shantanu Moitra
Production Company Reliance Big Pictures, Shyam Benegal Sahayadri Films
Content Location Mumbai and Hyderabad
Country of Origin India
Genre Political Satire
In Language Hindi
Producer Raj Pius, Mahesh Ramanathan
Name Well Done Abba
Well Done Abba Character names Well Done Abba Actors real names
Armaan Ali / Rehman Ali Boman Irani
Muskaan Ali Minissha Lamba
Rohan Kapoor Rahul Singh
Vikas Jha Ravi Kishan
Malti Jha Sonali Kulkarni

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Frequently Asked Questions

Well Done Abba is a very popular Hindi movie
Well Done Abba Shoot location is Mumbai and Hyderabad
The release date of the movie Well Done Abba is 26 March 2010
Well Done Abba casts include Boman Irani, Minissha Lamba, Ravi Kishan, Rahul Singh, Sonali Kulkarni
Shyam Benegal directed Well Done Abba
Yes. You can watch Well Done Abba online on Hotstar, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Apple TV
The character name of Boman Irani in Well Done Abba is Armaan Ali / Rehman Ali.
The character name of Minissha Lamba in Well Done Abba is Muskaan Ali
The character name of Rahul Singh in Well Done Abba is Rohan Kapoor.
The character name of Ravi Kishan in Well Done Abba is Vikas Jha
The character name of Sonali Kulkarni in Well Done Abba is Malti Jha.
Well Done Abba is 2 hours and 24 minutes long.
Well Done Abba released in the year 2010
The real name of Rehman Well Done Abba is Boman Irani.
Well Done Abba Muskaan real name is Minissha Lamba
No. Well Done Abba is not a new movie. It was released in the year 2010
Other movies like Well Done Abba are Welcome to Sajjanpur and Aisa Yeh Jahaan.
There is no official Instagram ID of Well Done Abba

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