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Warrior High is a Hindi language Teen Drama which aired on MTV India from 16 February to 10 July 2015. It starred Roopa Ganguly, Sanaya Pithawalla, Laksh Lalwani, Anshuman Malhotra and Suhasini Mulay, among others as the main cast. It aired from Monday to Friday at 7 PM. It has an IMDb rating of 7.2 out of 10. 

The protagonists of the narrative are the pupils of Dehradun's exclusive Warrior High School. In addition to the social conflict between the wealthy kids and the orphanage pupils, the novel is about the friendships and relationships that the characters form at Warrior High.

Neeti Awasthi and Utkarsh Rajput are looking for Maa when the story starts, and they are doing so in an orphanage. Utkarsh thinks that Maa, a frog, represents his mother's past life. They are then shown by their friend Siyali Rajput that Maa is with her, safe and sound, but has been discovered by the instructor. The narrative then shifts to a school where two persons are fighting and Parth is being supported by the crowd. He is rusticated by the school for starting a fight.

The narrative then moves on to a Warrior High scholarship exam. Siddhartha Rajput and Siyali later cross paths and arrive at Warrior High, where Siyali resides while posing as Angela. Every time she tries to sneak out of school, she is unsuccessful.

She is shown to be Siyali, not Angela, at the freshmen's party, and all three of them are later admitted back into the school. When Vibha Anand, his teacher and a 2013 graduate of Warrior High School, is present as an assistant teacher, Parth begins to feel affection for her. Vibha has affection for Parth as well. The boyfriend of Krissane D'Souza, Siddhartha, begins to feel something for Siyali. Later it is discovered that Utkarsh's mother, Urmila Rajput, is also the mother of Sid. In contrast, Sid's pal Charlie Chauhan starts to fancy Neeti. In a contest amongst Siddhartha, Utkarsh, Siyali, and Krissane, the election of the school's head boy and the head girl is held.

Sometime later, Krissane reads the diary and is startled to see an unexpected entry. It appears that Utkarsh feels something for Angela. A love triangle, however, is present. Utkarsh and Angela share an affection for Krissane. Angela has AIDS and won't live a long time, as Krissane later reveals. Yet Utkarsh promises to support her, and he actually does. Sparks fly as Utkarsh exhorts Angela to embrace life to the fullest. On the other hand, Siyali is stunned when Sid pops the question to her. In the middle, Krissane and Angela get into a comical catfight for Utkarsh. Charlie is aware of his errors. Sid dances to classical music for Siyali based on Neeti's suggestions.

When Sid declares his love to Siyali, she too accepts it as genuine. Utkarsh, Neeti, and Parth, however, believe Sid is utilising Siyali. Utkarsh and the other students enter the room where Utkarsh is criticising Sid while Sid plans a romantic evening for Siyali and they start to get close. Urmila steps in and admits to Sid that Utkarsh is his younger brother just as Sid is about to launch a retaliation. She tells as to how she selfishly picked one son above the other in the past to ensure one of their childhood. Because of this, Utkarsh was abandoned with Siyali and given to an orphanage to raise him. Even though Urmila is aware that Sid really does love Siyali, she asks him to make a concession this time for the sake of his brother's happiness.

In response to his mother's request, Sid meets Siyali and presents himself as if this were a trap and he had no emotions. He can never take "no" for an answer, thus his main goal was to make Siyali fall love him. Despite her disbelief, Siyali decides that Sid wants to see her cry, so she starts to tease him before exiting the room. Sid cries as soon as Siyali leaves the room and thinks back to his mother's remarks.

Parth made the decision to make the sacrifice over Vibha. However, Warrior High demonstrates love by having Vibha leave the institution so that Parth won't be rusticated.

A voiceover telling the life tales of Parth, Vibha, Krissane, Utkarsh, Charlie, Neeti, Angela, Sid, and Siyali concludes the season, with Utkarsh bidding his mother Urmila farewell.

Director Shashank Bharadwaj, Kushal Zaveri
No. of Seasons 1
Production Company MTV Networks
Start Date 16 Feb 2015
Content Location Mumbai, Maharashtra
Country of Origin India
Genre Teen Drama
In Language Hindi
Producer Vikas Gupta, Neeraj
Name Warrior High

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Frequently Asked Questions

Warrior High is a very popular Hindi TV Show
Warrior High Shoot location is Mumbai, Maharashtra
The start date of the TV Show Warrior High is 16 February 2015
Warrior High casts include Roopa Ganguly, Sanaya Pithawalla, Laksh Lalwani, Anshuman Malhotra, Suhasini Mulay
You could watch Warrior High on MTV India
Yes. You can watch Warrior High online on Voot
The character name of Roopa Ganguly in Warrior High is Kamini.
The character name of Sanaya Pithawalla in Warrior High is Siyali Rajput
The character name of Laksh Lalwani in Warrior High is Parth Samthaan.
The character name of Anshuman Malhotra in Warrior High is Utkarsh Rajput
The character name of Suhasini Mulay in Warrior High is Anvesha Rajput.
There are 85 episodes in Warrior High.
Warrior High ended in the year 2015
The real name of Siyali Warrior High is Sanaya Pithawalla.
Warrior High Parth real name is Laksh Lalwani
No. Warrior High is not a new series. It was released in the year 2015
Other TV shows like Warrior High are Best Friends Forever and Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan.
There is no official Instagram ID of Warrior High.

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