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With a 192-minute running duration, Veer-Zaara is an epic romance drama movie in the Hindi language. Under the banner of Yash Raj Films, it was released on November 12, 2004. The leading actors are Rani Mukherjee, Preity Zinta, and Sharukh Khan. The eminent Pakistani lawyer who helps Samiya (Rani Mukherjee) defend Veer's case was also portrayed by actor Rushad Rana.


Zaara Veer The narrative of Veer Pratap Singh, an Indian, and Zaara Hayaat Khan, a Pakistani, who fell in love. As Zaara Hayaat Khan (Preity Zinta) makes her way to a small Indian town to scatter the ashes of one of her family's beloved granny, Veer Pratap Singh (Shah Rukh Khan), an officer and pilot in the Indian Air Force, comes to be there.


Although most Indians have no affection for Pakistanis, Veer has relatives in the village, and his aunt and uncle are open to hosting Zaara for the night. It doesn't take Veer long to start having feelings for her, but he soon finds out that Zaara is engaged to Raza (Manoj Bajpayee), a nasty Pakistani.


Zaara wants out of her engagement and has a deep love for Veer, according to a friend of hers. However, when he steps in to save her, things go horribly wrong and Veer ends up in jail. Veer, who is still imprisoned twenty-two years later, learns that his case will be retried; however, he also learns that his lawyer will be competing against a state attorney who has never lost a case. And at the end Veer Zaara ends up together loving each other unconditionally.


Veer Zaara is directed by Yash Chopra and written by Aditya Chopra. The star cast of Veer Zaara includes Shahrukh Khan, Preity Zinta, Rani Mukherjee, Rushad Rana, Amitabh Bacchan, Hema Malini,  Kiron Kher, Boman Irani, Manoj Bajpayee, and others.

Director Yash Chopra
Music By Madan Mohan
Start Date 12 Nov 2004
Content Location India
Country of Origin India
Genre Romance, Drama
In Language Hindi
Producer Yash Chopra and Aditya Chopra
Name Veer Zaara

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Frequently Asked Questions

Veer Zaara is an Indian Hindi Language Movie.
The Veer Zaara shoot location is in India.
The Veer Zaara cast includes Shahrukh Khan, Preity Zinta, Rani Mukherjee, Rushad Rana, Amitabh Bacchan, Hema Malini, Kiron Kher, Boman Irani, Manoj Bajpayee, and Others.
The genre of Veer Zaara is Romance Drama.
Yes. You can watch Veer Zaara online on Amazon Prime.
The Character name of Shahrukh Khan in Veer Zaara is Veer Pratap Singh.
The Character name of Preity Zinta in Veer Zaara is Zaara Hayat Khan.
The Character name of Rani Mukherjee in Veer Zaara is Samiya Siddique.
The Character name of Rushad Rana in Veer Zaara is Zahir, Rani Mukherjee's Assistant.
The Character name of Amitabh Bacchan in Veer Zaara is Choudhary Sumer Singh.
The Character name of Hema Malini in Veer Zaara is Saraswati Kaur.
The Character name of Kiron Kher in Veer Zaara is Mariyam Hayaat Khan.
The Character name of Boman Irani in Veer Zaara is Jehangir Hayaat Khan.
The Character name of Manoj Bajpayee in Veer Zaara is a Raza Sharazi.
Veer Zaara's lead actors are Shahrukh Khan, Preity Zinta, and Rani Mukherjee.
Other Movies like Veer Zaara are Kal Ho Naa Ho and Kabhi Alvida Na Khehana.
According to some sources, there is a real-life couple who had earlier been adamant about remaining together forever despite coming from two competing nations.
There is no Official Instagram Id for the Veer Zaara.
Veer Zaara was a Blockbuster of its time.

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