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Produced and directed by Pawan Kumar, U Turn is a 2016 Kannada-language supernatural thriller movie. Shraddha Srinath plays the lead in it. Important parts are played by Radhika Narayan, Dileep Raj, and Roger Narayan. The plot centres on the deaths of drivers who violate traffic laws at a certain flyover in Bangalore and the subsequent identification of the offender by a journalism intern and police inspector pair.

An story about the occurrences at a Bangalore flyover is being written by Rachana, an intern for the daily newspaper The Indian Express. She also has feelings for crime reporter Aditya, whose assistance she needs to find information about accidents on the flyover. She observes that some drivers alter the concrete barriers that divide the road every day in order to do a quick U-turn and escape the traffic. The blocks are left to lie haphazardly on the road and are not moved, which causes several accidents. Rachana receives a list of commuters who disobey the law and do a U-turn from a homeless man who sits on the flyover and has written down their vehicle numbers. She uses her connection in the traffic department to get the information she needs to confront the offenders about their "short-cut" and write a story for the newspaper. She makes an unsuccessful attempt to reach the first man on the list.

The police detain her later that day and suspect her of committing the murder of the person she planned to meet. She shares her side of the events after being horrified. Sub-inspector Nayak finds it plausible and conducts some research despite the senior police official rejecting it. It is discovered that everyone on Rachana's list of people died by suicide. On the day they made the incorrect "U-turn," they also realised that they had already committed suicide. Rachana and Nayak discover that the homeless man had made a note of another number that will be handed to Rachana the next day. The two find the address and attempt to locate the man—a lawyer—who made the u-turn that day. As there are no signs of suspicion, both depart only to find the lawyer they were trying to save dead.

Later, Rachana makes an attempt to question the homeless man about the fly-over injuries. She alerts Nayak when she observes two young males breaking the U-Turn rule. To protect them, Nayak imprisons them in a former police holding cell. However, they begin to struggle and ultimately pass away right in front of the police.

Rachana makes a wrong turn and waits for anything to happen because she has no way of determining the true reason for the killers' deaths. A mother by the name of Maya has been killing the offenders because she and her child Aarna perished in an accident brought on by the concrete barricades that the offenders lifted to make room for their u-turn. Maya makes a further attempt to murder Rachana while using her paranormal abilities. Rachana, however, pledges to track down the individual accountable for Maya's demise. Maya concurs. Rachana looks for the individual who shifted the blocks on the day of Maya's tragedy with the aid of Nayak. They discover the man who moved the block's address and phone number. Rachana wrote it on a balloon and hides it for Maya to find on the flyover. She then extends a dinner invitation to her boyfriend Aditya.

She tries to phone the number she learned earlier while having dinner. The number turns out to be Aditya's office phone number. She meets Aditya, distraught, and tells him that a mother and daughter died as a result of his carelessness. Aditya claims that he did not make the U-turn. He only swapped bikes with his buddy. It is revealed in the ultimate twist that the person who shifted the brick was Maya's own spouse. When Maya's husband, whom Rachna had told about the events, shows there and tells Maya that it's because of him that they died, Maya's ghost, who had been waiting at Aditya's home to kill him, intervenes. After that, he makes an attempt at suicide by jumping off the balcony. His penance is to struggle in this realm without his daughter and wife, Maya's spirit tells him after saving him.

Director Pawan Kumar
Music By Poornachandra Tejaswi
Production Company Pawan Kumar Studios
Start Date 20 May 2016
Content Location Bangalore, Karnataka
Country of Origin India
Genre Supernatural, Thriller
In Language Kannada
Producer Pawan Kumar
Name U Turn

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Frequently Asked Questions

U Turn is a very popular Kannada movie
U Turn Shoot location is Bangalore, Karnataka
The release date of the movie U Turn is 20 May 2016
U Turn casts include Shraddha Srinath, Roger Narayan, Radhika Narayan, Dileep Raj, Skanda Ashok
Pawan Kumar directed U Turn
Yes. You can watch U Turn online on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV
The character name of Shraddha Srinath in U Turn is Rachana.
The character name of Roger Narayan in U Turn is Nayak
The character name of Radhika Narayan in U Turn is Maya.
The character name of Dileep Raj in U Turn is Aditya
The character name of Skanda Ashok in U Turn is Ritesh.
U Turn is 2 hours long.
U Turn released in the year 2016.
The real name of Rachana U Turn is Shraddha Srinath.
U Turn Maya real name is Radhika Narayan
No. U Turn is not a new movie. It was released in the year 2016
Other movies like U Turn are Talaash and Wish Upon.
There is no official Instagram ID of U Turn.

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