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Did you know? You can now book a personalised video message from your favourite characters of your loved TV Show Trideviyaan! Keep reading to know more about Trideviyaan cast, Trideviyaan plot, Trideviyaan OTT, watch Trideviyaan online, Trideviyaan Instagram, Trideviyaan updates and more. 

Trideviyaan is a Hindi-language thriller and comedy television programme that aired on SAB TV in India. Amir and Sonali Jaffar's Full House Media produced the show. Along with Anshul Trivedi, Winy Tripathi, Sweety Walia and KK Goswami in recurring roles, the show also stars Aishwarya Sakhuja, Samaira Rao, Shalini Sahuta, and Rituraj Singh as the key characters.

The two girls, Dhanushree "Dhannu" and Tanuja "Tannu," who are loving housewives and covert spies for their father-in-law, Dinanath Chauhan aka Agent Himalaya, are the main characters of the novel. An honourable and courageous police officer named Shaurya Chauhan is married to Dhannu alias Agent Laal Kila, and Tannu alias Agent Hawa Mahal is wed to Dinanath's younger son, Garv Chauhan, a crime news reporter.

When it's time to leave the parental home on the day of their wedding, Tannu locks her chamber door and won't go. She admits to Dinanath that she adores Garv but doesn't want to go to her marital house and give up her secret occupation when he asks her about it. However, Dinanath makes it known that he is privy of her secret, namely that she is a UCA (Under Cover Army) secret agent, and that both he and Agent Himalaya are UCA agents. He then says that going forward, she will continue in her line of work by joining his secret army along with another agent. Then, Tannu happily accepts to depart for her new residence and believes the agent who would be travelling with her is her brother-in-law, Shaurya.

They make a pit stop at a temple on route to finish Dhannu's explanation of this marriage. The entire Chauhan family is threatened by the robbers as they prepare to leave the temple after finishing the "Mannat," and they are taken somewhere far away. There, it is made clear to us that Dhannu is the second agent! All of the family members were able to flee when the duo beat the thugs. However, Tannu is summoned to Dinanath's secret facility where she is introduced to numerous new devices, so Garv and Tannu are unable to spend some time together on their marital bed.

Manya Chauhan, also known as Mannu, the younger daughter of Dinanath, learns one day that Tannu, Dhannu, and Dinanath are secret agents. She wants to join their squad as "Agent Qutub Minar" because otherwise, she will reveal the truth to everyone, including her mother.

When Mannu protects her co-agents on a fictitious mission that unexpectedly turns into a real one, she is given permission to receive training and be an agent. The co-agents later become known as "Trideviyaan." They are able to keep their true identities a secret from Dinanath's wife Suhasini Chauhan, his kleptomaniacal mother Damyanti Chauhan, servant Fatteh Mama, paying customers, and even from Shaurya and Garv. They make a powerful team thanks to Dhannu's strength, Tannu's speed, and Mannu's voice power.

Director Rrahul Mevawala
No. of Seasons 1
Production Company Full House Media
Start Date 15 Nov 2016
Content Location Mumbai, Maharashtra
Country of Origin India
Genre Thriller, Comedy
In Language Hindi
Producer Amir Jaffar, Sonali Jaffar
Name Trideviyaan

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Frequently Asked Questions

Trideviyaan is a very popular Hindi TV Show
Trideviyaan Shoot location is Mumbai, Maharashtra
The start date of the TV Show Trideviyaan is 15 November 2016
Trideviyaan casts include Aishwarya Saakhuja, Samaira Rao, Shalini Sahuta, Rituraj Singh, Anshul Trivedi
You can watch Trideviyaan on Sony SAB
Yes. You can watch Trideviyaan online on Sony LIV and MX player
The character name of Aishwarya Sakhjua in Trideviyaan is Dhannu.
The character name of Samaira Rao in Trideviyaan is Tannu
The character name of Shalini Sahuta in Trideviyaan is Mannu.
The character name of Rituraj Singh in Trideviyaan is DN
The character name of Anshul Trivedi in Trideviyaan is Shaurya Chauhan.
There are 170 episodes in Trideviyaan.
Trideviyaan ended in the year 2017
The real name of Agent Laal Kila Trideviyaan is Aishwarya Sakhuja.
Trideviyaan Agent Himalaya real name is Rituraj Singh
No. Trideviyaan is not a new series. It was released in the year 2016
Other TV shows like Trideviyaan are Pushpa Impossible and Baalveer.
There is no official Instagram ID of Trideviyaan.

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