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Did you know? You can now book a personalised video message from your favourite characters of your loved TV Serial Teri Laadli Mein! Keep reading to know more about Teri Laadli Mein cast, Teri Laadli Mein plot, Teri Laadli Mein OTT, watch Teri Laadli Mein online, Teri Laadli Mein Instagram, Teri Laadli Mein updates and more. 

An Indian television show called Teri Laadli Main aired on Star Bharat from 5 January 2021 to 22 April 2021. Hemangi Kavi, Mayuri Kapadane, and Gaurav Wadhwa play the main characters in this serial, which is produced by Suzana Ghai, Hemant Ruprel, and Ranjit Thakur for Panorama Entertainment. The show is an adaptation of the Telugu serial Mouna Raagam by Star Maa. It has an IMDb rating of 6.8 out of 10.

Couples Urmila and Surender reside with Durga, Surender's mother. While Surender is a nasty man who views females as a burden, Urmila is a compassionate woman who cares for everyone. Gauri was the couple's only female child. The second time Urmila becomes pregnant, Surender chooses to have the baby killed because he cannot afford to have another kid. He poisons Urmila with the aid of Durga. Fortunately, the child lives, but the poison causes him to be born mute. Given that the child is a girl and mute, Surender and his mother are worried.

After consulting an astrologer, Surender learns that the child would bring the family bad luck. Everyone is so afraid that they abuse the child, with the exception of Urmila, who believes they should take care of her. Bitti is the girl's given name. Urmila conceives a child for the third time, and Yash is born. Gauri used to be forgotten over time while Yash received all the attention. However, Bitti was completely viewed as a burden.

Bitti matures into a young lady. She is clever and educated despite being mute, yet she still craves her father's love. In her early years, Bitti had once helped a wealthy boy by the name of Akshat. Now that Bitti has changed his life, Akshat grows to love her. He ultimately makes the decision to hire her as a cook for his construction business. In the end, both fall in love with one another, which causes Akshat to leave his friend Sakshi. In actuality, Akshat is unaware that Bitti is deaf and believes she is fasting in quiet. Bitti makes the decision to tell him the painful truth. Initially horrified, Akshat vows to change her into a confident young lady. After Akshat abandoned her, Sakshi developed a resentment towards Bitti. She promises to get back at her.

The story of Bitti, Akshat and Sakshi remains unfinished as the show came to an abrupt end due to poor TRP and the lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Director Sohit K. Sarkar Thakuri
Music By Nilesh Moharir, Alvis Valentine, Anuj Mathews
No. of Seasons 1
Production Company Panorama Entertainment Pvt Ltd
Start Date 05 Jan 2021
Content Location Mumbai, Maharashtra
Country of Origin India
Genre Drama
In Language Hindi
Producer Suzana Ghai, Hemant Ruprel, Ranjit Thakur
Name Teri Laadli Mein

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Frequently Asked Questions

Teri Laadli Mein is a very popular Hindi TV Show
Teri Laadli Mein Shoot location is Mumbai, Maharashtra
The start date of the TV Serial Teri Laadli Mein is 5 January 2021
Teri Laadli Mein casts include Mayuri Kapadane, Gaurav Wadhwa, Hemangi Kavi, Pankaj Singh, Nisha Nagpal
You could watch Teri Laadli Mein on Star Bharat
Yes. You can watch Teri Laadli Mein online on Hotstar
The character name of Mayuri Kapadane in Teri Laadli Mein is Bitti Kumar.
The character name of Gaurav Wadhwa in Teri Laadli Mein is Akshat
The character name of Hemangi Kavi in Teri Laadli Mein is Urmila Kumar
The character name of Pankaj Singh in Teri Laadli Mein is Surender Kumar
The character name of Nisha Nagpal in Teri Laadli Mein is Sakshi.
There are 78 episodes in Teri Laadli Mein.
Teri Laadli Mein ended in the year 2021
The real name of Bitti Teri Laadli Mein is Mayuri Kapadane.
Teri Laadli Mein Akshat real name is Gaurav Wadhwa
Yes. Teri Laadli Mein is a new series. It was released in the year 2021
Other TV shows like Teri Laadli Mein are Gupta Brothers and Woh To Hai Albelaa.
There is no official Instagram ID of Teri Laadli Mein.

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