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Did you know? You can now book a personalised video message from your favourite characters of your loved movie Story 9 Months Ki! Keep reading to know more about Story 9 Months Ki cast, Story 9 Months Ki OTT, watch Story 9 Months Ki online, Story 9 Months Ki Instagram, Story 9 Months Ki updates and more. 

An Indian television show called Story 9 Months Ki (roughly translated as "Story of 9 months") airs on Sony TV. On November 23, 2020, it made its debut. Sukirti Kandpal and Aashay Mishra are among the cast members of this Rangrez Television Works production, which also has Bhumika Chheda, Avni Taywade, Monaa Mokha, and Sharat Sonu in significant parts. The programme concluded on April 23, 2021.

Alia Shroff is a determined individual who accomplished everything she set out to do. She is divorced from her mother Nandini Sharma because allegedly she left them to pursue a career as a painter (which also caused Alia to develop a strong dislike for her); however, this was later revealed to be a fabrication made by her dad Gautam Shroff, who is constantly a show-off and has never shown any affection for her. Alia desires a child and is married to Veer Malhotra. But Veer is having an affair with Nitya, a friend of Alia. Alia divorces him after discovering his infidelity. She now uses IVF to plan her pregnancy.

However, Sarangdhar Pandey, an aspiring writer from Mathura with a strict father, is inspired after seeing an interview with her and decides to move to Mumbai to pursue his dream of being a writer with the help of his mother. His father only knew that he had left home to pursue a career as a writer, despite the fact that he had informed his mother everything about his travels and other details.

By accident, Sarang is hired as an Office Runner at Alia's company "Direct Dil Se" (DDS), and she is living in a house with a small number of other individuals. Later, Alia hires him as a writer on the recommendation of her business counsellor.

Alia's assistant Rahul was tasked with finding her an acceptable sperm donor for the IVF treatment, and he succeeds in doing so. However, the donor he locates abruptly withdraws their offer owing to personal reasons. Then, without Alia's knowledge, he connives to get Sarang to give. This assistance from Alia, however, has a negative impact on Rahul's own love life because Mala, another employee of Alia and Rahul's love interest, comes to the conclusion that he is homosexual and plans to marry an NRI she met online. The marriage, however, to Rahul's delight, was later annulled because the groom's shallow thinking and shaming of Mala, which was discovered and brought to light by Alia herself, was discovered.

Sarang's friend Kavya, urged by Nandini, a frequent visitor, proclaims her love for him, but Sarang didn't really feel the same way. Rabia, Alia's childhood best friend and a doctor, learns about the error after Alia becomes pregnant and informs Alia. Soon after, Sarang also learns about it. He finds this realisation tough because he wasn't emotionally or financially prepared to start a family. Sarang was traumatised by his father's treatment of him as a youngster and grew up vowing never to have children, but after much soul-searching, he decides he will assist in raising the child. Alia learns she is expecting twins in the interim.

People protest against her when it is revealed in the media that she became pregnant through IVF (after Sarang made an oversight), but Sarang fights valiantly to keep her and their child safe (here, he does not know that he is going to become father of twins).

In Mathura, Sarang's sister Kumkum becomes pregnant; Suraj is the other parent. Brij and her father-in-law had an argument on the day of Kumkum's wedding, which led to an incomplete wedding ceremony; she was forced to live at his house rather than her husband's, though they continued to meet in secret.While Kusum, the oldest sister, and her husband are expelled from the house after raising a fuss about her father's mistreatment of women, they are subsequently invited back.

Alia starts searching for Sarang's flaws because she doesn't want him to be the father figure for her children. She finds them to be Brij Mohan Pandey, Sarang's father, and Kavya, whom she initially believed to be his lover. She tried to get him to leave DDS by giving him money and recommending him to Mr. Mehta, a well-known film producer.At about the same time, Brij learns that Sarang is in Mumbai and that Kamleshwari is in contact with Sarang. They are able to get in touch with one another and work out an arrangement to bring Sarang to Mathura and keep her there. Sarang's mother warns him not to return to Mathura because his father is acting strangely. But when Alia asks him to go to Mathura, he ignores her since he realises he loves her. Alia realises her error when she arrives in Mathura and meets with Sarang's father. She tries to come up with an excuse to take Sarang back with her but is unsuccessful.

Sarang, who had been passing himself off as a Punjabi, is soon detected by his family and a family drama ensues, during which Alia passes out from the chaos. She receives a call from a doctor who, after receiving payment from Brij, suggests that she stay in Mathura for at least three weeks rather than go. Brij also extends an invitation to his older, firmly conventional sister to stay with them. She invites Sarang's childhood friend Elaichi, who he initially doesn't recognise, along with herself, to marry him. Despite knowing that Sarang is in love with Alia, she maintains it a secret from Brij, Elaichi, and herself.

Sarang's aunt, known as "Bua," would frequently argue with Alia over her stringent norms of adhering to tradition because she thinks that change is inevitable in life and that she (Bua) should adapt her ways of thinking as well. One of these arguments results in Alia's hand being hurt. While Sarang is treating her, his mother overhears their chat and learns that Sarang is going to be the father of Alia's child. While Alia is preparing to leave, Sarang takes her to another room and tells her the entire account of how he came to be her father. Sarang's mother agrees with her choice to leave, packs Sarang's old clothes and baby toys, and gets a cab right away.

Sarang was devastated by this and felt extremely emotional. He had intended to leave the house as well, but after seeing Alia come back, he decided against it. A childhood painting of Alia with the "lovely" boy she met as a small child while travelling to boarding school, whom she later recognises is a very young Sarang, was among the toys Sarang's mother gave Sarang, prompting Alia to return. She is aware that she feels something for Sarang, but she is not sure what. Soon after, Sarang confides in his mother about his feelings for Alia, and Alia later believes she is in love with Sarang when speaking with Rabia on the phone.

She tells Sarang that Kumkum is expecting twins and that they will be parents (she realised this a few days back when she found Kumkum craving food in the middle of the night, but promised not to tell anybody). They then proclaim their love to one another after pulling practical jokes on one another and decide to return to Mumbai. Bua and Elaichi find out that Sarang is the father of Alia's child, and Suraj sends someone to kidnap Brij so that he may tell him about the baby.

As soon as Suraj lets Brij go, he joins forces with Bua and Elaichi to kill the infant (in this instance, while Brij is talking about Kumkum's kid, Bua and Elaichi believe they are killing Sarang and Alia's). After Sarang and Alia deceitfully trap him, Brij's plan to have Suraj jailed for kidnapping him is reversed. Soon after, Bua and Elaichi tell him that since Sarang is the father of the child, they actually intended for the baby to be slain to be Alia's. In the meantime, Gautam and Nandini decide to visit Mathura after realising their carelessness. While Gautam and Nandini, as well as everyone else, learn about Alia and Sarang, Brij chooses to arrange their marriage out of respect for tradition.

Regarding this, Sarang and Alia argue over whether or not he injured her in the same way Veer did. Sarang becomes depressed, and Alia attempts to cheer him up, and they both decide to get engaged. After discovering the truth about her upbringing, Alia forgave her mother and made amends with her in the interim. Brij Mohan and Gautam are quietly attempting to end their relationship through a number of different means. Soon after, mostly due to Sarang's insistence, Alia and Sarang decide to return to Mumbai and keep their romance private. However, Bua, Brij Mohan, Gautam, and Elaichi plan to sabotage Alia and Sarang's romance by bringing Sarang's family to Mumbai very soon.

One day Elaichi disappears, and when Sarang and Alia were looking for her, Alia was seriously hurt in a vehicle accident. In a moving video posted to his Facebook page, Sarang begs for blood donations to save her and the twins. To everyone's astonishment, Elaichi is later identified as the donor. Alia asked Rabia to keep Sarang's pregnancy a secret from him and everyone else because Alia's injury made it a high-risk pregnancy. Sarang is upset when Alia tells everyone about their connection since Faheem is investigating while trying to implicate Sarang in numerous situations. Meanwhile, Faheem suspects that Alia and Sarang are having an affair.

Soon after, Sarang vanishes, and the next morning his office is discovered to have been vandalised. Kusum and her husband discover Brij Mohan comatose after he has been beaten. With the assistance of the police, Alia quickly locates an injured Sarang in a warehouse. The police later detain Suraj's father on charges of kidnapping him. After being saved, Sarang is taken to a hospital where she makes a vow to Alia to love her and stay with her forever. Soon after, Sarang gets a call from Mr. Mehta asking him to write for his upcoming movie. Sarang agrees and leaves the city to begin writing while starting to avoid Alia.

Sarang and Alia's families are preparing for their wedding, but amid the pre-wedding festivities, a number of abshagun (ominous happenings) occur, giving the impression that the wedding won't take place.

Six years later, it is clear that Alia and Sarang never wed since they decided to end their relationship just days before the ceremony. Sarang lives with his daughter Sayuri in Mathura, while Alia resides with her son Agastya in Mumbai. Alia sold her business, Direct Dil Se, and is currently having financial difficulties. She is currently employed by DDS, where the new manager is investor Jeevan Srivastava. Sarang is a well-known author of children's comics who goes by the pen name "Azaad Roy," but no one is aware of his true identity.

Although Kavya is now his secretary, she still has emotions for Sarang. On a website for single parents, Alia and Sarang communicate with one another anonymously and without knowing each other. As they share their daily experiences, they eventually decide to meet in person. As a great fan of Azaad Roy's comics and a target of bullying at school, Agastya asks Alia to take him to see Azaad Roy. As a result of Alia's vehicle accident six years ago, Sayuri, a bully, was born with a heart abnormality, and her health has recently gotten worse. Sarang is informed by her doctor in Mathura that she needs to be transported to Mumbai for additional specialised care.

Sarang, Sayuri, and Kamleshwari travel to Mumbai and stay in Sarang's former residence, where Ramesh Bhau, a former roommate and close friend, still resides. It is made clear that Sarang and Alia are unaware of the presence of the other twin, whom they believe to have been born dead. While still unknowing that they are both meeting their long-lost child, Alia and Sarang have numerous chance encounters with Sayuri and Agastya, respectively, and each begins to feel strongly maternal toward the other. After a few unpleasant encounters, Agastya and Sayuri—who attended the same school as him—decide to become friends.

In an effort to reach Azaad Roy, Alia is making a lot of effort to advertise the comic book characters "Papa Toofan" (Father Storm) and "Chhotu Toofan" (Little Storm) to children of all ages.

Sarang has forbidden even mentioning Alia's name in their home, so Kamleshwari resolves to meet Alia behind Sarang's back in order to learn more about the events surrounding Sarang and Alia's separation with the assistance of Ramesh. Finally, Kamleshwari makes contact with Nandini Sharma, who now resides in the US as a result of her ongoing cancer treatment.

When Sarang learns about this, he demands angrily that she never speak to Nandini again. Gautam wants Alia to be content, and he thinks Veer, her ex-husband, can make her content. In order to gradually win Alia over by making her feel sorry for him for losing his wife Nitya and their child, he secretly instructs Veer to join DDS as the CEO.

One day, Rahul and Mala (who are now married) have an idea for how to make Alia happy. They enlist the help of Rosie and a few other people to ask Alia's old investors and employees to work for another firm that Alia would eventually found. On one of these days, Faheem shows up at Param's workplace looking for a job.He is assured of consideration but requested to leave right away after it was discovered that Faheem had spent a considerable amount of time in prison as a result of an unspecified violent offence.

One day, while speaking online, Alia and Sarang discover that their children have the same birthday. They decide to make something special for them in the hopes of meeting up later.

Director Aniruddha Rajderekar,Ashish Ranglani
Music By Aryan Tiwari
No. of Seasons 1
Production Company Sony Entertainment Television
Start Date 23 Nov 2020
Content Location Mumbai
Country of Origin India
Genre Drama, Romance
In Language Hindi
Producer Ashraf Abbas,Akash Thakkar
Name Story 9 Months Ki

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Frequently Asked Questions

Story 9 Months Ki is a very popular hindi Tv show.
Story 9 Months Ki Shoot location is Mumbai.
The release date of the Tv show Story 9 Months Ki is 23 November 2020.
Story 9 Months Ki casts include Sukriri Kandpal,Aashay Mishra,Monaa Mokha,Sharat Sonu,Bhumika Chheda.
Aniruddha Rajderekar and Ashish Ranglani directed Story 9 Months Ki.
Yes. You can watch Story 9 Months Ki online on SonyLiv and MX Player.
The character name of Sukriti Kandpal in Story 9 Months Ki is Alia Shroff.
The character name of Aashay Mishra in Story 9 Months Ki is Sarang Pandey.
The character name of Mona Mokaa in Story 9 Months Ki is Kusum Pandey.
The character name of Bhumika Chheda in Story 9 Months Ki is Dr.Rabia Ahmed.
The character name of Sharat Sonu in Story 9 Months Ki is Pawan.
There are 102 episodes in Story 9 Months Ki.
Story 9 Months Ki ended in the year 2021.
The real name of Alia Shroff Story 9 Months Ki is Sukriti Kandpal.
Story 9 Months Ki Sarang Pandey real name is Aashay Mishra.
Yes. Story 9 Months Ki is a new series. It was released in the year 2020.
Other TV shows like Story 9 Months Ki are Ek Duje Ke Vaste and Lockdown Ki Love Story.
There is no official Instagram ID of Story 9 Months Ki.

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