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An Indian television drama series called Simply Sapney, which aired on Zee Next, is centred on the lives of four females who work at a hotel called Tropical Paradise and how their lives change. It stars Gautam Rode, Vaibhavi Upadhyaya, Ekta Saraiya, Nishant Shokeen, and Shruti Vyas in important roles.

In this serial, four female characters—named Kriti (Kathy), Riddhima (Ri), Parmider (Pam), and Gayatri—arrive at Hotel Tropical Paradise as employees (Gajra). Gayatri's father is a famous classical musician who stays at this hotel, but he is unaware that he has a daughter because he previously divorced his wife. However, once he learns of this, he arrives and invites Gayatri to join him as they travel to their former house, and she agrees.

Although Vijay Mehra claims ownership of the hotel, Ketan Malhotra, Kriti's father, actually owns it. Because she does not want anyone to know that she is Ketan Malhotra's daughter, Kriti changes her identity to Kathy at the hotel. She meets Vijay Mehra's son Karan Mehra there, and Karan develops feelings for her. Karan and Kriti were best friends when they were young, and Karan had been in love with her ever since. The major devil in this serial who will alter everything is Annida, who serves as their manager. Mandy, Karan's stepmother, has never wanted Karan to inherit his father's property and has always pushed him to work hard.

Karan and Kriti were always like two very different personalities in the early episodes, but gradually they started to fall in love. Vijay Mehra kicks Kathy (also known as Kriti) out of the hotel during an incident at Tropical Paradies because he believes she is to blame for everything. Gajra, Ri, and Pam, her other three friends, depart the hotel as well. Karan, who was slightly injured in the accident, went to the hospital; however, when he returned to the hotel and asked for his friends, his father informed him that they had left, so Karan decided to leave as well. The foursome begins to construct another motel for themselves on the other side. Although Karan claims to love Kathy and wish to marry her, he is unaware that she is actually Kriti.

She claims that he should not be with her, but he counters that she is his life, and he cannot let go of her. They start preparing food for their hotel, and on the first day, important people came to sample it. Ajay, the brother of Ridhimma, poisons all edibles at Annida and Vijay's urging. Before everybody else, Ridhimma samples the food and prevents Kathy from serving it before passing out. Pam and Kathy are detained by the police for all of these incidents, but they manage to flee. When her fiance Jimmy arrives and places the engagement ring on Ri's finger, she awakens from her sleep.

As Karan searches for Kriti, an accident traps him, but he continues to visit Kriti's house where he learns that Kriti is Kathy, the girl he loves and the coworker. He initially becomes upset that she took advantage of him, but eventually he discovers the truth, and Kriti reclaims her father's hotel from Vijay Mehra. In the end, Vijay Mehra apologises for what he done, and Karan and Kriti, Singh and Parminder, Ri and Jimmy also get married.

Director Prakesh Mehra
No. of Seasons 1
Production Company Creative Eye Limited
Start Date 01 Nov 2012
Content Location Mumbai
Country of Origin India
Genre Drama
In Language Hindi
Name Simply Sapne

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Frequently Asked Questions

Simply Sapne is a very popular Hindi tv show.
Simply Sapne Shoot location is Mumbai.
The release date of the tv show Simply Sapne is 1 November 2012.
Simply Sapne casts include Gautam Rode, Vaibhavi Upadhyaya, Ekta Saraiya, Nishant Shokeen, and Shruti Vyas.
Simply Sapne is produced by Prakesh Mehra.
No. Simply Sapne is not available online.
The character name of Gautam Rode in Simply Sapne is Karan Mehra.
The character name of Vaibhavi Upadhyaya in Simply Sapne is Kathy Sharma.
The character name of Ekta Saraiya in Simply Sapne is Parminder.
The character name of Nishant Shokeen in Simply Sapne is Abhishekh.
The character name of Shruti Vyas in Simply Sapne is Riddhima.
There is 1 season in Simply Sapne.
Simply Sapne ended in the year 2012.
The real name of Parminder Simply Sapne is Ekta Saraiya.
Simply Sapne Karan real name is Gautam Rode.
No. Simply Sapne is not a new series. It was released in the year 2012.
Other TV shows like Simply Sapne are Honge Judaa Na Hum and Half Marriage.
There is no official Instagram ID of Simply Sapne.

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