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Did you know? You can now book a personalised video message from your favourite characters of your loved movie Shubharambh! Keep reading to know more about Shubharambh cast, Shubharambh OTT, watch Shubharambh online, Shubharambh Instagram, Shubharambh updates and more. 

An Indian romance action drama thriller television series in the Hindi language was called Shubharambh. It was created by Shashi Sumeet Productions and broadcast on Colors TV from 2 December 2019 until 13 November 2020. Mahima Makwana and Akshit Sukhija played the lead characters. Pankhuri Gangwal and Vaishali Naik created and wrote the show.

Raja Reshammiya lacks confidence despite being the son of an affluent family. Rani Dave is smart and lovely and comes from a low-income family. After meeting, they fall in love. Raja's mother Asha sends a marriage proposal since she believes the Daves are wealthy. Asha learns that Rani is underprivileged after the wedding.

Later, Raja's uncle and aunt propose a number of scenarios, and Raja wants them to be under their supervision. Meanwhile, Kesha (the daughter of Raja's uncle and aunt) develops feelings for Ustav's boss and decides not to tell her family before getting married. She was expecting. Later, Utsav tells Kesha the truth about his boss.

His superior was already wed. Kesha, who is brokenhearted, returns home with Utsav's advice. Except for Rani, the entire family mistrusts Utsav. When she questioned Utsav, he admitted responsibility. As she disobeyed his request for her to marry the son of his business associate, Mukesh Shah, Kesha's father thinks she must leave the family. After that, Raja and Rani take part in the shoemakers' competition "Mera Jutha hai Hindustani," where the winner receives a government loan to launch their shoe factory. In the selection round, they both are rejected.

They then made the decision to enter as a wild card, and Kesha joined them because she had an agreement with her father that if Raja and Rani lost, she could return home. So, she enters the competition with Utsav's confidence. While using a toxic glue to create the shoe soles, Raja suffers a serious eye injury. Raja and Rani both put up a lot of effort to win the contest because it was falsely claimed that they would be split up if they lost the contest for failing to show up for the interview.

They put in a lot of labour. Mihika and Kesha, their rivals, made a valiant effort to defeat them but were unsuccessful. After seeing Raja's generosity, Kesha pretends to be ill before coming clean about her attempts to undermine them. They both attempt to attend the competition despite Raja's foot injury. Goons are sent after them by Raja's aunt and uncle. Raja suffers an injury and instructs Rani to attend the contest. Rani and Raja emerged victorious. To Rani's dismay, Mihir, her ex-lover, enters their lives as Raja's doctor as a result of Gunvant's malicious plan, which causes Raja to become injured. Mihir threatens to kill Raja unless she marries him. Defeated Rani concurs.

After Raja's second surgery, Rani tells the family the truth. She decided to commit suicide by drinking poison. Mihir sees how much Rani loves Raja and leaves Rani. Raja is recovered. A year later ,Raja and Rani have become very successful. Raja's uncle and aunt want to kill Rani. His uncle decides to lit them on fire, but instead both him and his wife are caught in the circle of fire. 

In an effort to save them, Raja and Rani dive into the circle. Raja and Rani receive the shop's keys from his uncle and aunt. The family then gets back together and snaps a selfie as a unit.

Director Vukram V Lambe
Music By Anatara Mitara, Tushar Joshi
No. of Seasons 1
Production Company Shashi Sumeet Productions
Start Date 02 Dec 2019
Content Location Gujarat
Country of Origin India
Genre Romance, Action, drama , thriller
In Language Hindi
Producer Shashi Mittal, Sumeet Hukamchand, Om Ahmed
Name Shubharambh

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Frequently Asked Questions

Shubharambh is a very popular hindi TV show
Shubharambh Shoot location is Gujarat
The release date of the TV Show Shubharambh is 2 December 2019
Shubharambh casts include Akshit Sukhija,Rakesh Kukreti, Mahima Makwana, Jiten Lalwani, Zalak Desai
You can watch Shubharambh on Jio Cinema and VOOT.
Vikram V Labhe directed Shubharambh.
The character name of Akshit Sukhija in Shubharambh is Raja Reshammiya.
The character name of Mahima Makwana in Shubharambh is Rani Dave.
The character name of Rakesh Kukreti in Shubharambh is Dhanwant Reshammiya.
The character name of Jatin Lalwani in Shubharambh is Gunwant Reshammiya.
The character name of Zalak Desai in Shubharambh is Darshana .
There are 175 episodes in Shubharambh.
Shubharambh ended in the year 2020.
The real name of Raja Reshammiya Shubharambh is Akshit Sukhija.
Shubharambh Rani Dave real name is MAhima Makwana
No. Shubharambh is not a new series. It was released in the year 2019.
Other TV shows like Shubharambh are Yeh Unn Dino Ki Baat Hai and Bade acche Lagte Hai.
There is no official Instagram ID of Shubharamb

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