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Did you know? You can now book a personalised video message from your favourite characters of your loved TV Show Shaadi Mubarak! Keep reading to know more about Shaadi Mubarak cast, Shaadi Mubarak OTT, watch Shaadi Mubarak online, Shaadi Mubarak Instagram, Shaadi Mubarak updates and more. 

An Indian drama tv show called Shaadi Mubarak was made by Shashi Sumeet Productions. It debuted on Star Plus on August 24, 2020. Along with Rajeshwari Sachdev, Shefali Singh Soni, Barbiee Sharma, and Shweta Gulati in recurrent parts, it has Rati Pandey and Manav Gohil as the key characters.

After being kicked out of her home by her son Tarun and his wife Rati, Preeti, a straightforward and compassionate woman, wants to regain her dignity by operating as a wedding planner.

KT, who seems happy, actually has a profound hurt inside. KT's potential bride Chanda Rathore taunts him after learning that he turned her down, and KT's uncle Sushant inspires him to start working once more.

Preeti first rejects KT's offer of a partnership, but she eventually accepts after KT defends her in front of a despicable customer. They encounter numerous difficulties in the early stages of their firm, but as a result, they grow closer in friendship, trust, and respect.

Preeti is given a task by Tarun in which she must demonstrate her aptitude for running a business in 25 days. She succeeds because of KT.

Misunderstandings that arise when planning Bua Sa and Fufa Sa's 50th wedding anniversary force Preeti to end her business with KT after executing an event with an anonymous client.

The enigmatic client on the wedding day turns out to be Nandini, KT's ex-wife. KT weds Preeti in an effort to get retribution. Preeti is aware that their relationship is based on mutual respect, nevertheless.

Preeti and KT work together to find Nandini's motivation when Preeti falls in love with him after their marriage.

On Makar Sankranti day, Nandini makes Arjun's orphan status public. Preeti saves KT after she is caught in a fire. Nandini gets detained but promises to be released. Tarun and Arjun later apologise to Preeti for their treatment of her.

When Neel claims he has no affection for Priyanka and becomes engaged to Shika, Kusum severed relations with Preeti. Neel reveals to KT and Preeti that Kushaala pushed him into getting married while they were going through a financial crisis. Through Shaadi Mubarak, Preeti and KT arrange for the funding. Kusum extends her condolences to Preeti and bestows her good wishes on Priyanka and Neel. Given that KT doesn't love Preeti, they both agree to file for divorce.

Preeti departs for Mumbai, and KT comes to terms with his feelings for her. Preeti and KT reconnect when KT rushes to her and publicly confesses his love for her out of desperation to win her back.

For her education, Kusum travels with Aastha overseas. Following her ovarian cancer diagnosis, Preeti is devastated. In exchange for sending Phurti to London, who is a carefree, vivacious girl with aspirations of residing there, to be their surrogate child, KT and Preeti decided to carry their child. Through IVF, Phurti conceives KT and Preeti's child. When Phurti moves into the Tibrewal Mansion, Preeti introduces her to the family as her sister.

Following the disclosures regarding Phurti's pregnancy, the Tibrewals are in disarray as KT acknowledges the child as his and Preeti's. After KT speaks out against his and Preeti's decision to use surrogacy to conceive KT and the family, Kushaala accuses Preeti of stealing her baby away from her. The family struggles initially but eventually agrees to the surrogacy situation.

Eight months pass by, and Preeti is treated by a doctor that Juhi discovers. Kushaala discovers Preeti in pain after tripping in the restroom and takes her to the hospital during KT and Preeti's baby shower celebration. After watching Preeti in the Delhi cancer hospital on the television, KT confronts Juhi and tells her the truth about Preeti's condition. Phurti gives birth to a girl after going into early labour. Although Preeti's operation was successful, she is amnesic. Preeti helps a pregnant Shikha who is then taken in by her and her husband Vishal as the hospital burns down. Veer is born to mother Priyanka.

What follows is a series of hardships, turmoils, vengeance, heartbreaks and revelations with notes of happy moments that make this show a great entertainer to watch with your friends and family. The show ended on 20 April 2021 after airing 206 episodes.

Director Aashish Srivastava
Music By Rajiv Bhatt, Kavita Seth
No. of Seasons 1
Production Company Shashi Sumeet Productions
Start Date 24 Aug 2020
Content Location Mumbai and Bikaner
Country of Origin India
Genre Drama
In Language Hindi
Producer Sheetal Somani, Om Gehlot, Sumeet Mittal, Shashi Mittal
Name Shaadi Mubarak

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Frequently Asked Questions

Shaadi Mubarak is a very popular Hindi TV Show
Shaadi Mubarak Shoot location is Mumbai and Bikaner
The start date of the TV Show Shaadi Mubarak is 24 August 2020
Shaadi Mubarak casts include Rati Pandey, Manav Gohil, Rajeshwari Sachdev, Shefali Singh Soni, Barbiee Sharma
You could watch Shaadi Mubarak on Star Plus from 2020 to 2021
Yes. You can watch Shaadi Mubarak online on Hotstar
The character name of Rati Pandey in Shaadi Mubarak is Preeti Jindal Tibrewal.
The character name of Manav Gohil in Shaadi Mubarak is Keertan 'KT' Tibrewal
The character name of Rajeshwari Sachdev in Shaadi Mubarak is Kusum Kothari.
The character name of Shefali Singh Soni in Shaadi Mubarak is Juhi Jindal Kothari
The character name of Barbiee Sharma in Shaadi Mubarak is Kirti Tibrewal.
There are 206 episodes in Shaadi Mubarak.
Shaadi Mubarak ended in the year 2021
The real name of Preeti Shaadi Mubarak is Rati Pandey.
Shaadi Mubarak KT real name is Manav Gohil
Yes. Shaadi Mubarak is not a new series. It was started in the year 2020
Other TV shows like Shaadi Mubarak are Pehredaar Piya Ki and Molkki.
There is no official Instagram ID of Shaadi Mubarak.

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