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Did you know? You can now book a personalised video message from your favourite characters of your loved movie RX 100! Keep reading to know more about RX 100 cast, RX 100 OTT, watch RX 100 online, RX 100 Instagram, RX 100 updates and more. 

Ajay Bhupathi wrote and directed the 2018 Telugu-language romantic action drama film RX 100. Kartikeya and Payal Rajput play prominent roles in the movie, and Ramki and Rao Ramesh play the supporting parts.

The plot of the movie centres on a young man who lives in the remote Indian town of Atreyapuram with his father, Siva, who is a well-mannered and sophisticated heartthrob. He ultimately meets Indu, the nymphomaniac daughter of Viswanatham, a prominent politician at the time. The couple seems to fall in love and begin an intimate connection.

When Indu tells Siva that her father wants to marry her off to the man of his choice, he advises her not to see him until she has persuaded her father. At that same moment, Viswanatham notices them together. Siva requests that Daddy visit Vishwanatham and persuade him to perform their marriage out of fear that he wouldn't accept their love. But regrettably, he experiences an accident on the way to Viswanatham's house and is now a patient there. Sadly, Viswanatham detests their relationship and forces Indu to get married against her will before sending her to the United States. When Siva attempted to stop Indu's wedding, Vishwanatham's men severely battered him. When Siva believes that the elders reject his love for Indu, he becomes adrift. He turns violent and begins ruining Viswanatham's companies. Since three years ago, he has also been beating up his minions.

When Siva finds that Indu has returned from the US, he causes two disturbances in front of her residence. Later, Daddy admits that Indu only used Siva to gratify her desires and never truly loved him.

Daddy reveals to Siva's friend that he overheard Viswanatham and Indu's talk while at Viswanatham's home. Indu, a classmate from Bangalore who is now her husband, reveals her love for Mahesh, shocking both Viswanatham and him. Viswanatham consents to Indu's love because he believes Mahesh will be better than Siva. Daddy then departs from the location, at which point he has an accident. It is made clear that Indu is a very conceited woman who takes advantage of other people and behaves in a predatory manner.

Viswanatham continues to hurt Siva for her own good despite the fact that he is aware of the facts regarding his daughter's personality and corrects her for it. When Siva refused to meet Indu until she and her husband Mahesh left for the US, Viswanatham sent his thugs to beat him up. However, Indu pays them and orders them to murder Siva. When one of Viswanatham's men stabs Siva, he tells him that Indu never truly loved him; instead, she used him before leaving.

Siva, who is on the verge of passing away, confronts Indu at her home and curses her, telling her that her life is on mercy and that she will live with remorse forever. Siva then passes away.

Director Ajay Bhupathi
Music By Chaitan Bharadwaj
Production Company Kartikeya Creative Works
Start Date 12 Jul 2018
Content Location Atreyapuram, Andhra Pradesh
Country of Origin India
Genre Romance, Action, Drama
In Language Telugu
Producer Ashok Reddy Gummakonda
Name RX 100

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Frequently Asked Questions

RX 100 is a very popular Telugu movie
RX 100 Shoot location is Atreyapuram village, Andhra Pradesh
The release date of the movie RX 100 is 12 July 2018
RX 100 casts include Karthikeya, Payal Rajput, Rao Ramesh, Ramki, Mahesh
Ajay Bhupathi directed RX 100
Yes. You can watch RX 100 online on Hotstar, MX Player and Amazon Prime Video
The character name of Karthikeya in RX 100 is Siva
The character name of Payal Rajput in RX 100 is Indu
The character name of Rao Ramesh in RX 100 is Vishwanandham
The character name of Ramki in RX 100 is Daddy
The character name of Mahesh in RX 100 is Raju Bhai.
RX 100 is 2 hours and 33 minutes long.
RX 100 released in the year 2018
The real name of Siva RX 100 is Karthikeya.
RX 100 Indu real name is Payal Rajput
No. RX 100 is not a new movie. It was released in the year 2018
Other movies like RX 100 are Arjun Reddy and MLA.
There is no official Instagram ID of RX 100.

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