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Did you know? You can now book a personalised video message from your favourite characters of your loved movie Romeo And Radhika! Keep reading to know more about Romeo And Radhika cast, Romeo And Radhika OTT, watch Romeo And Radhika online, Romeo And Radhika Instagram, Romeo And Radhika updates and more. 

A 2016 Gujarati romance comedy film titled Romeo & Radhika was made by Suresh M. Shah and directed by Siddharth Trivedi. Vidhi Parikh, Tushar Sadhu, Hemang Dave, and Shyam Nair appear in the movie. Romeo & Juliet is a wordplay used in the movie's title.

Romeo represents naughtiness in love in the film Romeo and Radhika, while Radhika represents sincerity in love. However, both of them embody the art of love in the modern period, which has the tendency to go to extremes in order to unite. In real life, people frequently fall in love with their best friends. Have you ever asked your best friend to marry you? Sometimes the most endearing love stories are those that begin as friendships and lead to enduring relationships. R&R is the narrative of Rahul's journey to win Radhika's heart with the support of his closest friends, even though this trip has many turns and twists that make it a fantastic story to watch.

The movie takes place in Our Own Gujarat and features both a bustling city and a picturesque village. It's a story about four buddies who are each unique in their own way and who stand for today's fast-paced, fun-loving generation. Either you or someone you know would recognise yourself in the cast of characters. Although they are great friends, Radhika and Romeo (Tushar Sadhu and Vidhi Parikh) are unsure if they are in love. The other two characters are what give the story its flavour and contribute fun and frolic. Your heart would be won over by their friendship's simplicity, which would remind you of the friends you had in college and all the crazy things you did with them.

Radhika is a beautiful example of a contemporary girl with strong values from a Gujarati household who combines being a true friend with being a highly responsible person. Each character is distinct and will undoubtedly resonate with our entire audience in some manner.

Director Siddharth Trivedi
Music By Vinay Kapadia
Production Company Nakoda Productions, Siddharth Trivedi FIlms
Content Location Gujarat
Country of Origin India
Genre Romantic Comedy
In Language Hindi
Producer Suresh Shah, Manoj Vishwakarma
Name Romeo And Radhika

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Frequently Asked Questions

Romeo And Radhika is a very popular Gujarati movie.
Romeo And Radhika Shoot location is Gujarat.
The release date of the movie Romeo And Radhika is 15 July 2016.
Romeo And Radhika casts include Vidhi Parikh, Tushar Sadhu, Hemang Dave, Shyam Nair, Raj Premji, Shahbaz Khan.
Romeo And Radhika is directed by Siddharth Trivedi.
Yes. You can watch Romeo And Radhika online on Amazon Prime Video.
The character name of Vidhi Parikh in Romeo And Radhika is Radhika.
The character name of Tushar Sadhu in Romeo And Radhika is Rahul.
The character name of Hemang Dave in Romeo And Radhika is Bhuppi.
The character name of Shyam Nair in Romeo And Radhika is Sunny.
The character name of Shahbaz Khan in Romeo And Radhika is JD.
Romeo And Radhika is 160 minutes long.
The real name of Radhika Romeo And Radhika is Vidhi Parikh.
Romeo And Radhika Tushar Sadhu real name is Tushar Sadhu.
No. Romeo And Radhika is not a new movie. It was released in the year 2016.
Other movies like Romeo And Radhika are Love Ni Bhavai and Chello Divas.
There is no official Instagram ID of Romeo And Radhika.

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