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The 2016 Indian action-thriller movie Rocky Handsome was written by Ritesh Shah, directed by Nishikant Kamat, and produced by John Abraham under the banners of J. A. Entertainment and Azure Entertainment, respectively. The Man from Nowhere, a 2010 Korean film, has an official adaptation. The movie's release date was set for March 25, 2016, and the theatrical trailer debuted on March 4. It stars John Abraham, Shruti Hasan, Nathalia Kaur, Uday Tikekar, Sharad Kelkar, Nishikant Kamat, and Diya Chalwad in important roles.

The owner of a pawn shop in Goa, Kabir Ahlawat, leads a tranquil existence. Anna, a drug addict and bar dancer, lives next door to him. Naomi, her little daughter, fosters a close bond with Kabir while living with her mother.ACP Dilip Sangodkar from the NCB is pursuing Mantoo, a criminal leader who is aided by brothers Kevin and Luke Ferriera and who runs a large-scale racket in drug production and organ harvesting with a hired killer dubbed Attila. One evening, Mantoo's goon Big Show is the victim of a narcotics theft by Anna and her accomplice, who also happens to be her boyfriend. When Anna gives Kabir a camera, she conceals the narcotics inside. Mantoo is furious about the consignment loss and gives Kevin three days to find the missing medicines. When Luke and Attila get to Anna's house, they abuse her in front of the camera.

To their amazement, Naomi ends herself becoming a witness to the cruel tortures. Unknowingly, Anna divulges the location of the drug, and in reaction, Big Show and his henchman Viju Dempo invade Kabir's home and demand the camera. When Luke informs Kabir that Naomi and Anna are his prisoners, Kabir is compelled to give him the camera. When Kevin calls Kabir to bring something to Mantoo, Kabir offers to free the people if the delivery is successful. When he brings the drugs to Mantoo, he discovers that the police have already searched Mantoo's safe haven. When the police discover Anna's corpse in Kabir's car with all of her organs removed, Mantoo runs, and Kabir pursues him. However, he is eventually stopped by the police.

Mantoo is brutally killed by Kevin, who then takes all of his organs and becomes the new drug boss. Kabir escapes from the police station while being questioned. He was a decorated former RAW Special Forces member who retired when his expecting wife Rukshida was murdered by stray terrorist fire, the officers learn after being perplexed by his combat prowess.

In spite of being shot during a confrontation with Attila in a nightclub, Kabir breaks into a pharmacy and performs an impromptu operation. Then, as he proceeds on his trip, Kabir comes across and frees a number of young slaves working in a drug manufacturing facility, killing Luke in the process. He finds Kevin, who confesses to having Naomi assassinated.

He displays a vessel with what he claims are her eyes. Attila and Kevin are among the gang members that Kabir kills. Naomi appears as Kabir is about to kill himself out of despair. Prior to having eye surgery, Attila had saved her; he felt compassion on her since she had been kind to him. The gangsters' surgeon's eyes were in the container, and Attila had killed him in an effort to save Naomi. Naomi is permitted to ride with Kabir even after he is taken into custody. When they arrive at the convenience store, Kabir begs them to stop so he can buy Naomi a backpack and some school materials. She replies in the affirmative when Kabir asks if she can get by till he gets back, and the two embrace.

Director Nishikant Kamat
Music By Ankit Tiwari, Sunny And Inder Bawra
Production Company J.A Entertainment, Azure Entertainment
Content Location Goa
Country of Origin India
Genre Action
In Language Hindi
Producer John Abraham, Sunir Khetarpal
Name Rocky Handsome

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Frequently Asked Questions

Rocky Handsome is a very popular Hindi movie.
Rocky Handsome Shoot location is Goa.
The release date of the movie Rocky Handsome is 25 March 2016.
Rocky Handsome casts include John Abraham, Shruti Hasan, Nathalia Kaur, Uday Tikekar, Sharad Kelkar, Nishikant Kamat, and Diya Chalwad.
Nishikant Kamat directed Rocky Handsome.
Yes. You can watch Rocky Handsome online on SonyLiv.
The character name of John Abraham in Rocky Handsome is Rocky.
The character name of Shruti Hasan in Rocky Handsome is Rukshida.
The character name of Nathalia Kaur in Rocky Handsome is Anna.
The character name of Nishikant Kamat in Rocky Handsome is Kevin.
The character name of Diya Chalwad in Rocky Handsome is Naomi.
There are 126 minutes in Rocky Handsome.
The real name of Rocky Rocky Handsome is John Abraham.
Rocky Handsome Rukshida real name is Shruti Hasan.
No. Rocky Handsome is not a new movie. It was released in the year 2016.
Other movies like Rocky Handsome are Attack Part 1 and Force 2.
There is no official Instagram ID of Rocky Handsome.

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