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Did you know? You can now book a personalised video message from your favourite characters of your loved movie Rangi Taranga! Keep reading to know more about Rangi Taranga cast, Rangi Taranga OTT, watch Rangi Taranga online, Rangi Taranga Instagram, Rangi Taranga updates and more. 

The 2015 mystery-thriller RangiTaranga was written and directed by Anup Bhandari in his feature film debut. It was also produced by H.K. Prakash under the banner of Shree Devi Entertainers. Along with the seasoned actor Saikumar, it stars debutantes Nirup Bhandari, Radhika Narayan, and Avantika Shetty in the lead parts.

RangiTaranga takes place in Indu's (Radhika Chetan) ancestral village in Kamarottu, a fictional village in the Karnataka coastal region. In order to ward off evil spirits, she and her husband, Gautham Suvarna (Nirup Bhandari), decide to perform a ceremony. The plot centres on Gautham's search for his wife after she vanished and his subsequent discovery of a sinister criminal trail. Mysore, Bangalore, Madikeri, Puttur, Sira, Ottapalam, Alappuzha, and Ooty all played a role in the filming.

The movie earned extremely good reviews from reviewers and viewers alike upon its theatrical premiere on July 3, 2015. The background soundtrack, cinematography, cinematography, writing, director, performances (particularly Saikumar's), and editing all received good marks.

Author Gautham Suvarna lives a solitary existence in Ooty. RangiTaranga, the title of his most recent book, may be the key to understanding his background. Gautham's wife, Indu, is a sweet girl who paints the book covers for all of his works. A self-described Bangalore reporter named Sandhya is looking for a writer who goes by the pen name Anashku. She learns about the author via a publisher and embarks on a search for him.

When Indu repeatedly experiences nightmares about an accident, she gets into difficulty. She then persuades Gautham to go to her ancestral home in the Kamarottu hamlet so that she can carry out certain rituals to address her issues. Gautham becomes friends with the senior school headmaster Shankar and the postmaster Kalinga upon their arrival in Kamarottu. Indu encounters unusual happenings while they are staying in the village, including one where she nearly falls into a well while fetching a pail of water.

The occurrence prompts Gautham to look into it, and he finds out from Kalinga that the Kamarottu residence was plagued by a ghost and that the well contains a Brahmarakshasa (demon) (Guddada Bhoota). The wealthy men in the area are also irritated by Gautham's research, and once one of a wealthy politician's henchmen attacked Gautham and injured him. Sandhya arrives at Kamarottu as a result of her investigation. After Indu goes missing one evening, the neighbourhood police claim she was killed in an accident six years prior.

In his confused hunt for her, Gautham comes across an illegal sand mafia led by the dishonest politician Mahabala Hegde and the local police, which convinces him that their attack on him was only an attempt to conceal their real intentions.

Gautham encounters Sandhya while looking into the disappearance of his wife, and she assists him in finding a diary with the name Harini. Gautham learns via this diary that the woman he thought was his wife Indu was actually Harini, a yoga teacher from Bangalore, and that he is not indeed Gautham.

Past: Indu and her spouse Gautham were indeed close friends with Harini. Harini killed a man who was cruel to her and a menace to her after she rejected his physical approaches, acting rashly out of fear. She confides in Indu and Gautham, who make the decision to take her to Kamarottu and fabricate an alibi for Harini since she is horrified by the revelation that she has killed someone and afraid of the possibility of legal penalties.

While investigating the disappearance of his wife, Gautham runs into Sandhya, who helps him locate a diary with the name Harini. Through this diary, Gautham discovers that the woman he mistakenly believed to be his wife Indu was actually Harini, a yoga instructor from Bangalore, and that he is not in fact Gautham.

Near the Kamarottu crossroads, in the midst of a dense fog, Siddharth and his motorcycle companion crashed with the automobile transporting Indu, Gautham, and Harini. The only survivors of the accident were Harini and Siddharth, who loses his memories. Reluctant to return to her former existence, Harini adopted the persona of her deceased friend Indu and told Siddharth and the authorities that he is her husband, Gautham. Siddharth accepted this as the case because he had no other options.

Currently: Siddharth and Sandhya break into the police station and search the records, where they learn about a missing persons case involving a woman who disappears every year on the same day (7 July). When they speak to the missing women's families, they learn that they were pregnant, just like Indu and Harini, and that the Guddada Bhoota is to blame for the kidnappings. Since he is the only person in the hamlet with access to the pregnancy reports, they immediately accuse the local doctor. However, when pressed, he admits that his girlfriend was the Guddada Bhoota's first victim.

After spending a lot of time connecting the dots, Siddharth and Sandhya realise that the pregnancy reports are sent from the hospital to the patient via post, and that Kalinga, the local postmaster, is the only person with access to all of the posts. They determine Kalinga is the Guddada Bhoota and is responsible for the kidnappings after asking Shankar master questions.

Past: On July 7, when Kalinga's wife was caught having an adulterous affair with the village doctor, she did not reveal the man's identity. As a result, Kalinga mistakenly believed Angara, a mentally ill villager, to be her lover and decapitated him.In an abandoned home on a hill, he tortured his wife for eleven days before killing her. Following this occurrence, he developed into a psychotic serial killer who dressed in the devil's attire, kidnapped pregnant women on July 7th, and beheaded them on the same day every year (July 18).

Present: On July 18, just as Kalinga is ready to murder Harini, Siddharth, with the aid of Shankar Master, hunts him down. He discovers his hiding place and fights Kalinga viciously, killing him to save Harini. Sandhya later wishes Siddharth luck as Harini delivers birth. She advises him to avoid bringing up either of their respective pasts and instead focus on being with Harini and his infant child.She departs forever nursing a broken heart without disclosing her relationship with Siddharth or his real name.

Director Anup Bhandari
Music By Anup Bhandari, B Ajaneesh Loknath
Production Company Shree Devi Entertainers
Content Location Mysore,Bangalore,Madikeri,Sira,Ooty
Country of Origin India
Genre Mystery Thriller
In Language Kannada
Producer H.K Prakash
Name Rangi Taranga

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Frequently Asked Questions

Rangi Taranga is a very popular Kannada Mystery film.
Rangi Taranga Shoot location is Mysore,Bangalore,Madikeri,Sira,Ooty.
The release date of the movie Rangi Taranga is 3 July 2015.
Rangi Taranga casts include Nirup Bhandari, Radhika Narayan, Avantika Shetty, Satikumar.
You can watch Rangi Taranga on MX Player.
Anup Bhandari directed Rangi Taranga.
The character name of Nirup Bhandari in Rangi Taranga is Gautham Suvarna/SIddharth.
The character name of Radhika Narayan in Rangi Taranga is Indu Suvarna.
The character name of Avantika Shetty in Rangi Taranga is Sandhya Bhargav.
The character name of Satikumar in Rangi Taranga is Thenkbali Ravindra “Kalinga” Bhat.
Rangi Taranga is 149 minutes long.
The real name of Gautham Suvarna Rangi Taranga is Nirup Bhandari.
Rangi Taranga Indu Suvarna real name is Radhika Narayan.
No. Rangi Taranga is not a new movie. It was released in the year 2015.
Other movies like Rangi Taranga are Kanchhana and Vikrant Rona.
There is no official Instagram ID of Rangi Taranga.

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