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An Indian Hindi television programme called Rang Jaun Tere Rang Mein, which translates as "Color me in your Color," was shown on Dangal TV. Under the auspices of Film Farm India, it had its premiere on January 3, 2022. Megha Ray, Karam Rajpal, and Ketki Kadam play the main characters. 

Dhani Chaubey has an older sister named Srishti Chaubey who lives with her family in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. The two sisters enjoyed their lives together as a family. Whereas the opposing party is Kashinath Pandey, a well-known businessman and diamond merchant who resides in the city. Dhruv Pandey was the name of his kid. Someone resides in Lucknow's city with their own parents. The wedding of Dhruv's son is announced, and Srishti is introduced to the family. When Dhani and her family decided to get married, she subsequently met Dhruv in the same temple. Dhani developed feelings for Dhruv, but when the time came for his wedding, it created issues for her.

They decided to get married later, and wedding preparations started. Srishti, however, receives an electric shock and falls asleep. The parents of Dhani inform her that Srishti collapsed following an electric shock. Dhani is brought in to take Srishti's place, and Dhruv later weds Dhani while believing he is doing so to Srishti. However, when Dhruv realises that he is married to Dhani rather than Srishti, he simply becomes enraged and later develops a hate for her, believing that she stands in for Srishti. Dhani is not liked by Dhruv's aunt or mother Rupa either when they visited him at home. But she also has the support of Dhruv's brother Abhishek Pandey and his father Kashinath Pandey.

Srishti awakens in the meantime and wants to meet Dhruv, but she is unsure of how she fell unconscious. She queries her family, but they conceal the facts. She to Dhruv's house to learn the truth, but he is not there.

Dhruv discovers that Srishti now resides at her home, nevertheless. At Srishti's home, he greets her and invites her into his home. Her mother then tells her the truth, saying that after her wedding preparations were started, she was going there to marry him but later received an electric shock and lost consciousness. As a result, they replaced her with Dhani and got married. She thought she was going to remarry but later changed her mind after seeing Dhruv with Dhani.

Srishti causes a lot of issues for the family once she finds out about their marriage. Later, Dhani learns of this and tries to stop her, but she marries Dhruv's picture instead. Later, at the Holi festival, Dhani and Dhruv accept Dhani's love. Srishti fails in her attempt to remove Dhani from Dhruv. Srishti throws her into a pond with Rupa and Dhruv's aunt's assistance, but Dhruv saves her. Dhruv was detained one day on suspicion of murder. Police attempts to split up Dhani and Dhruv failed as well. Rocky Pandey, Dhruv's younger brother, is brought in by Srishti after he was expelled from the home and she accused Dhani of trying to murder her.

It is thought that Srishti poisons Rocky's thoughts about Dhruv and his family. Dhani and Dhruv depart the house after stating the address of their respective properties.

However, Dhani and Dhruv pretend to be a South Indian business couple and sign the property documents to take possession of the entire house, but Srishti discovers this and stops them. Rocky eventually realises his true error, and he asks his parents' forgiveness. However, after Srishti killed Rocky on the day of their engagement, Dhani admitted to Srishti's crime in front of their family. When Srishti's mother finds out, she makes an attempt to murder her daughter.

However, Dhani stopped it. When Dhani later finds out she is pregnant, her family throws her a baby shower. When Dhani learns that Srishti is planning to harm her kid, she tries to tell Dhruv about it but is subsequently hit by a car, rendering her unconscious. Dhani regains consciousness three days later, at which point she finds out that she had a miscarriage as a result of being hit by a car. Once Dhani has left the house permanently due to Dhruv blaming her for his child's death, she makes a vow to the family to tell them the truth before departing.

One year later, Dhani is still in love with Dhruv and is working as a temple assistant in Lucknow. On the other hand, Dhruv is now an alcoholic and still harbours a deep hatred for Dhani. When Dhani and Dhruv first cross paths, Dhruv believes that Dhani blamed him for a vehicle accident that day when she was outside the temple.

Later, Dhani arrived at Dhruv's house, but Dhruv kicked her, and Kashinath intervened to save her. He sneakily brings Dhani inside his home. Dhruv and Srishti become more intimate. Later, after Srishti has poisoned his mind to hate Dhani, he agrees with what she says. Srishti yells at her mother and records it on camera.

Later, while Rupa was killing herself, she threatened his son, saying, "If he didn't marry Srishti, she would kill herself." Dhruv approves of Srishti's nuptials Dhani leaves the house in tears. Later, Dhruv views the footage of Dhani posing a threat to her mother. Dhani receives a punishment from a furious Dhruv in the form of divorce papers.

Srishti catches Dhruv's mind, and he takes Srishti into the temple and marries her. Dhruv also turns against Dhani, believing that Dhani is trying to separate him from Srishti. Dhani tries to make the truth known to the family and tries to remove him from Srishti. Rupa rejoices over the union of Dhruv and Srishti, but a broken-hearted Dhani also consents to their nuptials.

They entered the home, but Dhani stopped them, and Kashinath shocked Dhruv by disclosing Srishti's wrongdoing within the family. When a horrified Srishti confesses that she killed her unborn child, Dhruv becomes furious with Srishti and reunites with Dhani. When Srishti loses control, she kills Dhruv while preserving Dhani. When Dhruv passes away at Dhani's hands, his family holds her responsible, making them loathe her and making her his widow.

One day, Dhani meets Deva by accident. Deva is a singer and mechanic who is Dhruv's double, and she hugs him in the mistaken belief that he is the real Dhruv.

Deva makes an effort to avoid Dhani, but since he is aware of her husband's passing and the consequences, he decides to assist her. Abhishek questions Deva's behaviour and tries to look into him as the family is shocked to see Deva enter his home believing that he is Dhruv. In the end, Deva's real nature is made clear. He makes a halt at Dhani's home at Kashinath Pandey's request. The police show up at the residence with Dhruv's ashes and inform the residents that Dhruv's body was discovered by the locals, but that they only took the final corpse after a lengthy search. When the family learns about this, they become upset. Dhruv appears at the residence as a spirit.

Tries to talk to everyone but is unable to talk. And no one can even see him. Only Deva knows by seeing the soul of Dhruv. Abhishek and Bua become property speculators on that side. Abhishek coercively agrees to Kashinath Pandey's terms for this. Deva then enters their vicinity, and Abhishek attacks Deva by putting powder in his stomach. Then, to everyone's surprise, Dhruv appears in Deva's body. Abhishek visits the tantrik to imprison Dhruv's soul, from which his spirit emanates. By giving Dhani's hand to Deva, Dhruv is set free and Abhishek is protected by the soul of Dhruv.

Director Ismail Umar Khan,Mithesh Chithaliya
Music By Shreedhar Nagaraj
No. of Seasons 1
Production Company Film Farm India
Start Date 03 Jan 2022
Content Location Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh
Country of Origin India
Genre Drama, Romance
In Language Hindi
Producer Rupali Guha, Kalyan Guha
Name Rang Jau Tere Rang Mein

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Frequently Asked Questions

Rang Jau Tere Rang Mein is a very popular hindi Tv show.
Rang Jau Tere Rang Mein Shoot location is Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh.
The release date of the TV show Rang Jau Tere Rang Mein is 3 January 2022.
Rang Jau Tere Rang Mein casts include Karam Rajpal, Megha Ray, Ketki Kadam,Sudesh Berry.
Ismail Umar Khan and Mithesh Chithaliya directed Rang Jau Tere Rang Mein.
The character name of Karam Rajpal in Rang Jau Tere Rang Mein is Dhruv Kashinath Pandey and Deva Tripathi.
The character name of Megha Ray in Rang Jau Tere Rang Mein is Dhani Dhruv Pandey.
The character name of Sudesh Berry in Rang Jau Tere Rang Mein is Kashinath Pandey.
The character name of Ketaki Kadam in Rang Jau Tere Rang Mein is Shrishti Dhruv Tripathi.
There are 190 episodes in Rang Jau Tere Rang Mein.
The real name of Dhruv Kashinath Pandey Rang Jau Tere Rang Mein is Karam Rajpal.
Rang Jau Tere Rang Mein Dhani Dhruv Pandey real name is Megha Ray.
Yes. Rang Jau Tere Rang Mein is a new series. It was released in the year 2022.
Other TV shows like Rang Jau Tere Rang Mein are Prem Bandhan and Sindoor Ki Keemat.
There is no official Instagram ID of Rang Jau Tere Rang Mein.

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