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Did you know? You can now book a personalised video message from your favourite characters of your loved TV series Rakshabandhan! Keep reading to know more about Rakshabandhan cast, Rakshabandhan OTT, watch Rakshabandhan online, Rakshabandhan Instagram, Rakshabandhan updates and more. 

Rakshabandhan is a Hindi TV series about a brother and a sister named Rasal and Shivraj. The Series portrays how they together face life presented with troubles and joy. 

Akhilesh Bhagat the director of the Indian TV series Rakshabandhan. The producers are Yash A Patnaik and Mamta Yash Patnaik. The main cast of Rakshabandhan includes Nishant Malkani, Vaishali Takkar, Manisha Purohit, Sanchita Banerjee, Abhishek Sharma, Deblina Chatterjee, etc.

Rakshabandhan was first aired in the year 2021 on the 19th of July. The show ended on the 30th of April 2022. The TV series is 245 episodes long.
The IMDb rating of Rakshabandhan is 6.1 out of 10.

Rasal and Shivraj, a brother and sister, are the subject of this tale. His father raises him nicely in this regard. The fact that she is not a mother is often made fun of in society. Once, Umed Pratap Singh, his father, meets with an injury and is apprehended by Chakori, a robber bride. And she believes that only the wealthy will be wealthy if she is given a position in her home. 

After Umed Pratap Singh's accident, he worries about who will look after his kids in the event of his death. Because of this, he considers remarrying and bringing the kids into the marriage. Rasal, though, feared that his stepmother wouldn't provide for him properly. Chakori (the robber bride) tries to kill both of the children multiple times too.

Director Akhilesh Bhagat
No. of Seasons 1
Production Company Beyond Dreams Entertainment
Start Date 19 Jun 2021
Country of Origin India
Genre Drama
In Language Hindi
Producer Yash A Patnaik and Mamta Yash Patnaik
Name Rakshabandhan

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Frequently Asked Questions

Rakshabandhan is a very popular Hindi TV series.
The release date of the TV series Rakshabandhan is the 19th of July 2021.
Rakshabandhan casts include Nishant Malkani, Vaishali Takkar, Manisha Purohit, Sanchita Banerjee, Abhishek Sharma, Deblina Chatterjee, etc.
The director of Rakshabandhan is Akhilesh Bhagat.
Rakshabandhan isn’t available online.
The character name of Nishant Malkani in Rakshabandhan is Umed Pratap.
The character name of Vaishali Takkar in Rakshabandhan is Kanak Thakur.
The character name of Manisha Purohit in Rakshabandhan is Kamlesh Singh.
The character name of Sanchita Banerjee in Rakshabandhan is Phooli Thakur.
The character name of Abhishek Sharma in Rakshabandhan is Arjun Singh.
There are 245 episodes in Rakshabandhan.
Rakshabandhan ended in the year 2022.
The real name of Kangana Singh Rakshabandhan is Deblina Chatterjee.
Rakshabandhan Kamlesh Singh real name is Manisha Purohit.
No. Rakshabandhan is not a new series. It was released in the year 2021.
Other TV shows like Rakshabandhan are Manmohini and Sindoor Ki Keemat.
There is no official Instagram ID of Rakshabandhan.

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