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Did you know? You can now book a personalised video message from your favourite characters of your loved movie Raja Babu! Keep reading to know more about Raja Babu cast, Raja Babu OTT, watch Raja Babu online, Raja Babu Instagram, Raja Babu updates and more. 

Indian comedy film Raja Babu was released in 1994 and was directed by David Dhawan.  It has Govinda, Karisma Kapoor, Shakti Kapoor, Kadar Khan, Aruna Irani, Prem Chopra, and Gulshan Grover in the key roles along with Yunus Parvez, Arun Bakshi, Dina Pathak, and Sudhir playing supporting roles. Raja Babu took inspiration from the 1992 Tamil film Rasukutty.

The only heir of a wealthy village couple is Raja Babu. Although he has a kind heart, he is nevertheless spoiled, uninformed, and uncultured. Lakhan poses as Raja's wealthy father's ally while secretly embezzling money. Additionally, he causes issues for Raja and his family.

Raja often goes to the local photo lab to have his picture shot and changes into a different attire each time. Nandu, his sidekick, is by his side at all times. When he views Madhu's photo at the studio, he falls in love.

He bothers Madhu in an effort to win her attention. Raja's pranks irritate Madhu, who then travels to his town with her company. As a result of the misunderstanding that ensues, Madhu's entourage kidnaps Raja's neighbour and takes him back to their hometown. Later, Madhu views one of Raja's images dressed as a lawyer and believes that Raja is actually wearing a costume. She consents to get married to Raja but unintentionally learns that he's not just not a lawyer, but also absolutely uneducated. She runs to Raja's house in a fit of passion, rips apart their invitation cards, and abuses Raja's father.

Raja still desires to wed Madhu, but his father forbids the union and pressures Raja to wed swiftly in order to preserve the prestige of his family. Due to his passion for Madhu, Raja declines and wound up offending the girl's family. The mother of the girl, incensed by this slight, divulges a significant truth regarding Raja's ancestry. He wasn't his parents' biological son in the first place; rather, they adopted him after finding him as an orphan on the temple's stairs.

Raja makes the decision to follow his father's instructions after feeling incredibly grateful. Madhu realises that Raja did not trick her and that everything was only a misunderstanding in the interim. She tells him she loves him and forgave him. Raja, though, informs her of his altered circumstances and begs her to forget about him. Madhu ignores him and continues to follow him.

Raja's father misinterprets his son's motives and excommunicates him for going back on his commitment to stop meeting Madhu. Lakhan intends to murder Raja's family members and take full control of their estate by taking advantage of the heated circumstances. His son Banke and he kidnap Raja's parents. Raja moves quickly to save them. He finally defeats the adversaries of his family after a protracted battle. Finally realising how much his son loves and respects him, his father consents to let him reunite with Madhu.

Director David Dhawan
Music By Anand-Milind
Start Date 10 Jan 1994
Content Location Mumbai and Bangalore
Country of Origin India
Genre Comedy
In Language Hinfi
Producer Nandu G. Tolani
Name Raja Babu

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Frequently Asked Questions

Raja Babu is a very popular Hindi movie
Raja Babu Shoot location is Mumbai and Bangalore
The release date of the movie Raja Babu is 10 January 1994
Raja Babu casts include Govinda, Karisma Kapoor, Shakti Kapoor, Prem Chopra, Kader Khan
David Dhawan directed Raja Babu
Yes. You can watch Raja Babu online on Youtube, Hotstar and Amazon Prime Video
The character name of Govinda in Raja Babu is Raja Babu.
The character name of Karisma Kapoor in Raja Babu is Madhu
The character name of Shakti Kapoor in Raja Babu is Nandu.
The character name of Kader Khan in Raja Babu is Kishen Singh
The character name of Prem Chopra in Raja Babu is Lakhan Singh.
Raja Babu is 2 hours and 41 minutes long.
Raja Babu released in the year 1994
The real name of Raja Babu is Govinda.
Raja Babu Madhu real name is Karisma Kapoor
No. Raja Babu is not a new movie. It was released in the year 1994
Other movies like Raja Babu are Banarasi Babu and Coolie No. 1.
There is no official Instagram ID of Raja Babu.

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