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A racewalker is a performer of the sport racewalking which is a long-distance sports discipline, racewalking also goes by the name of race walking. Despite being a foot race, it differs from running in that one foot must always appear to be on the ground.

The 20-kilometer race walk (for men and women) and the 50-kilometer race walk are the two racewalking distances that are competed in at the Summer Olympics (men only).

Priyanka Goswami, Sandeep Kumar, Ajit Singh, Ganapathi Krishnan, Bhawna Jat, Khushbir Kaur, Zora Singh, etc. are some of the most popular racewalkers in India.

The long-distance competitive walking tradition known as pedestrianism in Britain, which started developing the rulebook that serves as the foundation of the present discipline around the middle of the 19th century, is where the sport had its start.

The only guidelines for racewalking are two. The athlete must wait until the front foot's heel touches the ground before releasing their rear toe, according to the first rule. Loss of contact is a violation of this regulation. The supporting leg must straighten from the time it makes contact with the ground until the body crosses directly over it, according to the second rule.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A racewalker is a performer of the professional sport racewalking.
Racewalking is a long-distance sports discipline wherein one foot must always appear to be on the ground.
No racewalking is not currently an Olympic Sport.
Racewalking is said to be much harder than running.
The official Instagram ID of Racewalker Priyanka Goswami is @priyanka__goswami
The official Instagram ID of Racewalker Sandeep Kumar is @runn_kumar

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