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An Indian supernatural drama television series called Qayamat Ki Raat (also known as Night of Doom) is broadcast on Star Plus. It debuted on June 23, 2018. Ekta and Shobha Kapoor worked together to produce the show through Balaji Telefilms. Karishma Tanna, Vivek Dahiya, Nirbhay Wadhwa, Saurish Singh Athwal,Karam Rajpal and Madhurima Tuli are the show's stars.

The 1993 setting of the story opens with Suhasini and Mahendar, a newlywed couple, visiting a Ram temple in Ramnamgarh to present Suhasini's wedding chain to the idol of Lord Rama and seek the blessing of the deity. When the train arrives at the station, Birju, Mahendar's devoted driver, is there to meet them and take them to the shrine. They proceed to pursue Birju without realising that he is possessed. Mahendar and Suhasini arrive to the temple, and suddenly Mahendar realises that they have left the wedding chain in the car. Mahendar asks Suhasini to keep put while he rushes to get it.

While visiting the area, Suhasini notices weird and unsettling happenings in the temple grounds, such as the sudden passing of a cat and the absence of a bell or any Lord Rama idols. She trips over a door and tumbles down some stairs into the temple's basement, which also happens to be the hideout of a Tantrik named Kalasur. Kalasur happily invites her inside as soon as he sees her and offers to spend the night with her and have a romantic encounter. Suhasini is alarmed by this and cries out for assistance. The Tantrik and her husband Mahendar then engage in combat as Suhasini struggles to escape his grasp. Suhasini screams for help as she flees.

Mahendar loses consciousness while engaged in combat with the Tantrik, and Kalasur assumes Mahendar's physical appearance.

Suhasini arrives at Thakur Prithvi Singh Suryavanshi's palace in the meantime and begs them to help her husband escape Kalasur. Suhasini begs everyone to have the Tantrik at the temple arrested as Kalasur, disguised as Mahendar, arrives at the scene at that very moment. Kalasur takes Suhasini to a bedroom inside the palace as everyone searches for the Tantrik and attempts making out with her. Fortunately, Suhasini notices the Tantrik's reflection in the glass ceiling and moves to shove him away. The Thakur family returns with the actual Mahendar as she prepares to leave the house,because they discovered an unconscious Mahendar at the temple instead of the Tantrik, a priest and a few village men. Kalasur is imprisoned by the priest inside a ring of holy ash on the ground. Even now, the Tantrik refuses to concede defeat. Mahendar doesn't find it particularly annoying that he continually insisting on making love to Suhasini. The latter responds that Kalasur's ashes would rise in the air and merge to resurrect him as he threatens to burn him to ashes. The Tantrik is then threatened with being buried alive by Mahendar, but he claims that his bones will emerge from the ground to save him.

Then Mahendar chokes and strangles Kalasur, but Kalasur has the upper hand and lifts Mahendar into the air while gripping his throat. Kalasur ignores Suhasini's pleas for him to leave Mahendar alone and insists on having a one-night stand with her. Suhasini is prompted by this to act with anger and strength, and she raises a villager's axe and slices off Kalasur's right arm, which was holding Mahendar's throat. The Tantrik's head is then severed by her. As a result, the decapitated Tantrik curses Suhasini's family, saying that because he was unable to make love to Suhasini, no woman from her family is allowed to get married in the future without risking her own demise.

He adds that Suhasini would never understand why he picked her and wanted to have a sexual relationship with her. In order to prevent the Tantrik from assimilating his bodily parts and rising from the dead, the priest then commands villager Lakha to lock the Tantrik's arm, head, and body individually and hide them in various locations.

After 25 years

The sisters "Karuna and Gauri," who are seen in Mumbai, are spotted making their way to their automobile. When they arrive at their house, it is revealed that they are Mahendar and Suhasini's daughters, but Suhasini is not there. Karuna and Gauri's stepmother Damini is instead revealed to be Mahendar's current wife.

To negotiate a potential marriage between Mahendar's eldest daughter Karuna and his brother Vikram's son Aman, Thakur Prithvi Singh Suryavanshi is seen at Mahendar's home with his wife Uma and brother Vikram. The idea that Karuna would have to remain in Ramnamgarh after the marriage worries her grandmother, who is also Mahendra's mother. Karuna is sure that she will not consent to marriage. Mahendar persuades Karuna and his mother to travel to Ramnamgarh to meet the prospective husband. Meanwhile, it is revealed that Rajvardhan "Raj" Singh Suryavanshi, the son of Prithvi and Uma, travelled to the United States with Aman, Vikram's son.

They get into the cab that Karuna and Gauri had already reserved to take them to the train station. The lads have to walk the entire distance to the station after Gauri orders them to exit the taxi, which Raj destroys in his wrath. All of them got on the train, but they all get off to make purchases at the platform. As a result, they miss the train and must go through the forests to Ramnamgarh by foot. While attempting to rescue Karuna from a quicksand pit in the woods, Gauri unintentionally brushes Kalasur's severed limb that had been buried beneath the quicksand.

The Tantrik is now awakened and able to telepathically command his amputated arm.

Then, with the help of some others, Raj is able to save Karuna and transport her to the dilapidated temple that, 25 years ago, served as the Tantrik's hideout. Gauri insists on bringing Karuna into the temple after observing her inconsolable and frail owing to a near-death experience. Raj vigorously disagrees with her choice since he has doubts about the temple, but Gauri smashes the sacred threads hung over the gate and enters the temple's grounds. Kalasur commands his hand to reach for the temple door and discover Birju, who is revealed to have been possessed by the Tantrik, after observing this through the gem of the ring on his hand.

You have spent 25 years locked away in a chamber in the basement of the temple. Gauri is looking for assistance in the temple in the meantime, and Raj and Aman have departed to find a route out of the woods. Just like Suhasini, Gauri stumbles up unintentionally and tumbles to the ground from the basement stairs. She is startled when she sees the possessed Birju, who later uses an axe to assault her. Despite her efforts to save herself, Birju has cornered her. A man shows up just as he is about to kill Gauri and firmly snatches his hand. The two start to fight as Gauri cries out for assistance. On their journey to get assistance, Raj and Aman encounter Vikram together with Mahendra and his family.

When they question the two, they discover that Suhasini's girls are left unattended in the evil temple. All of them hastily return to the shrine. Gauri is saved by Raj with the assistance of the man who had been fighting with Birju. The individual is identified as Raj's friend Dharam, whose father Lakha has mental disabilities for reasons that are unknown to anyone. Birju is presented to the peasants by Dharam. Birju must be set afire, according to the people. The priest ties Birju to a tree, and soon then, lightning strikes the tree, setting it on fire. Knowing everything that has happened up to this point, Kalasur is concerned about the safety of his arm, which once fused with Birju's arm.

When Thakur Prithvi suddenly shows up with the police, Birju is taken into custody. He dismisses the locals and then escorts Mahendra and his family to his castle.

The family is currently busy planning Karuna and Aman's wedding. However, because Karuna and Aman are not in a romantic relationship, Gauri and Raj work together to dissolve the alliance. Raj and Gauri begin to develop affections for one another, and Karuna and Aman finally fall in love. When the Tantrik eventually discovers his corpse, Karuna and Gauri's lives are turned upside down. Together, he causes an incident in which Aman and Karuna vanish. Karuna is discovered alive by the police, but Aman's body is not.

. Karuna is shown to be the Tantrik's toy rather than her true self. She plans to murder Raj under his command. Now that Karuna and Raj are engaged, the Tantrik turns his attention to Gauri. Gauri learns about Karuna not being herself while Raj and Gauri fall in love. Gauri makes unsuccessful attempts to inform her relatives about her. Gauri marries Raj in order to shield him from Karuna and after she becomes aware of her affections for him. As a result of an error Karuna and Kalasur made, Kalasur kills Gauri's father and places the responsibility on Raj. Gauri's relationships with Raj and the rest of the family are strained by Kalasur and his new allies Mishka, Ajay, and Karuna.

Gauri discovers that Raj's soul has been hidden in the underworld and that she needs to get three keys to retrieve it. Gauri meets Rajlakshmi, her maternal grandmother and doppelgänger. She informs her of "shaligram." She won't reveal its position though because it poses a risk to Gauri's safety. Gauri succeeds in eliminating Karuna, winning two keys in the process. Finally, Gauri succeeds in saving Raj and outing Kalasur in front of the entire family. Despite being defeated, Kalasur's hand is preserved by his assistant, Uma, Raj's mother. It is made known that Uma is Kalasur's sister and that Rajlakshmi was murdered by Uma as a result of learning who she was.

Raj was turned into Kalasur by Uma by combining their blood.

Raj and Gauri are having a romantic moment and are romancing one month later. Raj and Gauri's room is visited by Uma, who hands them the farmhouse's keys. They must proceed to the farm home, she asks. While Raj and Gauri are having a beautiful moment, Raj is also becoming a Kalasur. The true mother of Raj is now helping Gauri covertly heal Raj. Kalasur is brought back to life by Uma using the shaligram. Savitri and Uma are made aware to Raj and his family. Uma and Kalasur attempt to murder the Thakurs.Fortunately, Thakurs and Dharam moved to a different home, but Kalasur and Uma believed they had died. After a few occurrences, Kalasur kills Dharam, and Raj and Gauri then kill Kalasur and bury his remains. They pass away before their love story is finished.

Raj and Gauri are resurrected as Vaidehi Khanna and Raghav Sharma 28 years later. They frequently have images of their past. While Raghav is an aspiring architect, Vaidehi is a wealthy businesswoman. They cross paths at an auction where the Ramnamgarh Palace is up for sale. A witch named Sanjana was created from Kalasur's life energy.She tries to wed Raghav so that their offspring can bring Kalasur back to life and govern the three realms. Following a string of mishaps, Raghav and Vaidehi learn about their shared history and decide to get married. The witch kidnaps Raghav in the middle of the ceremony while using Raghav's sister as bait. With Raghav's portrait, Vaidehi completes the rites and realises she is his wife. She locates Raghav and sets him free with the aid of the priest. She manages to murder Kalasur and Sanjana. Once there, they discover a divine knife in a shrine. Sanjana is killed by Vaidhehi, and Raghav is saved. They both successfully end his life. Raghav and Vaidehi are legally wed, and the narrative comes to a satisfying conclusion.

Director Huzaifa Ali, Prasad Gavandi, Mukesh Kumar Singh
Music By Lalit Sen
No. of Seasons 1
Production Company Balaji Telefilms
Start Date 23 Jun 2018
Content Location Mumbai
Country of Origin India
Genre Horror
In Language Hindi
Producer Ekta Kapoor, Shobha Kapoor
Name Qayamat Ki Raat

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Frequently Asked Questions

Qayamat Ki Raat is a very popular hindi TV series.
Qayamat Ki Raat Shoot location is Mumbai.
The release date of the TV show Qayamat Ki Raat is 23 June 2018.
Qayamat Ki Raat casts include Karishma Tanna,Vivek Dahiya, Nirbhay Wadhwa, Madhurima Tuli.
Huzaifa Ali, Prasad Gavandi, Mukesh Kumar Singh directed Qayamat Ki Raat.
Yes. You can watch Qayamat Ki Raat online on Hotstar.
The character name of Karishma Tanna in Qayamat Ki Raat is Gauri Thakur Suryavanshi.
The character name of Vivek Dahiya in Qayamat Ki Raat is Raj Singh Suryavanshi.
The character name of Nirbhay Wadhwa in Qayamat Ki Raat is Kaalasur Tantrik.
The character name of Madhurima Tuli in Qayamat Ki Raat is Sanjana.
There are 72 episodes in Qayamat Ki Raat.
Qayamat Ki Raat ended in the year 2019.
The real name of Raj Singh Suryavanshi Qayamat Ki Raat is Vivek Dahiya.
Qayamat Ki Raat Gauri Thakur Suryavanshi real name is Karishma Tanna.
No. Qayamat Ki Raat is not a new series. It was released in the year 2018.
Other TV shows like Qayamat Ki Raat are Aahat and Crime Patrol.
There is no official Instagram ID of Qayamat Ki Raat.

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