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A physiotherapist is a medical professional also known as a physical therapist who works with patients to manage their pain, mobility, balance, and motor function.

A physiotherapist works with patients to create specialized programs intended to restore their functional capacity and movement as much as possible. They have received training to assist patients whose function and movement are impaired by disease, health conditions, injury, environmental factors, aging, etc. at all periods of life, from infancy to old age.

Many doctors in India who have specialized in Physiotherapy are quite popular for their work and conduct. Dr. Ashwani Sharma with a primary focus on providing specialized service in the sub-specialties of Sports injuries, Ortho physiotherapy, Neuro physiotherapy, Deformity Correction, and many more, currently works with HCG Hospital in Jaipur after graduating from RUHS (Rajasthan Health University).

Also, a physiotherapist and Instagram influencer from India named Dr. Tanya Chaudhari. Physiotherapist Dr. Tanya Chaudhari holds a valid license. Many people have benefited from Dr. Tanya Chaudhari's successful therapy. Dr. Tanya Chaudhari is also highly active on her Instagram account in addition to this. Dr. Tanya Chaudhari began her career as an influencer and a model. Dr. Tanya Chaudhari gained notoriety and recognition very quickly.

They adopt a holistic (whole-body) approach, taking into account not just your physical health but also your emotional, psychological, and social health. They work in the preventive, education, intervention, rehabilitation, and treatment phases of healthcare.

Your quality of life is what a physiotherapist seeks to improve.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A physiotherapist is a medical professional also known as a physical therapist who works with patients to manage their pain, mobility, balance, and motor function.
Physiotherapists Dr. Tanya Chaudhari and Dr. Ashwani Sharma are popular in India.
Physiotherapy was introduced in the year 1813 by a Swedish poet, Per Henrik Ling.
Physiotherapists provide movement and exercise, manual treatment, education, and counseling to those who have been injured, ill, or disabled.
Dr. cannot be prefixed by physiotherapists. The Tamil Nadu Medical Council has advised against using their names as they are paramedics and technicians rather than doctors.
A doctor will give you medication for a certain condition, whereas a physiotherapist will treat that condition with physical therapy.
The most popular type of physical therapy is orthopedic physiotherapy. It covers the widest range of topics. Orthopedic treatment is used by sports physiotherapsts to treat sports injuries.

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