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Did you know? You can now book a personalised video message from your favourite characters of your loved movie Pandu! Keep reading to know more about Pandu cast, Pandu Plot Pandu OTT, watch Pandu online, Pandu Instagram, Pandu updates and more. 

Pandu is a Marathi language comedy movie that was released on 3 December 2021. It was directed by Viju Mane and was produced by Ganesh Sapat under the banner of Zee Studios. The movie stars Kushal Badrike and Bhau Kadam in lead roles along with Hemangi Kavi, Prajakta Mali, Pravin Tarde and Sonalee Kulkarni in important roles. 

Pandu is a story about two small-time stand-up comedians Pandu and Mhadu impress Babasaheb Pathare, a strong politician who has long been the target of competing parties, in a small village in Maharashtra. Pandu and Mhadu's acting moves Babasaheb, who gives them jobs in the Mumbai police force because they need work and are playing cops in the skit. They must complete adequate training instead since the police department is unhappy with their immediate enlistment.

Both of them complete their training and enlist in the police as Pandu and Mhadu Hawaldar, with Mhadu later becoming a dishonest officer who accepts bribes from citizens. However, Pandu is a trustworthy officer who gains notoriety for apprehending criminals at an astonishing pace. 

Pandu marries Usha Keliwali, a gorgeous woman, with the approval of both families and Babasaheb. However, nothing appears to be as it seems since Pandu's life has been premeditated by somebody who is trying to get rid of Babasaheb by using Pandu as the fall guy because he is his dependable assistant. What follows is a series of comedic tragedies and action sequences which makes this the perfect entertainer to watch with your families and friends.

Director Viju Mane
Music By Aadarsh Shinde
Production Company Zee Studios
Start Date 03 Dec 2021
Content Location Mumbai, Maharashtra
Country of Origin India
Genre Comedy, Drama
In Language Marathi
Producer Ganesh Sapat
Name Pandu

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Frequently Asked Questions

Pandu is a very popular Marathi movie
Pandu Shoot location is Mumbai, Maharashtra
The release date of the movie Pandu is 3 December 2021
Pandu casts include Kushal Badrike, Pravin Tarde, Prajakta Mali, Bhau Kadam, Hemangi Kavi
Viju Mane directed Pandu
Yes. You can watch Pandu online on Zee 5
The character name of Kushal Badrike in Pandu is Mhadu Mahadge.
The character name of Bhau Kadam in Pandu is Pandu Hawaldar
The character name of Pravin Tarde in Pandu is Babasaheb Pathare.
The character name of Hemangi Kavi in Pandu is Sangita Mhadu Mahadge
The character name of Prajakta Mali in Pandu is Karuntai Pathare
Pandu is 2 hours and 6 minutes long.
Pandu released in the year 2021
The real name of Pandu is Bhau Kadam.
Pandu Mhadu real name is Kushal Badrike
Yes. Pandu is a new movie. It was released in the year 2021
Other movies like Pandu are Pandu Havaldar and Jhimma.
There is no official Instagram ID of Pandu.

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