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No One Killed Jessica



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Raj Kumar Gupta directed and wrote the 2011 Hindi-language crime thriller movie titled No One Killed Jessica. In addition to Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub, Manoj Bakshi, and Myra Karn playing supporting roles, it has Vidya Balan and Rani Mukerji in the key roles. The story of the movie centres on a bartender who was shot and killed by the son of a politician, and how her sister fights for justice.

After the last call, Jessica, a bartender at an exclusive event in New Delhi, declines to provide alcohol to three men named Manish, Vishal, and Lucky. She reacts by shooting Manish, a politician's son, in the head. Numerous eyewitnesses exist, but as Jessica's sister Sabrina learns, they are either strangely forgetful or eager to sell their evidence to the highest bidder, leaving an obvious case vulnerable to avarice and political sway.

The police detain Manish, and an investigation is launched. Sabrina is informed by Inspector N. K. that one of the two bullets provided for verification has been changed. Sabrina makes several unsuccessful attempts to gather witnesses and evidence to support Jessica's guilt. The legal battle continues until 2006. The court clears the offenders since there isn't enough evidence or witnesses. Due to the shock of the news, Sabrina's mother has a heart attack and passes away in the hospital.

Reporter Meera Gaity learns of the acquittal in the interim via a publication. Meera is surprised because she had assumed Jessica's case would be straightforward. She decides to take matters into her own hands and seek justice for Jessica. She conducts several sting operations with the editor's blessing, exposing the nation's breakdown in law and order while casting doubt on the police and other authorities. Meera is helped by Inspector N. K. who sends her a copy of Manish's confessional recording. By using the examples in the video, Meera puts pressure on the system and the political party of Manish's father.

The populace quickly chooses to resist the powerful's cover-up and seek justice for Jessica. Numerous voicemails, SMS messages, and phone calls are sent to Jessica in support through the channel. With the help of the public, Meera asks the President and the administration for assistance. Delhi residents plan a candlelight vigil march in Jessica's honour to support her and call for justice. While fighting for her sister in court, Sabrina was traumatised by the experience and seemed to have given up and moved on. Sabrina is approached by Meera to advocate for her sister once more, and Meera assures her that this time, justice will be served because she has the city's backing.

As a result of increased political pressure, Manish's father steps down from his post. The police were summoned by the High Court for the carelessness they displayed in the case. The High Court accepts the police's request that the case be reopened. When the case is taken up by the Supreme Court, Manish is found guilty and given a life sentence. His pals Lucky and Vishal are sentenced to four years in prison.

Director Raj Kumar Gupta
Music By Amit Trivedi
Production Company UTV Spotboy
Country of Origin India
Genre Crime, Thriller
In Language Hindi
Producer Ronnie SXcrewvala
Name No One Killed Jessica

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Frequently Asked Questions

No One Killed Jessica is a very popular Hindi movie
The release date of the movie No One Killed Jessica is 7 January 2011
No One Killed Jessica casts include Vidya Balan, Rani Mukerji, Yogendra Tiku, Myra Karn, Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub
No One Killed Jessica is directed by Raj Kumar Gupta
Yes. You can watch No One Killed Jessica online on Netflix
The character name of Myra Karn in No One Killed Jessica is Jessica Lal.
The character name of Vidya Balan in No One Killed Jessica is Sabrina Lal
The character name of Rani Mukerji in No One Killed Jessica is Meera Gaity.
The character name of Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub in No One Killed Jessica is Manish Bharadwaj
The character name of Yogendra Tiku in No One Killed Jessica is Sanjit Lal.
No One Killed Jessica has a runtime of 2 hours and 16 minutes long.
No One Killed Jessica was released in the year 2011.
The real name of Jessica from No One Killed Jessica is Myra Karn.
No One Killed Jessica Sabrina real name is Vidya Balan
No. No One Killed Jessica is not a new movie. It was released in the year 2011
Other movies like No One Killed Jessica are Talvar and Mardaani.
There is no official Instagram ID of No One Killed Jessica.

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