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Did you know? You can now book a personalised video message from your favourite characters of your loved TV Show Namak Issk Ka! Keep reading to know more about Namak Issk Ka cast, Namak Issk Ka plot, Namak Issk Ka OTT, watch Namak Issk Ka online, Namak Issk Ka Instagram, Namak Issk Ka updates and more. 

An Indian drama television programme called Namak Issk Ka debuted on Colors TV on December 7, 2020. Shruti Sharma, Aditya Ojha, and Monalisa were the film's main actors, and it was produced by Gul Khan and Deepti Kalwani under the banner of 4 Lions Films. It also had Rajshri Rani, Anjali Gupta, Zoya Humayun, Garima Vikrant Singh and Sheetal Tiwari in recurring roles.

The plot of Namak Issk Ka centres on childhood friends and wealthy businessman Yug Pratap Rajput and item girl Kahani Verma, also known as Chamcham Rani. The two were separated after an accident. After 15 years, Yug and Kahani cross paths. Yug discovers Kahani is an item girl at this point.

Kahani is depicted as adopting two orphans and exerting great effort to care for them. Yug despises Kahani because he believes all dancers are home-breakers out to entice the wealthy for financial gain. Although the rest of the family does not think Kahani is the biological mother, Yug insults her and kicks her out of the house when he discovers that she was Ravikant's nurse all along. Ravikant is the buddy of Yug's father and Kahani's father. It is disclosed that Iravati, Ravikant's second wife, was to blame for the catastrophe that took Meera's life and left Ravikant disabled 15 years ago. This accident has now cut Kahani off from her family.

When Rupa, Yug's sister-in-law and Kahani's step-sister, is spared from a gunshot intended to kill her so as to blackmail Iravati, Yug's opinion of Kahani changes. Raunak, Yug's brother, lusts after Kahani while feigning love for Rupa out of fear, even though he has a son with the same name as Harsh. He manages to persuade her to marry him while keeping her in the dark about the fact that he is Yug's brother and Rupa's husband; he also claims that his first wife passed away. However, Kahani discovers Raunak's real identity. Kahani's brother Lucky is kidnapped by Raunak, who then forces her to wed him. Yug tries to stop Kahani and Raunak from getting hitched. After discovering the truth, Rupa makes an attempt at suicide but is stopped by Yug.

Rupa intends to marry Yug and Gunjan with Raunak and Kahani in secret in order to ensure Raunak's happiness. However, Yug learns the secret that Kahani is Rupa in disguise. He soon makes this information public. When a surprising turn of events forces Yug to marry Kahani, she becomes the focal point of the family's judgement and rejection. She protests the family's treatment of her, however, and says she will permanently leave the home. Kahani tries valiantly to escape Yug's grasp, but she is unsuccessful. Soon after, she hurries to see Rani and Lucky before attacking Yug. However, Kahani discovers Yug is her long-lost friend when she sees the lock he gave her when they were kids.

Gunjan's wedding to Yug is put in jeopardy, and Iravati tries to comfort her. Gunjan, though, snaps at her and admits to knowing about her plot to kill Ravikant. But a crafty Iravati switches strategies and persuades Gunjan to reconsider. Kahani wants to be honest with Yug and gain his trust because she feels that the entire family is treating her unfairly. However, Yug admits to Kahani that his hatred for her is ingrained deep within him.

Director Atif Khan
Music By Tapas Relia, Nishant-Raja
No. of Seasons 1
Production Company 4 Lions Films
Start Date 07 Dec 2020
Content Location Hyderabad
Country of Origin India
Genre Drama
In Language Hindi
Producer Gul Khan, Deepti Kalwani
Name Namak Issk Ka

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Frequently Asked Questions

Namak Issk Ka is a very popular Hindi TV Show
Namak Issk Ka Shoot location is Hyderabad
The start date of the TV Show Namak Issk Ka is 7 December 2020
Namak Issk Ka casts include Shruti Sharma, Aditya Ojha, Monalisa, Rajshri Rana, Anjalie Gupta
You can watch Namak Issk Ka on Colors TV
Yes. You can watch Namak Issk Ka online on Voot and Jio Cinema
The character name of Shruti Sharma in Namak Issk Ka is Kahani Rajput / Satya Singh Verma.
The character name of Aditya Ojha in Namak Issk Ka is Yup Rajput
The character name of Monalisa in Namak Issk Ka is Iravati Verma.
The character name of Rajshri Rana in Namak Issk Ka is Rupa Rajput
The character name of Anjalie Gupta in Namak Issk Ka is Meera Verma.
There are 187 episodes in Namak Issk Ka.
Namak Issk Ka ended in the year 2021
The real name of Satya Verma Namak Issk Ka is Shruti Sharma.
Namak Issk Ka Yug real name is Aditya Ojha
Yes. Namak Issk Ka is a new series. It was released in the year 2020
Other TV shows like Namak Issk Ka are Molkki and Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki.
There is no official Instagram ID of Namak Issk Ka.

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