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Mulgi Zali Ho



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Did you know? You can now book a personalised video message from your favourite characters of your loved TV Show Mulgi Zali Ho! Keep reading to know more about Mulgi Zali Ho cast, Mulgi Zali Ho plot, Mulgi Zali Ho OTT, watch Mulgi Zali Ho online, Mulgi Zali Ho Instagram, Mulgi Zali Ho updates and more. 

Star Pravah broadcasts the Marathi-language television show Mulgi Zali Ho. Leading parts in the programme are played by Sharvani Pillai, Kiran Mane, Divya Pugaonkar, and Yogesh Sohoni. Sachin Deo is the director, and it is made by Suzana Ghai, Hemant Ruprell, and Ranjit Thakur under the auspices of Panorama Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.

In Mulgi Zali Ho, a young girl named Sajiri (Mau) experiences rejection. Because he believes he cannot afford to support another daughter, her father Vilas gives Uma, his wife some poison when she is pregnant. The girl was therefore born mute. Mau performs all household chores and delivers milk to homes. She, therefore, meets Shaunak, a city lad who is her daily companion and recalls her as the young person who saved him from a car accident when he was a child. Mau is unaware of Shaunak's devotion to her and just longs for her emotionally distant father's attention.

Director Sachin Deo
Music By Nilesh Moharir
No. of Seasons 1
Production Company Panorama Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.
Start Date 02 Sep 2020
Content Location Gulumb Village, Wai, Maharashtra
Country of Origin India
Genre Drama
In Language Marahi
Producer Suzana Ghai, Hemant Ruprel, Ranjit Thakur
Name Mulgi Zali Ho

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Frequently Asked Questions

Mulgi Zali Ho is a very popular Marathi TV Show
Mulgi Zali Ho Shoot location is Gulumb village, Wai, Maharashtra
The start date of the TV Show Mulgi Zali Ho is 2 September 2020
Mulgi Zali Ho casts include Divya Pugaonkar, Yogesh Sohoni, Shravai Pillai, Pratiksha Mungekar, Kiran Mane
You can watch Mulgi Zali Ho on Star Pravah
Yes. You can watch Mulgi Zali Ho online on Hotstar
The character name of Divya Pugaonkar in Mulgi Zali Ho is Sajiri Jahagirdar.
The character name of Yogesh Sohoni in Mulgi Zali Ho is Shaunak Jahagirdar
The character name of Shravani Pillai in Mulgi Zali Ho is Uma Patil.
The character name of Kiran Mane in Mulgi Zali Ho is Vilas Patil
The character name of Pratiksha Mungekar in Mulgi Zali Ho is Divya Sardeshmukh.
There are 528 episodes in Mulgi Zali Ho.
Mulgi Zali Ho is an ongoing show.
The real name of Sajiri Mulgi Zali Ho is Divya Pugaonkar.
Mulgi Zali Ho Shaunak real name is Yogesh Sohoni
Yes. Mulgi Zali Ho is a new series. It was started in the year 2020
Other TV shows like Mulgi Zali Ho are Lagnachi Bedi and Rang Maza Vegla.
There is no official Instagram ID of Mulgi Zali Ho.

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