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Young people watch MTV Roadies, a reality programme. It debuted in 2003 and is broadcast on MTV India. On Voot, the show is also accessible digitally.

A group of contestants go to various locations and take part in numerous tasks that test their physical, social, and mental fortitude in this reality show.

The show's creators are RJ Amit, Rajiv Lakshman, and Raghu Ram. In 2014, they exited the programme. They informed the media that they had done enough to make the show successful and that they wanted to give the next generation the chance to continue the show. It is one of India's longest-running reality series with a 17-year history.

There are vote ins, vote outs, eliminations, and game-changing shocks along the way. The final winner is the contestant who makes it through vote outs and wins the grand finale. The programme has had some success with young people. The executive producer responded, "Roadies contains travel, adventure, and drama," when questioned about the programme.

The daily budget allotted to the candidates was capped throughout the first two seasons. Along with learning about the variety of India, students were given chores to help them get to know one another during the play.

Starting with the third season, the assignments become harder. The show's premise, according to Raghu Ram, is his original idea.

Battleground (2006-2009, 2014-present), formerly known as Graveyard (2010-2011, 2013-2014), was first introduced to select the wild cards in the fourth season.

The "Advantage task" was first presented in the fifth season. The task winner would receive a benefit in the vote out, which can include receiving numerous votes or being the only voter(s). Additionally, this marked the debut of the show's global run.

In the tenth season, a group of previous competitors led by Raghu Ram competed against a group of brand-new competitors led by Rannvijay.

Gang leaders were first featured during the auditions for the twelfth season. A buzzer had to be pressed by four Gang Leaders to indicate their interest in a competitor. In exchange, contestants were given the chance to select the gang they wanted to join.

Bikes, which had been a common feature of the show, were removed in the fourteenth season in favour of an automobile. The fifteenth season saw a continuation of this, and so on.

New concept of debutante roadies and Ex-Roadies fighting against one another for the crown was introduced with Season Nineteen.

The return of bikes, which had been a staple of prior seasons, was welcomed. Additionally, this was the first season without Rannvijay Singha.

Vote outs, vote ins, immunity, eliminations, captaincy, twists added by the producers, and special guest appearances by actors, athletes, and artists have all been recurring elements of the show across all of its seasons.

Music By Agnee
No. of Seasons 19
Production Company Diamond Pictures, Colosceum Media(2010-Present)
Start Date 18 Aug 2022
Content Location South Africa(Present),Rishikesh,Meghalaya and vari
Country of Origin India
Genre Reality
In Language Hindi
Name MTV Roadies

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Frequently Asked Questions

MTV Roadies is a very popular hindi TV reality show.
MTV Roadies Shoot location is South Africa(Present),Rishikesh,Meghalaya and various other places like Mumbai, Delhi, Nepal,United States.
The release year of the Show MTV Roadies is 2003.
MTV Roadies judges include Rannvijay Singha, Raghu Ram,Rajiv Lakshman,Raftaar,Neha Dhupia
You can watch MTV Roadies on MTV India
Yes. You can watch MTV Roadies online on Voot.
There are 19 Seasons in MTV Roadies.
No. MTV Roadies is not a new series. It was released in the year 2003.
Other TV shows like MTV Roadies are MTV Splitsvilla and Khatron Ke Khiladi.
The official Instagram ID of MTV Roadies is mtvroadies.

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