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Did you know? You can now book a personalised video message from your favourite characters of your loved Tv show Mayavi Maling! Keep reading to know more about Mayavi Maling cast, Mayavi Maling OTT, watch Mayavi Maling online, Mayavi Maling Instagram, Mayavi Maling updates and more. 

Mayavi Maling is a Hindi Tv show Telecasted on the channel Star Bharat from the year 2018.

Mayavi Maling was first aired in the year 2021 on the 12th of August. Mayavi Maling is also available on OTT platforms like Disney+ Hotstar. The Tv show has a single season consisting of 95 episodes with each episode having an approximate runtime of 21 minutes.

Directed by Dinesh Mhadev Munge, Suraj Rao, and Shyam Kalgutkar, the Tv show is produced by Mayank Pandey under the production banner of Penninsula Pictures.. The main Mayavi Maling cast includes Neha Solanki, Harshad Arora, Aparna Kumar, Vaani Sood, Ankit Gupta, and Gracy Goswami among many others.

Pranali, Eshwarya, and Garima, three princesses, make an effort to battle evil in an effort to prevent the fall of their realm. The fantasy-themed program stars Neha Solanki, Vaani Sood, and Gracy Goswami as Pranali, Eshwarya, and Garima, the three princesses, respectively. Shiladitya, the father of the princesses and the King of Maling, is portrayed by actor Shakti Anand, while Harshad Arora plays Angad, the formidable and malevolent Prince of the neighboring realm of Mahapuram.

Mayavi Maling received an IMDB rating of 6.8 out of 10.

Director Dinesh Mhadev Munge, Suraj Rao, Shyam Kalgutkar
Production Company Peninsula Pictures
Country of Origin India
Genre Fantasy-Drama
In Language Hindi
Producer Mayank Pandey
Name Mayavi Maling

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Frequently Asked Questions

Mayavi Maling is a very popular Hindi Tv show.
The release date of the Tv show Mayavi Maling is 1 May 2018.
Mayavi Maling casts include Neha Solanki, Harshad Arora, Aparna Kumar, Vaani Sood, Ankit Gupta, and Gracy Goswami.
Mayavi Maling is directed by Dinesh Mahadev Munge, Suraj Rao, and Shyam Kalgutkar.
Yes. You can watch Mayavi Maling online on Hotstar.
The character name of Neha Solanki in Mayavi Maling is Maharani Pranali.
The character name of Harshad Arora in Mayavi Maling is Yuvraj Angad.
The character name of Aparna Kumar in Mayavi Maling is Maharani Madhumali.
The character name of Vaani Sood in Mayavi Maling is Rajkumari Eshwarya.
The character name of Ankit Gupta in Mayavi Maling is Chegu.
There are 95 episodes in Mayavi Maling.
Mayavi Maling ended in the year 2018.
No. Mayavi Maling is not a new Tv show. It was released in the year 2018.
Other Tv shows like Mayavi Maling are Baal Krishna and Balika Vadhu.
There is no official Instagram ID of Mayavi Maling.

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