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Did you know? You can now book a personalised video message from your favourite characters of your loved movie Masaan! Keep reading to know more about Masaan cast, Masaan OTT, watch Masaan online, Masaan Instagram, Masaan updates and more. 

Richa Chadda and Vicky Kaushal play the main characters in Masaan, an independent drama movie from India that was released in 2015. Both Vicky Kaushal and Neeraj Ghaywan are making their debuts with this Hindi flick. It also stars Shweta Tripathi, Sanjay Mishra, Richa Chadda and Pankaj Tripathi in important roles. The film explores the problems of a casteist community and depicts the tragic love tale of a boy from a lower caste and a girl from an upper caste. Drishyam Films, Macassar Productions, Phantom Films, Sikhya Entertainment, Arte France Cinema, and Pathé Productions are the producers of this Indo-French co-production.

Devi Pathak, a professor at a computer centre and Piyush Aggarwal, a student of hers, are found having intimate relations in a hotel room. The police had been tipped off about their affair by the hotel staff.  On his smartphone, Inspector Mishra captures the scantily clothed Devi. Piyush confines himself inside the restroom before cutting his wrists to end his life. Inspector Mishra threatens to charge Devi with aiding Piyush's suicide and wants a payment of Rs. 3,00,000 from Devi's father Vidyadhar Pathak, a former Sanskrit professor who now makes approximately Rs 10,000 per month running a book store.

As word of her affair spreads, Devi is harassed by coworkers while working at various coaching centres. She eventually secures a contract position with the Indian Railways, but she informs her father that she plans to move to Allahabad to attend the university immediately after Mishra's bribe is fully paid.

The youngest member of a Dom family employed at the cremation ghats is Deepak Kumar. He is a polytechnic college student studying civil engineering. The father of Deepak doesn't want his sons to carry on the family business. An upper caste Hindu girl named Shaalu Gupta captures Deepak's heart. They begin interacting, and they enjoy a private moment while travelling to Allahabad at the Ganges river. Deepak informs her about his caste and the job he does burning corpses when they are back in Varanasi. Shaalu doesn't worry and adds that if her parents object, she is willing to flee with him. She implores him to pay attention to his tests and land a good career.

Shaalu passes away in a terrible accident while she and her family were on a pilgrimage. Her body is interred with that of other victims at the same crematory where Deepak's family is employed. When he discovers her dead body, Deepak is distraught. He eventually gets over his sorrow and is given a job as an engineer by Indian Railways in Allahabad.

Pathak wagers Rs 10,000—a sizable amount of his remaining savings—on Jhonta in a special diving competition. Vidyadhar promises to never again allow the boy to compete in the diving competition when Jhonta drowns and is rushed to a hospital by him. Jhonta is seen to have discovered Shaalu's ring, which Deepak had tossed into the Ganga in a fit of rage, as soon as he regains consciousness. In order to properly compensate Inspector Mishra, Vidyadhar purchases the ring from Jhonta and sells it.

Devi visits Piyush's family in Varanasi before leaving, but his father yells at her and smacks her off. She travels to the Ganges River's banks in order to immerse the present Piyush gave her that dreadful day in the hotel. When he sees her sobbing, Deepak, who is standing by the riverside, offers her some water to drink. A boatman calls out, offering to take them both to Sangam. The movie ends with Devi and Deepak getting on the boat and talking to each other.

Director Neeraj Ghaywan
Music By Indian Ocean
Production Company Drishyam Films, Macassar Productions, Phantom Films, Sikhya
Start Date 24 Jul 2015
Content Location Varanasi
Country of Origin India
Genre Drama, Romance
In Language Hindi
Producer Drishyam Films, Macassar Productions, Phantom Films, Sikhya Entertainment, Arte France Cinema and Pa
Name Masaan

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Frequently Asked Questions

Masaan is a very popular Hindi movie
Masaan Shoot location is Varanasi, India
The release date of the movie Masaan is 24 July 2015
Masaan casts include Richa Chadda, Vicky Kaushal, Shweta Tripathi, Sanjay Mishra, Pankaj Tripathi
Yes. You can watch Masaan online on Hotstar, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Youtube, Zee 5
The character name of Vicky Kaushal in Masaan is Deepak Kumar.
The character name of Shweta Tripathi in Masaan is Shaalu Gupta
The character name of Richa Chadda in Masaan is Devi Pathak.
The character name of Sanjay Mishra in Masaan is Vidyadhar Pathak
The character name of Pankaj Tripathi in Masaan is Sadhya.
Masaan is 1 hour and 49 minutes long.
Masaan released in the year 2015.
The real name of Deepak Kumar Masaan is Vicky Kaushal.
Masaan Shaalu Gupta real name is Shweta Tripathi
No. Masaan is not a new movie. It was released in the year 2015
Other movies like Masaan are The Lunchbox and Salaam Bombay!
There is no official Instagram ID of Masaan.

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