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Man Jhala Bajind



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Did you know? You can now book a personalised video message from your favourite characters of your loved Tv show Man Jhala Bajind! Keep reading to know more about Man Jhala Bajind cast, Man Jhala Bajind OTT, watch Man Jhala Bajind online, Man Jhala Bajind Instagram, Man Jhala Bajind updates and more. 

Man Jhala Bajind is a Hindi romantic drama Tv show Telecasted on the channel Zee Marathi from the year 2021 to 2022 and is directed by Aniket Sane.

Man Jhala Bajind was first aired in the year 2021 on the 23rd of August. Man Jhala Bajind is also available on OTT platforms like Zee5. The Tv show has a single season consisting of 261 episodes with each episode having an approximate runtime of 22 minutes.

Directed by Aniket Sane, the tv show is produced by Tejpal Wagh under the production banner of Waghoba Production. The main Man Jhala Bajind cast includes Vaibhav Chavan, Shweta Kharat, Riyaz Mulani, Kalyani Chaudhari, Arbaj Shaikh, and Tanaji Galgunde among many others.

According to the narrative's premise, Krushna resides with his aunt and uncle. Krushna's aunt helps her with her academics. The opening scene is set in the vegetable market, where Krushna determines the appropriate price to pay for the produce.

She is praised by everyone for being as quick as a calculator. She is informed later by her buddy Minty that she had excelled in college. Everyone is happy, and she gives the family treats. Raya, on the other hand, is a factory owner and a less educated individual. He's a rough guy, yet he's also occasionally helpful. He attends Minty's wedding and makes an effort to avert it. Krushna steps in, though. How will Krushna and Rana meet, fall in love, and manage their relationships? makes up a portion of the plot. 

If you liked this then you can try other TV shows like Man Jhala Bajind such as Karbhari Laybhari and Majhi Tuzhi Reshimgath.

Director Aniket Sane
No. of Seasons 1
Production Company Waghoba Production
Start Date 23 Aug 2021
Content Location Maharashtra
Country of Origin India
Genre Drama, Romance
In Language Marathi
Producer Tejpal Wagh
Name Man Jhala Bajind

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Frequently Asked Questions

Man Jhala Bajind is a very popular Marathi show.
Man Jhala Bajind Shoot location is Maharashtra.
The release date of the Tv show Man Jhala Bajind is 23 August 2021.
Man Jhala Bajind casts include Vaibhav Chavan, Shweta Kharat, Riyaz Mulani, Kalyani Chaudhari, Arbaj Shaikh, and Tanaji Galgunde.
Man Jhala Bajind is directed by Aniket Sane.
Yes. You can watch Man Jhala Bajind online on Zee5.
The character name of Vaibhav Chavan in Man Jhala Bajind is Rayban (Raya) Bhausaheb Vidhate.
The character name of Shweta Kharat in Man Jhala Bajind is Krishna Govind Phule.
The character name of Riyaz Mulani in Man Jhala Bajind is Hritik.
The character name of Kalyani Chaudhari in Man Jhala Bajind is Guli Mavshi.
The character name of Sanika Kashikar in Man Jhala Bajind is Antara Pradeep Borate.
There are 261 episodes in Man Jhala Bajind.
Man Jhala Bajind ended in the year 2022.
The real name of Bhausaheb Vidhate from Man Jhala Bajind is Rajesh Aher.
Man Jhala Bajind Phui Aaji’s real name is Kalpana Sarang.
Yes. Man Jhala Bajind is a new Tv show. It was released in the year 2021.
Other TV shows like Man Jhala Bajind are Karbhari Laybhari and Majhi Tuzhi Reshimgath.

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