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Did you know? You can now book a personalised video message from your favourite characters of your loved movie Maharana Pratap! Keep reading to know more about Maharana Pratap cast, Maharana Pratap OTT, watch Maharana Pratap online, Maharana Pratap Instagram, Maharana Pratap updates and more. 

An Indian epic movie called Maharana Pratap: The First Freedom Fighter is based on Maharana Pratap of Mewar (a state in north-western India). Dr. Pradeep Kumawat of Udaipur, Rajasthan, is the film's producer and director. The history of Maharana Pratap has never been the subject of a movie before. One of the final songs performed by Late Jagjit Singh is featured on the movie's soundtrack. It stars Narayan Singh, Kuldeep Chaturvedi, Payal Kumawat, Jaikant Bharadwaj, Naveen Jinger, Pradeep Kumawat, and Vijay Singh Panwar in key roles.

The main character of the novel is the warrior Maharana Pratap, whose battles with Akbar and Man Singh I resulted in the Haldighati Battle. Maharana Pratap triumphs in the Haldighati fight. On October 12, 2012, the movie was released in Rajasthan's major cities. The movie was made available on the OTT service MX Player in May 2022. The narrative of Maharana Pratap begins with the narrator, Ramanbhai, who introduces the history of the Mewar kingdom and relates the epic of Maharana Pratap. When the Maan Mori attempted to assault Vallabhi (Gujarat), Rawal Mahendra-II died, but his queen Pushpawati managed to escape and moved to the Nagda region (near Udaipur). She afterwards passed away and left her child with a Brahmin family. The little son of the queen Pushpawati became known as Bappa Rawal (Kalbhoj). Bappa Rawal met Maharshi Harti Rashi (a sage) one day, and with the guru's powerful blessings, Bappa founded the Great kingdom of Mewar.

The story is continued by narrator Kaviraj Shyamaldas as queen Padmini, the wife of Rana Ratan Singh and an iconic example of beauty in historical times, suffers negative effects as a result of Allauddin Khilji's plotting and deceitful use of force to exert control over Chittorgarh and over queen Padmini. The final queen Padmini ultimately decided to sacrifice herself for the dignity and honour of the dynasty by jumping alive into the flames inside the palace at Fort Chittor due to the quarrel between her and Allauddhin Khilji.

The pen of narrator Kaviraj Shyamaldas stops at the story about monarch Udai Singh's mother Panna Gurjari feeding him. When Banveer (dasi's son), the maid's son, killed Rana Vikramaditya, he also had murder in mind for Udai Singh. When Udai Singh's age was reached, Pannadhay sacrificed her own son, and Banveer killed him under the mistaken belief that Udai Singh was a sleeping kid. She witnessed the passing of her own son. History remembers Pannadhay's sacrifice as the one that eventually preserved the Mewar kingdom.

As the narrative progresses. The Chittorgarh fort was evacuated by Maharana Udai Singh, the father of Maharana Pratap. On the other side, Maharana Udai Singh's first wife, queen Jaiwnti bai, was being ignored by Udai Singh. King Maharana The queen Bhattiyani captivated Udai Singh deeply. The diplomatic queen Bhattiyani worked ardently on a scheme to make her son Jagmal the ruler of Mewar by placing him on the throne of that nation. The older son Pratap was not given the opportunity to become the ruler of the Mewar kingdom after Udai Singh's passing. All of the aristocratic leaders learned that Jagamal had been named the heir in the meantime. Apparently, the firing of Jagmal was considered among the kingdom's ministers. Pratap is the eldest son and is worthy as well, thus according to Rawat Krishna Das and Rawat Sanga, he should be the Maharana.

The noble chieftains assisted Pratap in taking the Royal Throne after the final rites were performed, and they then addressed Jagamal, saying, In your capacity as the younger brother, your seat is in front of the Royal Throne. As a result, Pratap's coronation took place in Gogunda (a location close to Udaipur) on February 28th, 1572, immediately following Udai Singh's death. At Rana Bawari, Pratap was crowned, and in 1572 he was unanimously installed as the ruler of the Mewar kingdom.

Maharana Pratap was advancing with his chivalry, knighthood, and art of combat; at the same time, Mughal emperor Jalal ud-Din Muhammad Akbar, who tormented King Udai Singh of Chittor, was now prepared to engage in combat. But as a diplomat, he avoided combat and persuaded other monarchs to abdicate in front of him, with Maharana Pratap being the sole exception.

The Gorwar battle was won by Pratap. With a focus on his realm, Akbar sent Mewar a number of propositions since he believed Mewar to be the biggest obstacle to his plans to expand his kingdom's territory.

Akbar sent a special delegation three times in an effort to encourage Maharana Pratap to submit to Mughal control and for Mewar to cooperate with Akbar's imperial realm. Man Singh, Todermal, and Rana Bhagwandas made up the special delegation. Maharna Pratap was asked to accept Akbar's offer. when Amber's Kunwar Man Singh visited Udaipur. A lavish meal was planned to take place by Lake Udaisagar. Maharana Pratap, however, made the decision to skip the supper. Dodhia Bhim and Man Singh got into a fight after Pratap sent his son Kunwar Amar Singh to have dinner with Kunwar Man Singh.

This occurrence sparked the Mughal-Mewar war. The battle of Haldighati followed this argumentation.

The Haldighati Battle

The Mughals advanced southward toward the settlement of Haldighati, from where a pass provided access to Pratap Singh's territory and Kumbhalgarh, his interim capital. Akbar, the Mughal emperor, chose to enter Mewar and engage in combat. The battle of Haldighati is the name given to the occurrence when Emperor Akbar despatched Man Singh as the Chief of his Imperial army. It happened on June 18, 1576. Battle began in the valley's crooked way in the scorching month of June. Man Singh was assaulted by Pratap, but he ducked under the cover of the elephant rider's seat stands, resulting in the death of only the rider.

As martyrs in this battle, Hakim Khan Suri, Rawat Netsingh, Jhala Maan, Jhala Bida, Raamshah Tanwar, the ruler of Gwalior, Nalwahan, and Shaliwahan perished. While Jhala Maan exchanged the crown with Pratap, the Mughal imperial army encircled Pratap in this location. By giving his life to save Pratap's, Jhala Maan demonstrated inimitable dedication, bravery, and fortitude. Pratap was pushed to flee the battleground by Jhala Maan, who was brandishing a royal emblem. The sword, which was concealed in Man Singh's elephant's trunk, struck Pratap's mount Chetak. Chetak ultimately perished while navigating the terrain. Chetak is held in the same regard as the renowned warrior Maharana Pratap throughout history.

While the fight of Haldighati, which began on June 18, 1576, was depicted in textbooks as lasting only three hours, in reality, it lasted for approximately a month until coming to a close at Gogunda. The conflict was truly a representation of the Rajputs' unbridled bravery, love of country, spirit of selflessness, and dedication to the defence of their homeland.

One of the worst periods for the Mughal army was when they had to endure eating unripe mangos and horse meat and finally had to depart from Mewar. Maharana Pratap won the battle of Haldighati by finally exhibiting the apocalyptic and splendiferous attitude of a genuine knight. Maharana Pratap showed unwavering fortitude and valour. Akbar repeatedly attacked Mewar, but Rana Kika (Pratap) never gave up in his presence.

Mewar was repeatedly invaded by the Mughals while Shahbaz Khan was in command, but Pratap eluded them all. Huge fighting between the Mughals and the Mewar took place in the Diwer valley. 40 Mughal cantonments were challenged by Maharana Pratap, and the Mughal army was severely routed.

In the end, Maharana Pratap founded the capital of Mewar, Chawand, in the Mewar region and encouraged music, art, and agriculture. advancing success in his quiet, magnificent, and tranquil realm. A disastrous and depressing day in Pratap's life came when, when he tightened the string on a bow and arrow, a muscle in his colon ruptured, resulting in internal haemorrhage. Pratap died at Chawand after collapsing on the ground.

Director Dr. Pradeep Kumawat
Music By Dr.Prem Bhandari
Production Company Alok Audio Visuals Pvt. Ltd. and Alok Sanskar Vision Films
Content Location Rajasthan
Country of Origin India
Genre Historical
In Language Hindi
Producer Nischay Kumawat, Sanjay Soni, and Pradeep Kumawat
Name Maharana Pratap

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Frequently Asked Questions

Maharana Pratap is a very popular Hindi movie.
Maharana Pratap Shoot location is Rajasthan.
The release date of the movie Maharana Pratap is 12 October 2012.
Maharana Pratap casts include Narayan Singh, Kuldeep Chaturvedi, Payal Kumawat, Jaikant Bharadwaj, Naveen Jinger, Pradeep Kumawat, and Vijay Singh Panwar.
Pradeep Kumawat directed Maharana Pratap.
Yes. You can watch Maharana Pratap online on MX Player.
The character name of Narayan Singh in Maharana Pratap is Maharana Pratap.
The character name of Kuldeep Chaturvedi in Maharana Pratap is Jalaluddin Akbar.
The character name of Payal Kumawat in Maharana Pratap is Meera.
The character name of John in Maharana Pratap is Man Singh.
The character name of Vinay Singh in Maharana Pratap is Udai Singh.
There are 145 minutes in Maharana Pratap.
The real name of Maharana Pratap Maharana Pratap is Narayan Singh.
Maharana Pratap Jalaluddin Akbar real name is Kuldeep Chaturvedi.
No. Maharana Pratap is not a new movie. It was released in the year 2012.
Other movies like Maharana Pratap are Padmavat and Prithviraj .
There is no official Instagram ID of Maharana Pratap.

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