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The comedy movie Made in China, which Mikhil Musale is the director of, was released in 2019 in India. Rajkummar Rao, Mouni Roy, and Boman Irani appear in the movie, which is produced by Dinesh Vijan and distributed by Maddock Films. It tells the tale of a Gujarati businessman who travels to China in order to expand his business opportunities. The film also stars Manoj Joshi, Abhishek Banerjee, Paresh Rawal, Amyra Dastur and Sanjay Goradia, among others in important roles.

General Zeng, a Chinese delegate, dies after consuming Tiger Soup at a cultural event in Gujarat. The Tiger Soup, which he ate soon before passing away, is suspected of being the cause of death. CBI agents Sharma and Gupta search for Raghuvir "Raghu" Mehta, the item's original creator, who eventually gives up to the authorities after a difficult interrogation.

It is revealed in a flashback that Raghu is a failed Gujarati businessman who resides with his wife Rukmini and kid Chintu. Despite running his late father's bed company, which everyone agrees has been losing money for too long, he finds it difficult to come up with a successful business idea and has tried a number of unsuccessful items. In order to meet investors for a sports drink company, his uncle pushes him to travel to China alongside his cousin Devraj. While in China, Tanmay, a prosperous Gujarati businessman, is shown Devraj's goods but rejects it. 

Dejected by the rejection, Raghu bonds with Tanmay, who teaches the entrepreneurship ethos to him while Devraj leaves him to fend for himself. While out drinking with Devraj's acquaintance Xui Lee, Raghu makes the commitment to meet Hao Li, her boss, while pretending to be Devraj.

Hao treats Raghu to Tiger Genetalia Soup, the Chinese version of Viagra, during the meeting. Hao offers that Raghu market this product in India, where he believes it will succeed due to the frequent sex-related thoughts that the populations of both China and India have. Raghu discovers during his market study in India that there isn't a real remedy for male sexual issues. Dr. Tribhuvan Vardhi is a sexologist whose publications have inspired Raghu. Raghu suggests a commercial relationship, but Vardhi initially declines.

Tension between Raghu and Rukmini is brought on by his failure to support his family with a consistent salary. Vardhi eventually agrees to be recruited by Raghu after he makes a pledge to raise sexual knowledge among the general public. At get to the truth, Sharma and Gupta must go through Raghu, who is adamant that nothing is wrong with his product because General Zeng's autopsy is being held up by diplomatic red tape.

Rewinding to the past, Raghu assembles a group of capable young experts to handle the product's manufacturing and distribution. Following some initial difficulties, Raghu runs across Tanmay, who advises using Vardhi as the face of their offering. Vardhi unintentionally stumbles into a parent-teacher meeting as the team is planning a presentation; as a result, his passionate plea for social acceptance of sexual discourse goes viral. As a result, the Tiger Soup company enjoys tremendous success. Raghu conceals the item from Rukmini and his extended family, who believe he is in the business of selling Chinese fans. Devraj quickly learns that Raghu's success is due to Tiger Soup. Raghu runs across Devraj's ally and hero Abhay Chopra, a famous investor and motivational speaker. Raghu refuses Chopra's proposition for a business collaboration; in revenge, Devraj informs the family that Raghu is in charge of the allegedly questionable Tiger Soup company.

When a bottle of Tiger Soup is discovered in Chintu's luggage, the student is expelled from his school. Rukmini confronts Raghu about it after learning that he had lied about his business. Raghu, who is in turmoil, decides to break off his relationship with Vardhi, but a timely call from Tanmay persuades him otherwise. Rewinding to the present, Raghu and Vardhi stand before a preliminary panel made up of representatives from several government departments to discuss their involvement in Zeng's demise. The Indian dessert Rabdi is the only magic ingredient in the soup, as revealed by Raghu, who also suggests that most sexual problems are more mental than physical.

Vardhi urges the commission to continue using the product rather than outlaw it and urges them not to view sex as a taboo subject. However, Raghu and Vardhi are exonerated and express to the media that they are pleased that the product was not entirely prohibited, despite the Chinese delegation's bureaucratic efforts forcing the commission to temporarily ban Tiger Soup.

At the conclusion, Raghu is depicted as the successful owner of a network of clinics specialising in sexual health, with Vardhi serving as the face of the company. He is also invited to deliver a lecture on entrepreneurship at a top business school. The accomplishments and success of Rukmini's husband have left her speechless. The identical words Tanmay had earlier taught him serves as Raghu's epitaph.

Director Mikhil Musale
Music By Sachin-Jigar
Production Company Maddock Films, Jio Studios
Content Location China and Ahmendabad
Country of Origin India
Genre Comedy, Drama
In Language Hindi
Producer Dinesh Vijan
Name Made In China

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Frequently Asked Questions

Made In China is a very popular Hindi movie
Made In China Shoot location is China and Ahmedabad
The release date of the movie Made In China is 25 October 2019
Made In China casts include Rajkummar Rao, Mouni Roy, Boman Irani, Abhishek Banerjee, Paresh Rawal
Mikhil Musale directed Made In China
Yes. You can watch Made In China online on Jio Cinema and Netflix
The character name of Rajkummar Rao in Made In China is Raghu Mehta.
The character name of Mouni Roy in Made In China is Rukmini Mehta
The character name of Boman Irani in Made In China is Dr Tribhuvan Vardhi.
The character name of Abhishek Banerjee in Made In China is Sharma
The character name of Paresh Rawal in Made In China is Tanmay Shah.
Made In China is 2 hours and 11 minutes long.
Made In China released in the year 2019
The real name of Raghu Made In China is Rajkummar Rao.
Made In China Rukmini real name is Mouni Roy
No. Made In China is not a new movie. It was released in the year 2019
Other movies like Made In China are Raja Natwarlal and Kai Po Che.

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